Basically the chance has fallen to me to go for the first time ever in my life, I'll be there June 1st to June 5th...arriving Friday night, and leaving the following Tuesday night. I'll be staying at the Fremont Hotel & Casino. I'm going with family and will be rooming with them...however pretty much the only time I'll see them I think is during dinner. Other than that, I'll be on my they tend to just stay at the "tables" as they call them.

Does the Fremont have a sportsbook? I've always wanted to see one of those and of course I'll probably play a few games lol.

What is there to do in the area?

As far as gambling, I don't know how to play that's out. A friend has tried to teach me before, but honestly I don't get it...and it didn't seem very appealing. I'm sure I'll play a few hands of blackjack...maybe try the slot machines...just to experience it, but I really don't see myself being very much glued to any of those things.

Can anyone recommend any "must see" things in the area? Any bars or clubs I should definitely check out? Haha, any red light district????

Of course I'll be looking to check out any good eating places, so definitely would appreciate any cuisine advice.

Thanks everyone...cause basically I'll just be a guy in a town full of lights with not much idea whether to take a step to his left or a step to his right.