dont you wish ref statistics were available or at least where easily accesable

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Author: [Soccer] Topic: dont you wish ref statistics were available or at least where easily accesable
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Posted: 2/27/2012 3:41:48 AM

Some of us Covers members do partake in baseball wagering.  Within our reasearch and stat collection on baseball wagering options typically and completely orthodox is to gain factual evidence on which umpire will judge the game.  The identification of the umpire then directly influences possible scenerio prospectations.  The implifications of a certain umpires doing their duty during say a double left-hander duel (a strategy i love to look at when the case happens) has shown to be great insight on the total of the ballgames score.

I can make a similar analogy to soccer/futbol analysis of totals in respect that the ref that is judging the actions of the game will have a few certain characteristics in the way the approach judging that allows some games to be better handicapped in approach of the totals.  Okay i do feel the ref's identification will also aid in handicapping side victories.  One possible transcendence into a more proper analisys is the fact that some ref's might possibly call more penaltys inside the box while some others might even be less enforceful and allow a more rougher style of play.  This is evident that penaltys do come into play in side handicapping and total handicapping. 

So do you have a accesible database that shows who is the ref for a certain match?  i dont i sure wish  i did!!!!!!!

just curious if anyone can expand on this please do.  i am more curious on what some of you would like the ref's stats to be on. and even how can you use them...


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