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Betting 1 Game

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Author: [Sports Lottery] Topic: Betting 1 Game
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Posted: 5/17/2012 1:04:18 AM

Wow, it's been quiet in here for the past.. few months.

I'd like to think it's because people have nothing important to say, and I can respect that. Posting a pick and a line or two, demonstrates very little in terms of and  research and understanding.

I'd like to discuss betting 1 game in proline, although it's impossible, sort of/kind of.

There is one way to play one game, and that is to "box" a selection, although for proline, the odds aren't great, at first glance. For example, if you play spreads (in the west) you get 2.5/1 on a basketball and football bet. That means if you box 1 game (betting 2 tickets) and win, you claim 20% profit. Yes those are terrible odds, and it's a bet I wouldn't take. But.. over/unders in the west also require only 2 picks, and range in odds from 2.00 to 1.45.

Therfore..two 1.7 bets give you around a 30-33% winning payout, which isn't great, but beats the point spread number, and at 33% profit for 1 night isn't that bad ion a small bet; assuming you hit your "key game"

This payout may not come close to your online odds, but that's not what this post is about. It's about using the rules that are in place to profit, and about betting 1 game.

If you agree or disagree..cool. Call me a square, call me short sighted and narrow minded, but please don't post an emoticon to express you level of interest. In my mind there's nothing more lame. Unless you count numberous posts in a SJP's column.

Fire away, although I won't respond to made up aliases with less than 10 posts.

Always looking for a way for us to profit and wishing you luck,


hugh613 PM hugh613
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Posted: 5/24/2012 10:17:14 PM
For a number of reasons, I don't dabble in Pro-Line much anymore, but here's what I've found to be a relatively effective strategy for keying in on one game:

For example, let's say I like the Angels to have their way with the Mariners tonight.

Ticket 'A': LAA V+ @ 2.15, LAA/SEA 'O' 6½ @ 1.70, and Game 'B' at even odds of 1.70 'O' = $100 x 6.21
Ticket 'B': LAA V+ @ 2.15, LAA/SEA 'O' 6½ @ 1.70, and Game 'B' at even odds of 1.70 'U' = $100 x 6.21

The reasons for this are a few: a) most online books won't let you parlay the total and side of the same game unless it's a teaser and b) let's face it, if you like a side, you really should have a formulated opinion on the total, and vice versa.

Mind you, the odds decrease significantly if you take a favourite or decide against the '+' option, and you obviously run the risk of splitting, in which case you end up with nothing, but still...
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