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Boom_Boom PM Boom_Boom
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Posted: 10/7/2012 9:25:47 AM
Sides  23 - 32   -16.5 units   Max Bets  ( 1 - 1)

Totals 18 - 7    +22 units

Overall   41 - 39    + 5.5

6-5 this week picking up just a little. I never was able to post my last play but I did hit Oregon as well last night which would have made me 7- 5, but since I didn't get to post it, I wont count it. This may be the best Ten Things I have ever done because we got a ton to talk about, Let's GO!

                                           Ten Things We Learned

1. Attention All Auburn fans! I need for you to sit down and be accounted for. You all know whats about to happen too, don't ya. You know what im about to say LMAO! For the last 3 years I have been arguing with you Auburn fans telling you that you have a zero, no name, lame duck for a head coach. You said I was crazy and I didn't know what I was talking about. How about now? How about it? Did John L himself just roll his 1- 4 football team into Auburn, and not win, but girl smack you in the process? Is that what really happen or was all of this just a bad dream? Did I wake up up this morning and say to myself, thank God that was just a dream last night, for a minute I thought a John L coached team just Blew out Auburn at there place. Surely I cant be wrong about you guys coach now, can I?

2. You know I not gonna give it hard to Sparty this week. They were coming off a very emotional loss and it's always hard to mentally be ready that following week. But, and I say this with no regrets. If you guys would have lost that game yesterday, man oh man would things have gotten bad in East Lansing. I think this is a valuable lesson that all fans and teams need to understand. You have to bring it each and every week. There is about as much parity in D1 football now then there has ever been.

3. All you had to do was beat NCST. That's it. Remember last week when I spent so much time talking about how difficult it is for a team to go play on the road? Believe this or not, but if that game was played in Tallahassee last night, FSU would have won by 30 points. That's just they way things work! FSU is clearly not ready to take that step into the NC picture. I thought they were, but good teams like Bama and such can go on the road and " overcome ". Now does that mean they not a good football team? Of course not. I think this team defensively is among the best in the country.
FSU, once again you let us down.

4. What West Virginia did last night IMO, was the most impressive thing in college football yesterday. W.V entered a very hostile environment in Texas last night an they did what? "OVERCOME ". This is good football team. Defensively there not any good and they may be what takes them down in the end, but as of right now, there among the best. Do you guys realize Geno has now thrown 24 TD's to ZERO picks? We all know with numbers like that, a trophy may be in his future.

5. Almost every week I bring it up. How about that Brian Kelly coached team now! I'm telling you guys, I think N.D is back. Miami was a very talented offense that pretty much got shout down last night. Miami did have plenty of chances early but made tons of mistakes. But overall this more about N.D being a good football team. A few years ago I told a guy that when they hired Brian Kelly that they needed to give him a few years and he would deliver the mail. I think we are starting to see the mail delivered.

6. Which is it? Is Georgia that overrated or was S.C that much better? I think S.C got off to such a great start that Georgia really got so far behind the 8 ball that it never really had a chance to recover. When you go on the road and get down 21 points in a hurry like Georgia did, I not sure any team can recover. It pains me too, trust me when I say there isn't a soul on this planet that hates them Gamecocks more then me. But as all of you know, I call it like I see it. This is a very good team. All props go to the armpit of this state called Columbia. Did I really just give you a compliment with a backhand right behind it? Yep, Go to hell Cocks!

7. Florida just keeps getting better and better. Beating LSU yesterday was IMO, a big step for the program. The thing I want to know is, how bad is this offense for LSU? I really think this may be one of the worst offenses in the country. But what we do know is Florida is now a contender for the East. This game between Florida and S.C in a few weeks is gonna be huge. The winner will lose to Alabama ultimately in the SEC championship game, but nevertheless, they will represent the East. So Florida fans congratulations, you are officially off of my hit list!

