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Hey Wagerline....

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Author: [Ultimate Race] Topic: Hey Wagerline....
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Posted: 12/18/2007 5:22:33 AM
Hey wagerline, I've read the rules and would like for you to clear up a question I have. For ties, it states that it goes to the earliest START TIME. So does it matter what time the game ends? Like if someone has a NBA game that starts at 7:00 and someone else has a NCAAB game that also starts at 7:00 but the NCAAB game is over first so they get to 150 first. Does that mean they win because their game ended first or is it only by START TIME and then Earliest Pick Time after that?
darkhorse12 PM darkhorse12
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Posted: 12/18/2007 5:40:59 PM
GOOD ? !
cpt.kirk321 PM cpt.kirk321
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Posted: 12/18/2007 7:03:24 PM
Wagerline-Team PM Wagerline-Team
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Posted: 12/18/2007 8:18:41 PM
KAL5, No, the duration of a game does not impact the competition. W-T
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