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Posted: 9/17/2013 1:46:44 AM

Away:  St. Louis [0-2 ATS]
Home:  Dallas [2-0 ATS]

Game Time: 1:00 PM
Stadium: Cowboys Stadium

Recent Meetings:

Team Leaders:

St. Louis:
Passing: Sam Bradford (651)
Rushing: Daryl Richardson (98)
Receiving: Jared Cook (151)

Passing: Tony Romo (561)
Rushing: DeMarco Murray (111)
Receiving: Dez Bryant (163)

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dddevin69 PM dddevin69
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Posted: 9/18/2013 7:24:50 AM

St. Louis?!?!?!    Dallas feeds off of inconsistent azz teams like this.   Look for the Dallas running game to get on track if just for this game.  

I have very little faith in the Lambs.  Dallas -4.   Yeah, I know Dallas may be spotty at times, but their defense has really shown flashes of greatness.   The only glaring weakness I have seen in dallas is the runnning game.   That should change this game


dustyvaultz PM dustyvaultz
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Posted: 9/18/2013 2:52:02 PM
Dallas snatched failure from the jaws of success last wk so I figure them get it gimmie back -4
KevinBookie PM KevinBookie
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Posted: 9/18/2013 9:05:10 PM
Im on Rams +4
vue21849 PM vue21849
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Posted: 9/19/2013 12:26:04 AM


TheQuadYeah PM TheQuadYeah
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Posted: 9/19/2013 7:26:23 PM

UGH - I don't know? But here's my analysis anyways.....

2 very "spotty" teams, but I'm going to bet Jeff Fisher (judging by this season's "performance" so far ) isn't quite100% yet - like I said in an earlier post - maybe next year.....

But for now - I'm saying CowGirls by a TD, just because they're playing at Jerry Jones' little F*** - HUT that he can show off to George W. or whoever other dignitaries come into his little "den of iniquity"..........

CowGirlz -4 -- (for you "Se7en" fans) - - a pound of 4 points, no more, no less.....

echelon1 PM echelon1
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Posted: 9/20/2013 6:20:16 AM
Dallas hanging in longer with trying to establish the run in this one would be one of the main reasons it would NOT cover.  They are facing a good run defense and a VERY exposable, leaky pass defense.  There are nice size advantages on the outside for Dez and Miles, and even moreso for Witten and Dunbar to expose the TE's.with the pass.

If they don't listen to pressure from fans to run just for running sake, and take what will be there all day in the air, they cover without too much trouble.  As mentioned above, this is a better Dallas team than last several years and the defense is pretty stout. Rams' without starting OT will help a ton with pressure for Boys.

Give the 4 and take the Boys in a game where the matchups are favorable for their physical attributes.  They've got 3 CB's to matchup with the quick, smaller Rams WR's...and TE Cook won't go off on Dallas' very athletic, physical LB/S combo.  Solid match-ups for Boys..
echelon1 PM echelon1
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Posted: 9/20/2013 6:22:02 AM
Correction above...meant Witten and Dunbar can expose the Rams' LB's in pass game, not TE's lol.
mrsc328 PM mrsc328
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Posted: 9/20/2013 9:24:47 AM
Rams win outright with a late FG by Greg The it!
Tarynfor12 PM Tarynfor12
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Posted: 9/20/2013 2:35:07 PM

I'm very leery of the Cowboys laying 4 points to this Rams team..actually I'm leery whenever the Cowboys lay more than 3....


fed6674 PM fed6674
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Posted: 9/20/2013 5:14:01 PM

St. Louis is no pushover anymore, but Dallas at home should win.


AceMackenzie PM AceMackenzie
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Posted: 9/21/2013 3:25:58 AM

Cowboys have been inconsistan and Rams much improved with Fisher , Dallas should beat the Rams , Early money was -3.5 , and I guess now is -4. Dont like that extra 1/2 or 1pt so

Dallas Straight Up M/L.....


sweetjules1104 PM sweetjules1104
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Posted: 9/21/2013 8:20:31 AM
knasty007 PM knasty007
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Posted: 9/22/2013 1:31:54 AM
Rams in close game...maybe 7 field goals
pacesetterpicks PM pacesetterpicks
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Posted: 9/22/2013 1:55:09 AM
creepynicklecrackbag PM creepynicklecrackbag
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Posted: 9/22/2013 7:17:53 AM
This one is easy: Dallas -3.5, -4, -6.5 whatever. Eazy Peazy.
natural PM natural
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Posted: 9/22/2013 8:42:29 AM
easy over
easypics PM easypics
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Posted: 9/22/2013 10:26:06 AM

* HURT *

Can't find barfing Emoticon...

Hurts to say Cowblows will breeze past St Loo 

Drop in class , Cowboys D will have perfect opportune to Gel vs weaker foe following  top notch 1- 2 game tests.

Rams don't have it easy 4 Days from now facing victorious n'
re-energized  Niners . 

However ,

Cowpokes home 1 - 7 ATS  LY does concern.
S . Bradford's Pass #  vs ATL @ 352 yrds 3 TD 1 INT
                                       vs ZONA @ 299 yrds 2 TD 1 INT

Bradford's stuck between a Matty Ice n' a Palmer n' has reason to feel confident with ELI  tossin'  428 Yrds thru Pokes secondary , thanks to No show run game .
 Rams will do the same having no run game.

COWBLOWS Know it  n' are well prepped to unleash Bradford Ambushes all day long = TO 's 


usmail PM usmail
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Posted: 9/22/2013 2:19:43 PM
snapped the ball..held the ball till got sack... that what Bradford did all first half.   Suck.
AceMackenzie PM AceMackenzie
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Posted: 9/23/2013 1:03:12 AM
DALLAS WIN ULTRA BIG ----   31 to 7 , make the Rams look like high school kids!
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