8. I think we can all put this Purdue non sense away now. I was very close to playing Michigan this week but I was getting a lot of Purdue propaganda whispered in my ear. This may just be me, But I think Michigan is about to go on a run here and win out all the way until the Ohio st game. Then who knows. But Michigan has 2 losses that as of right now, not many could do any better. I think the real team in the Big ten that has played better and better each week is obviously Ohio S.T. This match up between Ohio st and Michigan at the end of the year is gonna be a classic!

9. Oklahoma IMO is just "another" team. But to think that Tubs could out coach stoops and Oklahoma is absurd. Look, one of the biggest overrated coaches in the country isn't Stoops! It's the jack behind Tubs at Texas Tech. After what Tech did to Leach, I will forever pull against these guys. Tubs isnt a good football coach I dont care who tells you different. I wills ay this tho Auburn fans! Tubs is better then Chizik! WOW is that saying something too. My goodness! Congratulations Auburn, you have officially be deemed my new " Florida ".

10. Another week here, another week gone. The football season is starting to shape out. I think that here in a few weeks things are gonna get crazy. After being a little bit over .500 for the first half of the year I hope I go on a huge run to end the season. I feel as of right now I have a GREAT feel for these teams and that in itself should really help me down the stretch. Anyways, let's stay focused and try to get better each and every week. The Best is yet to come.

Picks Later      
TopHog PM TopHog
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Posted: 10/7/2012 9:35:27 AM
Love the thread Boom.....Read it every week!!!!!

#1. How bout my HOGS!!!! Whew, glad to know there is at least ONE other SEC team that sucks behind more than we do.

#5. ND is very good but they have gotten literally every single break in all their games. It's like the stars are aligning for them.....

#6. Georgia is very over-rated. Most people that follow SEC ball very closely have called this and called the USC-E blowout last night. 

#7. LSU does have the worst offense in the country. They are garbage rotten and they are all calling for Les Miles head this morning, lmao. I love it. I've never seen a more cry baby fan base than LSU Tiger fans. 

Congrats on 6-4 week bro. A winning week is better than a losing week anytime!!!

TopHog PM TopHog
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Posted: 10/7/2012 9:36:03 AM

Keep up good work and darn all the haters bro!!
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Posted: 10/7/2012 9:47:00 AM

Originally Posted by Boomfademachine:

First of all, thanks for the fades the past two weeks, you have become a cash cow!!!!!! I see that you still are not counting juice in your record. One thing that we did learn is that, Clemson has a terrible defense and would be lucky to be 6-6 in the SEC.....You should be happy that they are in the pathetic ACC.....Again...thanks for the fades....

Boom I don't know how you keep attracting the bashers lol...I had one of your haters (fadeboom...alias) come into my thread yesterday telling me I was getting crushed and needed more fades. I pulled up the scores to see I was 0-1 at that time...Went on to win 3 of 5 of the ones that were"getting crushed"

Lol.....Damn kids need to join covers toddlers and run along and play with one another.


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Posted: 10/7/2012 9:49:09 AM

I agree strongly with post number 4 and 5 of the top 10



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Posted: 10/7/2012 10:10:04 AM
always a read best of luck this week boom should be another interesting card
GoGoplata123 PM GoGoplata123
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Posted: 10/7/2012 10:13:05 AM
Boom! Not a bad week Botha!!! You are right, we are starting to get a feel for these teams now. I thought I had seen it all, then I see people making fake alias' mocking you boom ( fadeboom, or fadingboomboom). WOW!!! Lol... Take it as a compliment bro. In the words of the ever famous Barry Bonds when asked about all the boo's he received at Dodger stadium, " THEY DON'T BOO NOBODYS" .... Nice win for your Tigers, btw. BOL 
RetainLane PM RetainLane
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Posted: 10/7/2012 10:22:13 AM
Good read as usual Boom.  ND has a team this year.  Obviously lines aren't out yet, but after such a dominating performance by the Irish, I have to believe value lies with Tree this weekend.  

