Decision by Thursday in New Jersey sports betting case

Feb 18, 2013 |
Decision by Thursday in New Jersey sports betting case
The decision in the NJ case is 'far reaching'.
The decision in the NJ case is 'far reaching'.
On Valentine's Day, U.S. District Court Judge Michael Shipp said he would have a ruling in the New Jersey sports betting case within two weeks, which means we should hear his ruling by Thursday. The decision has huge ramifications with states like California and Minnesota waiting in the wings to pass sports betting bills of their own.

Ahead of the monumental decision, we collected some of the best stories and opinion pieces from around the Web in support of legalizing sports betting in the state. Here they are:

“It’s a big deal” – NJ sportsbooks could operate within two months
- from Covers. A look inside the courtroom at the most recent oral argument hearing exemplifies just how this case has built huge momentum since it first began.

The Billion Dollar Issue in NJ Sports betting case is Commandeering - by Brad Polizzano (@taxdood). Explains what commandeering is and why it's the key to the judge's decision in this case.

The Fifth Down: A ‘Grown-Up Discussion’ About Sports Betting - from the New York Times

Why gambling rules should be national - from Reuters. One viewpoint suggesting why legalized sports betting should be federally regulated.

Fight for future of American sports betting officially begins in New Jersey courtroom
- by Dan Wentzel from Yahoo!

A Call to Action - from The New Yorker

Crime in the Suites: Judge’s decision ‘far-reaching’  - by Ifrah Law, a Washington D.C. law firm that specializes in gambling issues.

Why the NFL fears legalized sports betting - a look at the real reason the NFL is opposed to sports betting.

Righting a wrong: A history in New Jersey sports betting - by Larry Josephsen. A look at the history of how we got to this point in terms of blocking legal sports betting.

Sports leagues love gambling
- from The Trentonian.

Why New Jersey needs to win its legal battle to legalize sports betting - from

In defense of New Jersey sports betting
- from The Jurist

New Jersey voters want legalized sports betting - just a reminder that New Jersey voters overwhelmingly voted in favor of legalizing sports betting in the state.

Tim Dahlberg: New Jersey sports betting should be a sure thing - Las Vegas based AP columnist talks about the common sense of legalizing sports betting in NJ.

The Fifth Down, Christie’s case for sports betting (May 28) - from The New York Times

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