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Anyone here have the new THR22 DirecTV-Tivo box...???

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Author: [Movies & Television] Topic: Anyone here have the new THR22 DirecTV-Tivo box...???
Skubishack PM Skubishack
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Posted: 3/19/2012 6:11:19 PM

My entire system has been wacked due to...???

I am working on getting that taken care of.

When I called about it this weekend the guy told me about a THR22 DirecTivo box which is new to MOST of the markets in the USA. Sounded great so I ordered one since I like Tivo a lot... BUT...

I have my older DirecTV HR10-250, which uses the Tivo interface, on my smaller flat screen tv (Not HDMI I think) which does not receive HD channels since its an old style HD box. It was the last DirecTV DVR made with cooperation from DirecTV and Tivo until this new THR22 which uses an older model DirecTV HD DVR... the HR22... and combines it with the new Tivo interface to form the THR22 (...Tivo High Def DVR... for DirecTV...). My large flat screen TV has the DirecTV HR-24/500 box which is OK but I do like Tivo and wanted more hours and tuners.

There is extremely limited info on the DirecTV website about the THR22 and I called again today but no one there seems to know much about it at all... they go to the same page I can online.

DirecTV.com says that the THR22 gets 100 HD hours of recording and looks like it has only two tuners (so you can record 2 shows and watch one that has already been recorded).

This is ALL that the DirecTV.com site has to show for the THR22... nothing else... not much in Help there for the THR22...


When I had called DirecTV this weekend and talked to the guy who sold me the THR22 he said it had FOUR TUNERS and TWO TERABYTES. He said normal price to BUY is $399 and to lease is $199 but I could get one from him for $99 (plus 5 bucks a month for Tivo) and shipping since I've had DirecTV a long time.

I don't have to pay anything extra for my old HR10-250 since I own it... not even a Tivo fee.

I'm thinking GREAT... record 4 shows and watch one and get 300 plus hours of recording space...

...Just like this from Tivo.com...


...HOWEVER... the box in the link above that is shown on Tivo.com does NOT work with DirecTV and on that page is a link for a DirecTV compatable Tivo box that takes you right back to DirecTV... the same link I already posted above for the THR22.

Tivo.com also has this info about it's DirecTV capable Tivo box...  but NOWHERE does it say 4 tuners and 2 terabytes... just 2 tuners and 100 hrs of HD recording (which I have w/my HR24/500)


I did find this link which is the only company I found online that is selling modified THR22 boxes... but look at the prices and what capabilities you get for the price.(Don't worry...I'm not buying any)... and you don't own it (ha,ha,ha).


As you can see only the most expensive one has 2 terabytes (like I was told I would get from DirecTV)... and I see nothing about how many tuners it has...


MY QUESTION IS... DOES ANYONE HERE HAVE A THR22 OR KNOW SOMEONE THAT DOES??? How many hours can you record on HD and how many tuners does it have...???

I CANCELLED MY THR22 ORDER FROM DirecTV because I can't confirm on thier website, by phone to them, or anywhere else online exactly WHAT the THR22 offered to me from DirecTV is capable of.


For Reference:

See #6 - Recievers


See - #2 - Upcoming Models ( #2.2 DirecTV TiVo HD DVR )


PLEASE - No recommendations for other services... I'm just looking for more info on the THR22 ONLY... Thanks Again.

k_dub PM k_dub
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Posted: 4/2/2012 5:07:13 AM
why dont you get this? http://www.directv.com/DTVAPP/content/technology/hmc_receiver

it seems better than the tivo premiere elite.  i have the HD DVR which is a step below the HMC and it works fine.  but recording 5 shows at once would be badass.
k_dub PM k_dub
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Posted: 4/2/2012 5:07:52 AM
or you only want something with the tivo interface?
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