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The 6 Must Watch Casino Films

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Author: [Poker] Topic: The 6 Must Watch Casino Films
TheBuddah PM TheBuddah
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Posted: 2/26/2013 10:25:55 PM
thanks packersbackers - I read the book - haven't see the movie.
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Posted: 5/13/2013 11:07:18 PM
Big Shot: Confessions of a campus bookie is pretty solid. Its about the 1993 Az St basketball scandal
Bling PM Bling
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Posted: 5/14/2013 7:11:32 PM
QUOTE Originally Posted by packersbackers:

Yes,,, a Toronto banker in the early 1980's begins to steal money from the bank he works at to cover his bookie debt, then spirals into a deep gambling binge in several trips to Atlantic City and Vegas....very depressing but realistic movie from the losing gambler degenerate's point of view. 

Based on true story.
That was a great movie.  Phippl Seymore Hoffman (or whatever his name is) did a great job in that film.  It was actually pretty scarey that I could relate to every emotion he went through in that film. 
OmahaStylee PM OmahaStylee
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Posted: 6/15/2013 3:07:52 AM
The Sting, one of the all-time great movies
bk1374 PM bk1374
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Posted: 7/22/2013 1:49:49 PM
Casino SHOULD count, and should be on there.  The main character was a BOOKIE/HANDICAPPER for crying out loud!!

It's a little off-topic, but I'm surprised no mention of "Let it Ride".  

21 was not a good movie, and as I expected, was NOTHING like the book, and the book was 1000x better.  (both books actually, Bringing Down the House and Busting Vegas.  The second time I watched 21, I wasn't as put off by it, but still think it was way too "hollywooded" up.

The Sting is a classic in any genre.  

Rounders was special too, and really resonates with me since I first watched it around the time I really started playing a lot more poker.  Obviously, a lot has changed in poker since it came out, and you can nit-pick a lot of the movie now, but it will always be a classic, and some really good poker scenes, which are hard to do right on the big screen.

Here's Nollan Dalla's list of 21 best gambling movies.

Would never have thought to put Lock Stock on the list, but it is about gambling, and a great flick. 

Definitely found a couple here now that I have to see, especially the Owning Mahowny one, that looks good, and the California Split.
Jayvegas420 PM Jayvegas420
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Posted: 7/31/2013 2:04:05 PM
Looks like pretty well every movie I could think of was covered in this thread.  The only two I can think of that weren't mentioned are:
The Cooler, it starred W.H. Macey
Double Down, starred Jason Priestley & featured a character called the Jersey Jinx

Even though Casino is undoubtedly the greatest casino movie ever made, I have to agree with Bling that Rounders is my favourite gambling movie of all time.
Owning Mahoney is a close third!

Great thread though.   4 movies that I have never heard of & am going to give a try.
The Grand
The Only Game in Town
The Big Town
Big Shot

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