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You can now add links to your posts! Plus more new updates....

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1) We have brought back the ability for users to copy and paste links in their posts without them showing as unapproved. This is something the community has been asking for and we agree it's very important for users to have every ability to share any information they come across. As it pertains to the community guidelines of course. If you do however come across any links that are explicit, sponsored, or spam, please use the report function to notify the moderators.

2) Covers employee's will no longer be using the Covers-Team account. Each employee now has their own account because, they're real people and sports bettors like yourselves. So feel free to chat with them whenever you get the chance. They can be identified by the Covers-Team badge displayed under their username.

3) Never miss a thing in the forums with the new notifications feature. You can now be notified whenever:
- A user you follow creates a new thread
- A user posts in a thread you are subscribed to
- A user follows you
You will be able to manage these notifications on your profile page and can customize them at any time by turning on/off whichever notifications you prefer to receive.


4)We released a revamped version of the forum Search function. You can now search for threads based on a combination of either a specific user, forum, or thread topic. When the search results appear, you can also order them by ascending/descending order based on the date created, subject matter, thread views, or thread posts. Lastly, you can now search ANY user and visit their profile page by clicking on the 'Users' tab while in the search menu.

This update was created to help users stay one click away from frequently visited threads and users.

5) Last but definitely not least, we removed the Ads you hate.... more specifically we removed the Ads in-between threads and between posts!


Enjoy and stay safe!


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What about the "New and improved forum search options. Check it out!" popup? It's great the search option has been reinstated but that popup is not only relentless but irritating!


I'll be logging out after this post to stop the popup from reoccuring on every click of a thread and/or forum.

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Cant access forum

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Its good now in nfl forum thanks

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