NBA Power Rankings: Week 25

By Bryan Power - Covers Expert

The Spurs hold on to the top spot in our final Power Rankings of the NBA regular season, but many of the top teams are a legitimate threat to win the NBA title this season. In the Top 10, Miami and Indiana both moved up one spot, while the Clippers and Rockets each took one step back.

NBA Power Rankings

Current Rank Last Week Change Team W-L
Power Rating Team Comments
1 1 same 62-19
-14 San Antonio
Though the Spurs will go into the Playoffs as my No. 1 ranked team, the fact is that any of the top four teams are viable contenders. San Antonio has won 15 in a row at home though entering the season finale.
2 3 up 1 54-27
-13.9 Miami
I spent all of last season saying that no matter what, the Heat were my pick to win it all. I don't feel quite as confident this year.
3 2 down 1 57-24
-13.8 L.A. Clippers
Before the year, you may recall I picked the Clippers to finish with the best record in the West. While they didn't, they set a franchise record for most wins in a season.
4 4 same 58-23
-13.7 Oklahoma City
If the Thunder were somehow to fall to third in the West, that would mean big trouble against a Clippers team that doesn't lose very much at home.
5 6 up 1 55-26
-12 Indiana
Well, after all that, the Pacers did end up clinching the top spot in the East. But that could make their path tougher if Chicago-Brooklyn ends up being the 4-5 matchup.
6 5 down 1 54-27
-11.5 Houston
With a 33-8 record at the Toyota Center, clinching home court advantage for their first round series was a must for the Rockets. Don't be surprised to see that series go seven games.
7 7 same 50-31
-11.3 Golden State
Andrew Bogut's broken rib and indefinite absence all but assures the Warriors won't be pulling a first round upset this year. Here's Marc Jackson on the injury: "It definitely doesn't make us a better basketball team."
8 8 same 53-28
-11 Portland
The Blazers have won eight of nine going into Wednesday's home finale and drawing Houston in the first round was probably their best possible matchup as both teams are defensively deficient.
9 9 same 44-37
-9.1 Brooklyn
While the Nets can pound their chest about a 4-0 record vs. Miami, they should be concerned with a combined 3-4 SU record vs. Toronto and Chicago.
10 10 same 48-33
-9 Chicago
Despite losing Derrick Rose, the Bulls still almost won 50 games and also earned home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs. They also have the unique distinction of scoring and giving up the fewest points in the league.
11 12 up 1 49-32
-8.5 Dallas
This is probably the team all the high seeds out West hope to avoid in the first round. Well, except San Antonio who swept the season series (4-0).
12 13 up 1 49-32
-8.4 Memphis
When Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph are both in the starting lineup, the Grizzlies are 39-18. They are also 22-10 overall since Feb 9th. They've also won 13 in a row at home. So maybe this is the lower seeded team that no one wants to play?
13 11 down 2 48-33
-8.3 Toronto
The Raptors obviously hope to draw the Wizards in the opening round as opposed to the Bulls or Nets. Though being the underdog to either of those two teams could lead to some decent value.
14 14 same 47-34
-8 Phoenix
It really is too bad the Suns couldn't end up making the playoffs. Depending on what happens on the final day of the regular season, they could have finished as high as third in the East! I had them 29th in the rankings to open the year!
15 15 same 40-41
-7.5 Minnesota
If you want to know why the T-Wolves didn't make the playoffs, here you go. In games that were within one possession in the final minute, they had a 7-18 SU record.
16 17 up 1 42-39
-7 Charlotte
Remember who said way back when that the Bobcats would make the playoffs? This guy right here! Fact of the matter is that even a Michael Jordan-owned team was capable of making the playoffs in the East this season.
17 16 down 1 43-38
-6.9 Washington
Over the last four seasons, the Wiz have led the Heat three times by 34 or more points. Those games represent Miami's three biggest deficits in any games in the LeBron era.
18 18 same 36-45
-6 New York
The last three games have seen the Knicks beat Toronto, Chicago and Brooklyn, all playoff teams. You know who isn't a playoff team? The Knicks.
19 19 same 37-44
-5.5 Atlanta
Leave it to the Hawks to be an 8-seed in a year where that required just 38 wins. Another first round playoff exit is a virtual certainty.
20 20 same 36-45
-5 Denver
The Nuggets are another team that went on a curious late-season run when it meant nothing. But they still are the first team since the Cleveland the first year it was without LeBron to go from 57+ wins to out of the playoffs the next season.
21 22 up 1 28-53
-4 Sacramento
It's been eight straight years without a playoff berth for the Kings. Google "Tesla and Sacramento Kings" to find the highlight of this era.
22 23 up 1 32-49
-3.7 Cleveland
The Cavs did improve upon last year's win total, but not by nearly as much as they were hoping for. There's always next year in Cleveland.
23 21 down 2 33-48
-3.5 New Orleans
An insane number of injuries made sure the Pelicans wouldn't come close to the playoffs and being in the better conference certainly doesn't help. But they did just beat the Thunder despite missing six of their top seven scorers!
24 24 same 29-52
-3 Detroit
Is this the winner for the league's most disappointing team? I'd say so. They'll finish with the worst record of any team that had legitimate playoff aspirations before the season started.
25 25 same 25-56
0 Boston
Normally when you miss the playoffs for the first time in seven years, it's disappointing. In the Celtics case, it was to be expected.
26 26 same 26-55
0.5 L.A. Lakers
Six years ago it was the Celtics and Lakers meeting in the NBA Finals. They'll see each other again this June, but it will be in the Draft Lottery.
27 28 up 1 23-58
1 Orlando
Not many positives to report here. Though this week's one spot jump means they actually finished higher than where they started.
28 27 down 1 24-57
1.5 Utah
When you open the season 1-14, your fate is pretty much sealed. In the case of the Jazz, they were pretty much the worst team in the West all year.
29 29 same 15-66
2 Milwaukee
Again. Just how bad are you when you finish with a worse record than Philadelphia?
30 30 same 18-63
3 Philadelphia
They opened the year ranked at the bottom and that's where they'll finish.

Power Ratings compute offensive and defensive statistics into one number for each team, while accounting for factors like recent performances and strength of schedule. Power Ratings can be used as a baseline for relative spread index to compare current or future match-ups between two teams. The relative spread does not account for non-statistical factors like home-field advantage, recent injuries, game time decisions, rivalries, publicity, and weather.