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ATTENTION Site Adminstrators/Moderators

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1 BIG thing to make this site better...

Create an "IGNORE USER" button... which would allow any of us upon entering any thread and begin scrolling down to click a button on any of the other 'visitor's threads' and block us from seeing any further posts from that user in that thread...

It's possible cuz they have it at another forum site that I visit.. and they also have a mod that will warn then ban any trollish behavior... doesn't seem to happen much here unless things have gone wayyyy too far already.


*Easiest way to not have to see the bickering...

**Easiest way to stop arguing back and forth IF 1 of the arguers is smart enough to use it.. but at least the rest of us don't have to see all of it


HUUGE PROBLEM HERE FOR MOST PPL IS: (in case u mods didn't know)

Trolls come in the thread.. claim the person's record is inaccurate.. or accuses them of 'betting fake money' or whatever.. or says their picks suck or WHATEVER... and then another user jumps in to defend the original thread creator, and a 2nd argument begins.. then a 2nd troll joins in, and another defender, and round and round it goes!  and they NEVER seem to STOP!

**It creates needless, useless NEGATIVE clutter in that thread... creating frustration for thread originator and others... 

**This destroys the thread's continuity, the "positive vibe".. creates bad blood between users.. frustrates EVeryone else who's staying out of the argument to avoid creating even more cluttering... can't u guys see that??

For Example:

When I go into say Macwestie's thread to look at his picks... I don't care about the other 10, 50, 100 ppl that may or may not express their opinion's about his picks for that day... I came into the thread for MacWestie... right?


Create the ignore button so it automatically pops up in every post... if someone goes off on a tangent about whatever I (or any other person) is not interested in, I can simply push the button and that user is blocked to me in that thread..

Nobody wants to scroll thru 30, 40 50 posts to actually find the original poster they came in for... frustrating.. wasting time, etc

Maybe this technology is already incorporated into your system and I just haven't found it... ?

If not... then administrators, this is your chance to make a lot of people happier! 

talk to your IT people... and solve a HUGE PROBLEM here at Covers!  Become USER friendly!

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Covers doesn't care what you want and they never will,they keep marching forward

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Good ?? 

Second mouse gets the cheese.
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Moving this for developers to see.

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Hello Mananddogs,

I have added this idea to the list for the developers/IT guys to discuss. I do believe it has been brought up in the past by other users as well.

We will update you on a more definitive answer once we hear back about if/when this could be possible.

- CT

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