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QUOTE Originally Posted by Macwestie1:
QUOTE Originally Posted by fishcf: Spurs is +4.5 Thanks fishcffor noticing the mistake  my BAD


you are also getting 4.5 points of line value as of 10 days ago the line for this game would have been a pk.. i love the play!


that is technically what i asked for but im more looking for individual game stats by quarter to see instances in how a coordinator has adjusted or not!! but i do thank you for the info i wasnt aware cfbstats had that tab


im aware of a lot of websites that show full game stats but im interested in stats sorted by halfs and quarters.. if anyone has that info i would greatly appreciate it!!

i like ohio state -6.5 also... wisky is basically michigan with less talent..
why in the world would Gruden leave his cushy gig to go chase teenagers around on twitter and beg them to come to Tennessee over any other SEC school... sounds like an awful job
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QUOTE Originally Posted by packersbackers:
Oh, and lets not forget, when Tom Brady finally retires, he will be Harbaughs ace in the hole for recruiting future wannabe NFL type QBs.

yeah because a mid 40s retired tom brady will have such a strong desire to chase around teenage boys and sell them on going to michigan to spend their college football years. im sure hes got little desire to do anything near that.  but im all for the lifetime contract jimmy is supposedly offered. 
couple of reasons Bama is on the outside looking in

1 bama just has a bad schedule which will and should hurt them

2 the comittee will not put 2 team in from the same conference. if they do they creat a very slipperay slope... remember Bama/LSU.. they absolutely without a doubt do not want that again.

3.ratings..... midwest regional tv ratings are among the largest in the nation. believe it or not ohio state brings in more tv money that any other NCAA FB team  and they probably travel better than any other team also.  if ohio state wins out it is certainly not a lock that ohio state is kept out

im a fan and most certainly not a homer just see that theres more to the story.this years ohio state team would be a mess to deal with for any team esp if the Dwayne train is @qb and no tape to review
post season here we come!! 

love reading your weekly observations!!  

word around the Woody is that Dwayne Haskins is flamingly gay... which in my mind is of no issue... but it may be hard to lead a team of alpha males when you are flamingly homosexual... but then again todays college players are solidly into millennial status and cutting off peckers and such being the norm so maybe they are ok with it!! 
 please dont come in here calling me a homophobe just trying to put info out there that my connections inside the program have been telling me for the past year.... and  i also have heard that it may be the reason urban has had such a hard time letting this immense talent sit for fear that the team may not buy in...

I love JT but Simba is the future and gives this team a more dynamic option that not many other quarterbacks can give a team

so big if...... BUT If players can buy into this cat... he will shatter NCAA B1G and Ohio State records in 2018.. been saying it since the spring game.... Simba can sling it and this kid will play on sundays and will with little doubt be urbans best quarterback ever.

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its a dog kinda day
DINO lives to Kill Buckeyes Natty dreams!! thanx for not taking it wrong your one of the few on covers that make this place so great!!
favorite thread its a weekly must read...

and im going to disagree with you on some points but no disrespect meant

BUT i must say BWS if you had Penn state+7 then you obviously handicapped the outrageous special teams blunders into your power ratings and i am assuming you adjusted your number by approximatly 14 points... because Penn state was justflat out beat in every facet of that game last night and the far and away best team almost gave the game away for the second year in a row....

in all of my years of watching football...... including pee wee  this special teams unit is absurd. its atrocious. i could pick me and 10 drunken fools from the bar to do an adequate job of filling lanes. how is this an issue?? mind is completely blown!!

i disagree with whoever said the big10 will get embarrassed in the playoff... i do think that if this issue isnt cleaned up it will bight them in the @ss soon enough but talent wise and scheme wise this team is LEGIT (sans special units). if this team can clean up the nonsense they are going to be a juggernaut... big IF though

also i see your reasoning for questioning going away from JK but watching the game its fairly obvious that JK struggles mightily in pass blocking. we needed to get verticle and not allow those safeties to sit in the box and the only way was to pass. Weber has shown he is a solid pass blocker.

 i also disagree with whoever said the line is suspect on the right side. both prince and knox played a hell of a game and im excited to see the grades for all lineman. there were 2 sacks i believe given up but those were both coverage sacks.

 also i get how you say you need to see JT do it again kinda..... but i must ask you... have you not seen the last 5 games?? if you did you should have seen this coming and barring the literal 10 bullets that we put into our own foot this would have been a double digit win going away. notice the last time jt had an OC worth a damn he balled out..Kevin Wilson and Ryan Day hae put their fingerprints all over this offense and im not worried about jt doing this again my only concern is osu beating themself and heading to iowa city as a 17 pt fav after a big win could be disastrous if this nonsense keeps up. i was screaming at the tv last night to just kick the damn ball out of bounds... just line up and kick that damn thing into the stands straight sideways.... for the life of me i cant understand how there isnt some soccer stud walking around campus who cant kick that ball out of the endzone  

special units issues or not ...... no team will want to play ohio state in the playoff with a defense on par with bama and an offense humming.....

all of the things i hear people talk about are all issues that were present the past 2 years and they were directly correlated to the offensive brain trust... and you can also throw the OU game out of the window... why you ask...  well they were still breaking this system in. these are kids learning an entirely different way of walking. it takes time reps and time.. they are clicking on all cylinders now.
Special teams could single handedly wreck osus chances in 2 weeks
Penn state is def the litmus test.  Id put the over/ under in Psu next 3 games at 1.5... thats a tough 3 game stretch. And i kinda disagree they arent nearly as good as advertised imho. BUT i have been wrong before. 

