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QUOTE Originally Posted by FoximusPrime:

Thats cause the dudes been juicing for yearss lol, check this video out.



With that being said, I'll probly take the Cavs tonight an_happydude

In today's world nothing would surprise me at all, very well could be, as other players likely are as well.
Cavs roared back last night VS Raptors, pretty impressive come back and LBJ was incredible.

Couple of things we need to consider, Cavs are very good at home, not very good on the road.

Cavs shot the ball lights out, 62% on 3's and 60% from the field overall, not sustainable, more a bit lucky then anything.

Raptors were on a back to back and playing 10th game in 16 nights.

When we add it all up , Cavs at home getting a bit lucky shooting with Raptors in a tougher spot and took a damn-near miracle comeback to win by just 3 points,  we get more value backing Raptors to win the east.

This series has a very similar look to Pistons beating the Lakers in 2004 finals, when Lakers got very lucky making a number of damn-near miracle shots to win very close games in regular season.
QUOTE Originally Posted by Kuzllard00:

I think the reason people saying his best year is cause when’s the last time you seen a 33 year old kill mofos like this on the court haha. + his overall game knowledge and ability has improved thru the years imo that’s why people saying this. Guys just a fkn goat not much more to say + his perimeter shooting is lookin goooooood af

Yes at age 33 playing pretty damn well.

For sake of comparison, M Jordan was 27.8 at 33, LBJ slightly ahead.

But at 32 MJ was 29.4 to LBJ 27, MJ way ahead.

 LBJ  was over 29 in 2014 at age 29.when he seemed to reach his peak and begin falling, of course we are talking about falling off an all-time great level, he still remains the best player.

Ave of 2 years MJ 28.6 to LBJ 27.65.

We'll see where LBJ goes from here, no doubt he is playing very well, just not close to his best years.
QUOTE Originally Posted by Darkydark:

Is it likely? No, clearly.  But assume you run a simulation of the playoffs this year 40 times. If you think the jazz come out on top at least once, than there's reason to give it a look. 

I placed Portland +8000 why not. Shooters can get hot, shooters can go cold. Injuries. The randomness of life, with legitimacy of teams like the Utah jazz (best defense) blazers (lights out lillard/CJ) give the play some merit.


these people saying it could never happen haven't a clue, and treating it as if your advocating it as an even money wager.  

I hope the jazz win and you get the 4K gl.

Not very likely they win conference 1 time in 40 tries, not even 80 tries, the other teams are to strong.

When we have seen upset conference winners like for example 1999 with no. 8 seeded Knicks winning the East, the top teams were not very good, very low point margins and not good inj key indicators.

Or 1981.... 6th seeded Rockets winning the West, same situation of playing top teams with low point margins and they had  Moses Malone being an all-time great player on the roster, Jazz do not have that great player and need to go through far better teams to do it, not going to happen.

The big, big issue with making these type bets, even if you want to make a claim in 40 tries Jazz will win 1 time is they can take years to hit one of them, 10 to 20 years, making such plays year after year before hitting, just not a wise play as who knows if you'll even be betting 10 years from now when that long shot finally comes in that you would have won.

Same for Portland, little to no chance to make the finals.
Seems alot of talk around about LBJ playing his best basketball. 

LBJ said so himself, maybe that is why many experts have chimed in on the subject. 

LBJ'S .....player effeicency rating...........................


and this year 28.3, his 7th best of career, not really all that close to best year for LBJ.

His assist % is 43.9%, best of career
reb % is 13%, 2cd best, his best being 13.1%, almost his best and he could finish the year as best year.

3 pt shooting %.........36.9%, 3rd best
2 pt %.......................60.6%, 3rd best
blocks ......................2.3%.............2cd best

he is doing very well in those areas................however..................

FT %.................72.1 %.........11th best, way down ..................and .
FT attempts 6.2..........14th best, way down

TO rate ........16.4 % ..........worst of his career
steals ............12th best........way down 

Add it all up and it says his PER is 28.3, 7th best of his career.

So , no, he is not close to having his best season ever.

Maybe the reason some think he is, he left his peak years in 2013-14 with a 29.3 rating, then followed that year with...............


So recent memory maybe makes him look better which based on past 3 years he is playing and contributing more this year but way off his all-time great years.

He shots well, rebs and assist very well ,  a triple double waiting to happen, which by the way is over-rated, another reason experts might say he is playing his best,................... but the rest of his game leaves alot to be desired comparable to his all-time great years.
NO, do not see the value in a play you have almost no shot to win.

Granted, great odds but almost 0 chance to win.

Never say never, things can happen, but you will not win this play..
I agree Warriors should still be the favorites and the injuries won't be a factor in playoffs as those players will be ready before Warriors play Rockets.

But Rockets have really closed the gap on this team, have made some big strides and now have a fair shot to win the series, they should be in this series with a shot to win it but will most likely just fall short.

