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Author: [MLB Betting] Topic: BODOG AND THE FEDS
jpero PM jpero
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Posted: 4/18/2011 1:52:42 PM
QUOTE Originally Posted by jpitty:

The fear is hilarious to me. Do you realize how many people they would have to prosecute and lock up if they went after every U.S. Citizen who places bets online with offshore book???Talk about a construction boom on prisons, we already lock up more 1 in 100 adults in this country as it is. Try about 50 in 100 once you start convicting people of wagering THEIR money on sports.

But hey maybe that is their friggin plan, nothing else they do makes a bit of friggin sense. Except for maybe their run at Full Tilt and Poker Stars etc. Seems like that would make sense if they were planning to legalize/regulate it and gain a monopoly on it.

We live in a country that has used FEAR to undermine everything our founding fathers had in mind. I am not a revolutionary by any means. I just want to work, enjoy my home/family/friends, place a wager, darn, eat and take an occasional friggin vacation. If you want to tax gambling then go ahead, but don't scare your own citizens into thinking they are going to clink on some bullshit charges for gambling. What a joke.

You can't be prosecuted for placing bets. You can place as many bets as you want and the government can't do anything about that. It is illegal to accept bets and run a book.
She7154 PM She7154
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Posted: 4/18/2011 2:02:28 PM
QUOTE Originally Posted by Beckwith:

Bodog sucks anyway. If you haven't cashed out yet for sportsbook, then do so and move to a better book. They give you very limited lines, there's no coverage on certain games (lots of NCAAB missed). They're just terrible. If you play poker then I won't shun them for that, because the poker isn't the issue. The sportsbook is.

agreed. bodog blows dawg!
michaelpaul1 PM michaelpaul1
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Posted: 4/18/2011 2:27:18 PM
QUOTE Originally Posted by She7154:

agreed. bodog blows dawg!
moeeagle1 PM moeeagle1
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Posted: 4/18/2011 5:26:22 PM
I still have 71 cents in an account with them. Should i cash out?
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