I agree comp gas been weak but this offense has been arranged to fit a round peg into a round hole vs last 2 years. 
been a month or so since i posted as i was totally wrong about ohio state early. i assumed they would be hot out of the gate and that kevin wilson would have this offense humming in game 2 against oklahoma.... i was totally wrong!!

BUT .... if you havent been paying attention this team is not a team that anyone should have any interest in playing. the defense has started to gel. the dline is absurdly deep with talent and the young dbs are finally playing well in press coverage.

but the biggest improvement of this team is by far and away the offense. losing redshirt soph branden bowen may end up hurting this team against penn state, thats yet to be known. but last night demetrious knox 4 star redshirt junior finally decided to show he was more than a turnstile. i did see him get confused in pass pro a couple of times but for the most part he was solid.  Joe Thomas Barret is completing 72% of his passes since the oklahoma loss  21 td zero picks!!!!! he is hitting guys in stride and all of a sudden he is able to throw balls over 10 yards with precision... weird what a competent o coordinator and a former NFL coach as your qb coach will do for your development.

i haven't posted it but the last 4 weeks i was all over ohio state team total over as this offense is humming!! although its been against weaker comp if this oline is able to maintain against a stiffer dline in penn state expect points to be aplenty in 2 weeks when the nitts roll into town....

also penn state looks very beatable now. all i hear in the media is saquon.. saqoin, saquon.... last i checked sans 1 big gain against northwestern late in the game when their lack of depth finally showed.... the vaunted barkley was held to 1.3 ypc.... against indiana the prior week he was held to 2.8 ypc.. surely not much to be impressed with esp considering those 2 defenses are average against the run.  im certainly not buying barkley heisman futures esp with 3 straight nasty defensive lines he has to go up against UM, Ohio state and then sparty. i could honestly see penn state going 0-3 over this tough stretch. I have had this spot circled since the schedule opened up. kinda reminds me of ohio states 2016 stretch when they played 3 straight teams coming off of a bye week and the last 2 being wisky and penn state were on the road at night. when luck struck and penn state was gifted a W. this is the big tens schedulers equivalent of the bill for that spot last year. 

I love that this ohio state team is coming into this game under the radar. i think they were written off after week 2. grab some popcorn and get ready for a 2014 run!!  haters welcome or even boom can come talk about how good clemson is! 
nice weekend Joe!! 
are you on the bills today double? seems like denver is getting a little more love after the dismantling on americas team last weekend
Tulsa line down to 11
QUOTE Originally Posted by DoubleUp4Life:

Great work Brother 
You're doing OUTSTANDING (just checked out your thread)

Not sure about the Clemson -3 line , as it keeps moving from 2.5-4 and back down again ....I bet it when it came back down to -2.5 as a Hedge of my Clemson Under 9.5 season wins future ...

Would Love to see Louisville Win , Felt like they were jobbed for the first half last year in Death valley ...
Ben Boulware should have been thrown out for Choking ...

The Tigers defense looks even better this year !!!!!  

Louisville's defense might need to step up and play their best game of their lives !!!

thanks DU  has urban gotten too stubborn about letting his assistants have full control over the offense?? sure looks like it to me... i mean you bring in KW and this offense looks the exact same as last year... i was so wrong about this team and would not be shocked to see a 4 loss season in 2017..... ashame with all of that talent.....

so your clemson hedge... are you doing it for the full amount of your RSW under or just a part of it?
QUOTE Originally Posted by DoubleUp4Life:
Counts towards Bankroll..
NOT towards overall record 

Not sure how i Missed this before....I expect something like 55-6

HOWARD +19.5 -120
Just for the fun of it ...kent St is horrible and should be near the bottom of the MAC

UNDER 55 -120
Numbers have 41-3

USF -17
Small action bc i think the Huskies are horrible and could have lost to Holy Cross last week..... UCONN might be an insta fade weekly ATS ...Charlie Strong has me keeping this small 

Just the Friday Night action I need ...
Dont Trust either side for anything bigger than this small wager

UAB +14.5 -110
More of a Ball St fade ....Blazers should be sky high after opening win ...Numbers have this within 2 scores ///


I hope to see Brian Kelly going bezerk on the sidelines ....His team might just not be good enough to beat the DAWGS even with the Homer calls in Front of TOUCHDOWN JESUS ...



HAWAII +1350



ULM  +6000
FAU  +5500


devils advocate here.. baker mayfield has shown an intense urge to try to force things esp when facing a defense with a pulse. you can almost count of 2 pics out of him in this game with the amount of pressure the dline with give him.... im not so sure id have any interest at all playing this under with baker as my qb/ playing against any big12 defense/ and against a keven wilson coached team... i think many are sleeping on the bucks after week 1... much like many are calling for penn state and oregon to be in the natty this year(overreaction to week 1 results)... urban slow played that game last week and it was painfully obvious to anyone who paid attention to the play calling. 
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