Should be an all-time classic down to the wire series with great play by both teams in a back and forth series, if Rockets can make the plays late in the couple of games that could go either way in the final seconds  they could win the series.

I would not count the Rockets out from winning the series, I do not think this is a certain Warriors win.

I also think the Raptors could beat the Rockets but not the Warriors, possible we see 2 upsets coming which we have not seen in a long time in NBA. These things do happen just not very often but certainly will happen again and could be this year.
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Teams trading alot to get one player don't workout many times. The team getting alot for 1 player works out for better many times.

Unless he turns out to be a top QB the trade will be dreadful for Jets, he could turn into an ave to slightly above ave QB with a big contract then teams still keep giving him a chance because he was a very high pick eating up a big chuck of cap space.

I would never make such a trade. A QB can be found down the road, fill other needs first, a good QB with weak other needs is not good either, better off having more picks to fill other needs then find the QB when a better situation comes along.

Over-reacting with to big a hurry to get a QB.
QUOTE Originally Posted by suuma:

Nah, I will throw in what I saw with my own eyes the last three years:

Tyrod is an average to above average QB. He has decent accuracy, showed a good deep ball with Watkins, can escape collapsing pockets and creates plays out of structure. He makes his mistakes, but like I said, he isn't Rodgers. He is a QB you can build around and win a lot of games. The Bills OL last year was absolutely horrible and they arguably had the worst WR corps in the NFL. Zay Jones was still in high school. Overall it was a bottom-3 supporting cast with a coaching staff that didn't want him. I honestly believe the Bills would have been far away from the playoffs with a statue at QB. Benching him for Peterman tells you everything about that staff rather than about Taylor.

He is the best QB the Browns had in a long time. The other QBs you have mentioned like Bradford, Bridgewater or McCarron come off big knee injuries or haven't played in a year. And he is easily better than Keenum. Keenum will see a huge regression next year. Moore? Come on, dude. 

Yep, he is ave to slightly above ave passing QB but a great runner who can make big plays running the ball but is prone to bad passing games VS top teams.

And  has a low INT rate which granted is very important in NFL.

Douibtful he is the long term answer, unless they plan on drafting a top prospect next couple of years or signing another top QB free agent  , if he is their long term plans not a good trade. I would agree with the OP, Browns will never learn.

If the goal is to improve with Tyrod while bringing up a top prospect then  maybe a good trade.

Many times these teams goal is not really to win but just make enough improvement to keep fans happy to fill seats.

Signing Tyrod saves money and if they plan on using him as long term answer then I don't think they want to win or they just never learn.
QUOTE Originally Posted by DogbiteWilliams:
By QBR, Football Outsiders has Taylor ranked #16 and Kizer ranked #33, so Taylor (even if just average) is a BIG improvement over Kizer (who was horrible). 

By OL-pass protection, CLV ranked #22, even without Joe Thomas for most of the year.  BUF ranked #31.  It is reasonable to expect Taylor to have a better year behind a stronger OL unless CLV's QB coaching makes Taylor regress.

I certainly hope CLV takes Minkah Fitzpatrick with the fourth pick.  Their secondary needs vast improvement.

That was my exact point. Just about  Any QB would be an improvement over Kozer, should that be the team goal ? Just an improvement ? 

He is not the long term answer.

I am a big Tyrod fan, want nothing more then see him have success, but unfortunately he will only have a some moments but nothing all that great long term.

Tyrod is a long line of great running QB who have high sack rates which does not bode well for success in the NFL.

I am not so sure the off ,line is the problem, many, many times the QB is more responsible for the high sack rate then off line.

Have seen this happen over the years when a QB gets replace , plays with the same off line and his sack rate goes way down.

Peterson had a low sack rate, Tyrod had a high sack rate at Baltimore.

I don't think it is on the off line as much as FO is making it out to be. Great running QB have a long history of high sack rates.
Very good odds for this Raptor team, I would take that.

Celtics are not very good, they will rate one of the worst 1 or 2 seeds since 1980 and the Cavs are not the same team as past years without a strong 2cd fiddle, Irving gone.

This will likely be the best Raptors team .
QUOTE Originally Posted by DoubleUp4Life:
I completely disagree, Tyrod Taylor is a very solid upgrade at quarterback for the Browns. He was stuck in Buffalo with a idiot offense coordinator who wanted to turn him into a statuesque pocket passer...Also his best Wr has Deontae Thompson ( who ??) ..

As a poster mentions above , Espn talks about this years qb class as if Marino,Elway, Vick, Montana & Rodgers are available ....The league will be lucky if 2+ of these guys are as good as TYROD. ...

The Bills O-line was abysmal at pass blocking , Tyrod was often running for his life and forced to wait for below average WR'S to get open ....

