Three basketball betting tips to help you cash in on NCAA conference tournament odds

Mar 8, 2019 |

The madness is ramping up with college basketball conference tournaments tipping off across the nation, and we’ve got some simple betting tips and tactics to help you make that money this March.

Conference tournaments are the most frantic time for both books and bettors, with a huge slate of games each day and winners turning around and playing immediately in the next round. That brings us to... 

Tip No. 1: Mind the lines

Due to the short time between games, oddsmakers are blasting out multiple lines and the sharp money will sniff out any soft numbers – forcing significant line moves. So pay close attention to the early adjustments and, if inclined, side with the steam so you don’t miss out on the best of the spread or total.


Tip No. 2: Motivation

Before getting down on a conference tournament clash, recognize each teams’ situation. Does one side really need a strong run in the conference tourney to boost its chances on Selection Sunday? Or, is a team pretty much a lock for the NCAA and would much rather rest than battle through a grueling conference postseason? Always keep that March motivation in mind.


Tip No. 3: Dive into depth

As conference tournament games stack up and fatigue becomes a factor, roster depth can be the difference when it comes to covering the spread. Realize which programs have bench strength and which ones don’t go beyond six or seven-man rotations. And don’t get too caught up on experience, favoring upperclassmen over freshmen. At this point in the season, those first-year players are freshmen in name only.


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