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Hit double digits... now what?

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Author: [Streak Survivor] Topic: Hit double digits... now what?
DJM5226 PM DJM5226
Joined: Jun 2011
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Posted: 8/17/2011 5:32:08 PM
I just hit 10 today with Tampa Bay and I have 14 wins this month (14-2 and one win out of first for the month).  

Do I now continue to pick a game every day, or do I limit it to ones I REALLY like and forfeit the monthly win contest?

Good luck all with your picks!
thewhitesmith PM thewhitesmith
Joined: Dec 2010
Posts: 324
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Posted: 8/17/2011 6:04:43 PM
no correct answer to your question. don't slow down for the sake of slowing down, but also you're at a point where you should really like any pick you make.

good luck
bamabilly PM bamabilly
Joined: Feb 2009
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Posted: 8/17/2011 6:39:05 PM
Pick what you feel when you feel it! I agree with Whitesmith. Skipping days just to be doing it is ridiculous. It is the age old question. Do I forfeit my shot at the monthly prize to wait for a smart pick that I really like? Only you can answer that question. Good luck to you DJM.
krams33 PM krams33
Joined: Jan 2008
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Posted: 8/17/2011 7:22:06 PM
You get the same amount of money if you hit 17 or get the monthly wins so be careful and use your head.  Don't pick unless you really like it (which should be the rule whenever you bet), but if you want the monthly prize then go for it.  Good luck either way!
Vectorfsm PM Vectorfsm
Joined: Aug 2011
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Posted: 8/18/2011 11:51:49 AM
I say don't worry about the monthly prize...part of the reason why NO ONE has posted a 21 or higher in the last SEVERAL years is because they are making picks too urgently.

The fact is, IF there happen to be picks every day that feel MONEY to you, don't be afraid to make those picks.

But slowing down only means treating every pick like you're on #24 going for #25, it doesn't mean you can't pick everyday.

But there are days where the board just isn't going to offer anything juicy enough, just stay the F away...you're not ever going to give a crap about $1,000 the way you would about $25k, even if you have to wait an extra month to get there.

And let's not talk about the 100k.

Invest your time in the big money, not small cashes here and there.
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