Super Bowl XLVII action report: Some books move to 3-point spread

Jan 26, 2013 |
Super Bowl XLVII is just one week away. While action has been hot and heavy at sportsbooks online and in Nevada, the bulk of the bets will come over the next seven days.

We talk with Jay Kornegay, sportsbook director at the LVH Superbook in Las Vegas, Aron Black of, and oddsmakers at online book about the Super Bowl odds as the week-long countdown begins in New Orleans.

Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers (-3.5, 47.5)

Most sportsbooks are dealing the favored 49ers at -3.5. However, some markets have stayed high with San Francisco -4 while others have gone as low as -3. But if you’re going to grab the Niners at a field-goal spread expect to pay a hefty price. Juice is as high as -125 on the short spread.

One of the books dealing a field-goal spread is, which moved to -3 after taking one-sided money on Baltimore since opening.

"Yeah, the dreaded break to the key number. Not a decision taken easily," Black told Covers. "Since the move we have taken some more San Francisco money. I think many were waiting for the better price on the flat three. We may have to go back to 3.5. But for now, we have made the move and we shall see whether it was right or not."

The LVH Superbook is currently dealing San Francisco at -3.5 and has begun to take some big bets on the Niners after a week of one-sided Baltimore action. According to Kornegay the bet count is balancing out and he doesn’t expect their spread to shrink before kickoff on Feb. 3.

“I doubt it,” Kornegay told Covers about a move to -3. “We’re expecting more San Francisco money this week, especially in the last 48 hours. If it goes anywhere, it’ll go back up to -4.”

As for moneyline wagering, a flood of bets on the Ravens to win straight up has pushed the price on San Francisco from -205 to as low as -159 in some markets. is currently dealing the 49ers as -175 moneyline favorites, which is drawing the attention of wiseguys.

“The majority of action that has been wagered has come from the public at this time,” told Covers. “The only sharp action that has been put in play has been on the San Francisco moneyline.”

According to, the money wagered and the bet count is still leaning toward the underdog Ravens but the allure of the favorite will draw in the recreational bettors closer the game day.

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