Cocks looked good.  LSU does have a sluggish O, but you've got to think S.Carolina is going to get tested in Death Valley Sat. 

Good luck with your bets man. 
rLp PM rLp
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Posted: 10/7/2012 10:45:00 AM
Good stuff Boom, my typical Sunday a.m. read while getting ready for the NFL games.

I don't want to be "that guy" but..  i can't help myself.  You didn't have the Purdue "propaganda" from me.  I wrote you on Monday to jump on Mich.  I put my largest bet of the year on them.  I typically don't throw out bets, but when I do, you can bet your butt I'm pretty dang confident.

Had a good hit with the PSU over.  Wasn't on my radar til I got it off your thread - good stuff brotha.  So far, I've played 5 of your picks this year and I'm 4-1.  

In all honesty, thanks for doing your thread, it has made me some good money this year!  Your efforts haven't gone unnoticed with me my friend.

One last thing before I go;  ND is good, VERY good a some particular positions, but they are about to get exposed big time.  I wrote to you after the Mich loss that their back 4 are awful (and they are).  Once again, Miami (same as Michigan) couldn't take advantage of it.  I think both Oklahoma & USC beat ND, and they will do it by throwing all over the field on them.

Good Luck this week.
DoubleUp4Life PM DoubleUp4Life
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Posted: 10/7/2012 10:51:30 AM
Good time to give Gators Props...   

Noles always choke at least 1 away ... should be another to follow soon.

Neers win was amazing .. Does GUS Johnson need to yell all the time >>>??

Sparty had to be deflated coming into game vs Hoosiers 

Notre Dame will still end up Losing 3+ Games ... Praying to TD Jesus they get into a BCS Bowl so I can Fade them vs a SEC Squad !!!

Best of Luck Brother as always 

May you Make Mega Coin from here on out !!!

Wait NO JUICE ????  j/k
Buddhaguy PM Buddhaguy
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Posted: 10/7/2012 10:58:14 AM
Why don't you count juice instead of posting inaccurate results?
Doemaster PM Doemaster
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Posted: 10/7/2012 11:05:07 AM
Tip-o-the hat to you sir...
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Posted: 10/7/2012 11:31:33 AM
Can I change my screen name to fadeboomfade, lovefadingboom, or boomfademachine?

Those are just friggin classic!

I'm sure you are aware of this, but Bama is coming to Missouri saturday, off a weeks rest, and will butcher Mizzou. Franklin and our center Morse hurt their knees and our kick returner Murphy dislocated a finger and vandy beat us up pretty good. All may play, but wont be 100%. I assume the line will be 24-30. Anything less will be hammered. I will have the MU tt under for sure. If the Tigers get on the board it will be a miracle.

Nice win for your boys

I still cant figure out why teams with great offense never have a great defense.
Sampsonite PM Sampsonite
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Posted: 10/7/2012 12:05:27 PM
Feel a big week coming from ya! Damn I thought FSU could finally get over the hump. When they came out in the second have and had a three in out. I could tell they just thought they could walk through the second half (opps). And jimbo just baby's EJ, he played like garbage and jimbo is just like, "hey we'll get em next time" darn that! Hold him accountable! Anyways, that's just my rant. Look forwards to your picks!
packers1992 PM packers1992
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Posted: 10/7/2012 12:20:49 PM
Boom i disagree with you on this issue and i've said it for weeks if s.carolina faces Bama in the SEC title game the Gamecocks win the game. I said before the Georgia game and i'll say it now... South Carolina has the best defense in the SEC PERIOD
tinoker55 PM tinoker55
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Posted: 10/7/2012 12:30:27 PM
Turn it around Boom, GL....
mtp104 PM mtp104
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Posted: 10/7/2012 1:03:10 PM

Michigan outplayed ND and lost at south bend by only 7.  Then ND plays Miami with all those athletes and pounds them racking up serious yardage.  Only lucky game ND won was Michigan and that was lucky Michigan beat themselves.  Boom you are right Michigans losses to ND and Bama are looking great. 

