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Does Anybody Still Bet on Horses in Vegas?

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Author: [Las Vegas] Topic: Does Anybody Still Bet on Horses in Vegas?
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Posted: 12/3/2012 10:17:06 AM

The reason they call them "Race and Sportsbooks" is at one time horse racing was king, sportsbetting took a back seat. 

How times have changed.

Big-time horse bettors have gone on to greener pastures or have left the game completely.  Yet every book still takes action on the ponies; but just a few old-timers can be seen studying their racing forms while a younger sports-betting crowd sits in empty racing seats on Saturdays and Sundays.

Racing has fallen victim to it's own inaction.  If you remember the days when Keno was featured all over the casino?  There were keno runners and betting sheets in the casino's restaurants.  There were keno boards everywere. 

But while keno was once popular, it's house edge was very high, at 25%.  Plus the action was slow, 5-10 minutes between games, unlike slot machines where you get action every 5 seconds. 

Horse racing is fallen down the same path.  Unable to change it's staggering takeout, the bettors have moved on.  I for one have given up, even though I just love the equine star athletes who compete.  Zenyatta is almost a daily thought and I keep tabs on some of the up and coming stars.

For those of you who still play, most vegas books offer free programs that have the racing form's past performances, and most books comp a drink for a modest wager.

Cantor books (who aren't good at comps) featrure Win, Place and Show, and exotic pools in every seat, so does the Wynn book.

Good luck if you play, but I'm hoping racing can revive itself, but I'd rather make a sports bet with a 4.5% house edge than a horse bet with a 20% takeout/


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