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49ers "great defense"

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Author: [NFL Betting] Topic: 49ers "great defense"
lmontalv PM lmontalv
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Posted: 1/13/2012 10:21:41 AM
QUOTE Originally Posted by charlielo55:

These odss makers are brilliant, and have hooked in about 80% of my covers brothers on the 9ers. If the 9ers were going to win this, they would be favored at home, plain and simple, and the fact that the line is 3.5, has again hooked in the masses (squares) on the 9ers, thinking that the half point will matter. I have news for you, it won't. Alex Smith will not beat The Saints, ain't gonna' happen!

Saints 28

49ers 13

I agree the lines makers are brilliant... The line is where it should be seeing that both teams have identical records and the fact that NO has won 9 in a row (and covered all)  with the NFL's MVP at QB... You might argue that the line might be a sucker line to lure in NO bettors... When was the last time NO was favored by less than 7pts in this 9 game stretch, well @ ATL and @ Tenn... In both of those games ATL and Tenn had the ball last with a chance to win and didn't get it done... Hell, ATL went for a 4th and 1 on their own side of the field in OT...  Vegas knew if they set that line as the 9ers favored they wouldn't get any SF money... so the line was where it should be... I'm a 9er fan and if this game were in NO the line would be close to 10pts and i'd take NO in a NY minute... But playing on the road on a slow track w/o the aid of the rabid saints fans the saints are a different team... not to mention i believe that the 9ers def is different than many of the defenses NO has played this year... the 9ers will not need to send extra blitzers very often b/c they can get pressure with their front 4, thus not allowing Brees to make them pay for blitzing... This is a going to be a punch you in the mouth FB game and that favors SF...
NCState2008 PM NCState2008
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Posted: 1/13/2012 10:26:09 AM

so vegas has got 80% of covers on the 49ers?? 60% of the money is coming in on the saints so If vegas is trying to get people to bet the 49ers there not doing a good enough job but whatever BOL

maybe there there brilliant bc there getting all the Aints backers to jump on this line...we will see

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