Decent trade for the Bills as well ...Loaded up with picks now , Praying they dont blow it and trade away the surplus to Draft Sam 23 Turnovers Darnold or Josh highly overrated Rosen .  

Tyrod sack rate.....9.9%
Peterman sack rate ....2% with the same off linemen and receivers 

Tyrod sack rate in Baltimore...........12.5%

Evidence does not support what your saying.

Great running QB's with high sack rates and ave to slightly above ave QBPR  never do much in the NFL. 

They might have one great passing season such as M. Vick did or K. Steward did but when push came to shove in the playoffs they crashed and burnt.

They only great running QB to have success was R. Wilson but he also had a extremely high QBPR, in fact he is the only QB in NFL history to have over a 100 QBPR his 1st ...2 years in the league.

High sack rate is indicative of poor reading of the defenses.

Of course he will be an upgrade, who wouldn't be an upgrade with the Browns and  Kozer, a 60 QBPR. Might be the worst in the league.

If he is the worst, very, very few QB's who finished last in NFL in QBPR ever do anything in the NFL.

So your talking about an upgrade over that, big deal.  Not the answer at QB position.

Dumb trade, unless your goal is only to upgrade and not find the long term answer which would be dumb in it self. Or try and get a long term answer in the draft or free agency down the road and use Tyrod just as an upgrade in the near future, untill we see the Browns long term plans the trade looks not all that great.

I'm not surprised at all to see the Raptors win SU, interesting was Rockets took only 27 ...3's, well below their 42 per game ave. While Raptors took 36.

Raptors pounded them on the boards which is a strong point  of Houston.

If somehow these 2 teams were to meet in NBA Finals, Raptors would have a very good shot to win the series.
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I agree, this is Raptors best team, and they have a very good shot to come out of the East.

Celtics on the other hand rate one of the worst 1 or 2 seeds in history and that does not bode well for such teams who we have seen lose in the 1st round before such as the Spurs losing to Memphis.

Cavs don't seem to rate very strong but LBJ pulls them together for a finals run but this year without Kyrie and the Raptors having their best team , Raptors have a great shot to get it done.
Tyrod is a above ave QB but does not play well VS top comepetion.

His 91 career QBPR is a little above ave but mostly because 3 years ago he had a 99 QBPR then to years under 90.

Even in his good year he did not play well VS top comepetion, counting mostly on his legs.

He did produce some very, very good games VS weaker competion in his 99 QBPR year.

He does however not turn the ball over but has a very high sack rate.

Overall not a good choice unless the Browns want him only for a couple of years while grooming a younger QB who they might take in the draft.

Although he is an improvement over Kizer he is not the answer.

With the price of a top level QB they will save money though.

Tyrod could very well have a huge chip on his shoulder to prove the Bills wrong especially after being benched for Peterson last year and now traded. 

QUOTE Originally Posted by bigpoppa17:
Raptors were recently struggling with a sub 500 team and when they win it's usually by thin margins, 1-8 points unlike the rockets who blow out teams.

It's either rockets or nothing here, on principle of not going against a steam rolling team (that's also actually the better team).

Rockets -1.5 here 5 units

Are you sure ?

Point margins................................

Rockets 8.8
Raptors 8.7
Warriors 8.5

Raptors only .1 behind Rockets, considering they have 4 more losses then Rockets that means either they are winning by larger margins then the Rockets are   or not losing by as large a margin as Rockets lose by.

I heard Belichick told him if he goes to Colts it likely would be his last head coaching job as he will fail and never be given another chance.
Alot of speculation as to why he didn't go on the radio here in New England.

They suspect he could be replacing Belichick, it does seem odd he would not want to be a head coach and especially coach Luck..
QUOTE Originally Posted by Digitalkarma:

I think so. If they retain 90% of their current roster they will have a good chance to do so. Their 2018 schedule might be slightly tougher including some nice rematches between Vikings and Falcons, but not so much different from the schedule they played this year as long as they still have the same talent and coaching staff. 

Im just curious, i know its early but which teams would make a great futures bet based on how they performed this year? I think Eagles would be great example but at +500 to win it all again i'd probably wait until they struggle a bit to get some value. Thanks again for all your info!

Eagles are young and I think all key players are under contract, so they won't lose anybody soon.

One very good method is backing teams off 10 win seasons who meet certain critera, the one team who does not is Panthers.

Maybe KC is borderline  and Rams a bit low in total yards diff as are Pats.

That leaves Jags, Vikes, Steelers, NO, and Falcons.

Jags are interesting as they are very similar to Ravens who easily could have beaten Pats in 2011 season in AFC C. game but lost at the end then came back in 2012 and did Beat them in AFC C.

Another thing works some-what  is backing the top team in PR's that did not make the SB, which in PR I & II is Vikes and bonus pts is Jags.

Vikes QB situation may be an issue, but they seem to have the rest of the team, very good overall balance.
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