Ohio State yikes dont look to far into this win Nebraska has shown going to big stadiums they lose big.  Look at Nebraska at Michigan last season. 

OSU and Michigan are class of big ten where it should be.  Wisky and MSU, Nebraska are right behind. 

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Posted: 10/7/2012 1:07:01 PM

Hey Boom. Glad our Tigers won but, damn our defense is inept.  FSU runs roughshod on us, then gets contained by a SFla team that loses to Temple and then NC St. 

Not trying to be a glass half empty guy, but I fear that it is still gonna bite us in the behind again.  If we play a stagnant half of offense or have a few bad turnovers, we could easily garbage the bed against a subpar team thanks to our toothless defense.  That safety turned the game yesterday and it was one of a very few good defensive plays we had. 

We hosted a run heavy offense, which we knew would try to run the ball, and carved up for 334 yards rushing. For the love of God, do we have to stack 8 in the box to stop the running game?

Kudos to Boyd and Hopkins, but F our defense. Whether it's the players or the coaches, we continue to be Paul Johnson's girl. We just got the win this time.

Good luck to you. Maybe we'll get a chance to have a beer at the VT game. Burning Sun will be there too!

sportschat PM sportschat
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Posted: 10/7/2012 1:10:20 PM
enjoyable read
joewashington PM joewashington
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Posted: 10/7/2012 2:01:48 PM
QUOTE Originally Posted by RetainLane:

Good read as usual Boom.  ND has a team this year.  Obviously lines aren't out yet, but after such a dominating performance by the Irish, I have to believe value lies with Tree this weekend.  

Cocks looked good.  LSU does have a sluggish O, but you've got to think S.Carolina is going to get tested in Death Valley Sat. 

Good luck with your bets man. 

ND has a team this year....because they finally have a coach. Coaching in CFB is more underrated than in any other sport....bar none.

burningsun72 PM burningsun72
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Posted: 10/7/2012 4:27:34 PM
2 weeks. Va Tech game. Like The-Kid says, let's talk about how great the Tigers offense is and how poopie diaper the D is. The-Kid is buying! 
dytide PM dytide
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Posted: 10/7/2012 4:45:05 PM
Will LSU be a home dog against BAMA ?
Boom_Boom PM Boom_Boom
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Posted: 10/7/2012 4:54:42 PM
Top hog - thanks bud. Arkansas looked good yesterday

Tree - What can I say

Shakey - Really disappointed in your guys yesterday..GL this week bud

RLP - I know you weren't the one saying that about Purdue. I just kept hearing it from alot of people... Thanks and have a great week

Double -

Doe -

GoGo - Whats up man!! Yeah, like I said.... what can I say

Retain - Yeah, I can tell you right now... i will be on LSU

Train - So it is you making all those alias

Samposinte - I thought FSU might struggle.... but losing is unacceptable

Packers - S.C worst nightmare is to play Alabama....

Tinoker -

Retain -I think N.D has what it takes to play anyone right now... Not Alabama, but most of anyone thanks and GL this week. I can see your angle on Tree.


Sportschat -

The KID & Burningsun - Im due to go to a game this year. I have only been to one so far...what a shame. I think Bibendi is going to the game, If all of you guys want to get together and do some tailgating let's do it... Im in, what the hell...we will drink some cold beers and beat some hookies up.... JK Bib
waltertaylor24 PM waltertaylor24
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Posted: 10/7/2012 4:58:57 PM

I know LSU o-line is banged up but what the darn is up with the passing offense?  They continuously run on 3rd and 7 or 3rd and 8.  I'm so tired of the play calling, it's so pathetic.  I'm a die hard LSU fan but this is getting old.  There has to be some trust issues somewhere.

jr5601 PM jr5601
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Posted: 10/7/2012 5:28:22 PM
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