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Seriously, I wouldn't hit this....

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Author: [General Discussion] Topic: Seriously, I wouldn't hit this....
Knoxpoker PM Knoxpoker
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Posted: 11/6/2012 7:55:59 PM
lets not forget she is a dead darn.. she just lays there..we all saw the tape .. dead fish .... that behind is getting older my friends  that garbage will hit the ground in no time ..Kayne is a clown  and only making himself look like an idiot hanging out with her .. real nigs stay away from that 
southerngroove PM southerngroove
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Posted: 11/9/2012 5:32:49 AM

We all know she's a ho, however she's one of the finest, thickest, and sexiest's ho's around. For all of you haters, saying you wouldn't hit it, that's bullshit.  Based on her physical, and visual standpoint "ONLY".  Look at your woman, then compare her to Kim "JUST" from a visual standpoint.  You would do Kim.

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