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Arizona at Green Bay (11/04/2012)

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Author: [Pro Football] Topic: Arizona at Green Bay (11/04/2012)
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Posted: 11/4/2012 2:00:34 AM
Cardinals +10.5
jorge112270 PM jorge112270
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Posted: 11/4/2012 8:39:04 AM
Green Bay
Xyberz PM Xyberz
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Posted: 11/4/2012 8:49:13 AM
Man, as much as I like GB in this contest -10 is too much chalk for them to be giving.  GB's defense is slightly above average and is more prone to air attacks anyway being ranked 20th.  Even with Skelton, it's clear that they like to air the ball rather than keep it on the ground.  Last week it looked ugly on MNF but then again you're going up against one of the best defenses in the league and GB is no top tier defense.  Slightly above average at best.  

Can't see weather being a factor here even in early November.  

GB wins this contest, but it'll be closer than most people think.  That'll be in part due to Arizona's stiff defense.  The only thing they're weak in is run defense which we all know GB sucks at running the ball.  

I'm not sure what happened with GB last week at home against the Jags but man that team sucks behind on both sides of the ball and statistically GB should've dominated Jacksonville but just barely squeezed out a W in that one winning only by 10 points when it should've been more like 14-17.  

Sad that Arizona's offense stinks just as bad as Jacksonville's except switch their rankings for running and passing.  These 2 teams are literally the bottom in offensive rankings in the league.

Being all that said, I'd take the Under in this game.  Shitty behind offense from Arizona attached to one of the best defenses spells low scoring game in this matchup.  Arizona held the #1 offense NE to only 20 points and they only scored 18 points themselves in that game.  Keep in mind that was with Kolb and not Skelton.  Arizona won't be able to score enough to help GB make this over.
moho PM moho
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Posted: 11/4/2012 9:00:10 AM
Simply too many if's and's or but's here when it comes down to injuries. GB has a lot of key players still in limbo especially,Jordy Nelson. If he does go he will prolly be limited . Plus they have a bye coming up and i think the coach will not push him hard in this game with a hammy.

If i were to pick here i would take the Cards to cover.Not sure yet,still on the fence on this.
bkg1010 PM bkg1010
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Posted: 11/4/2012 9:26:10 AM
QUOTE Originally Posted by jonfon:

what does obstaining mean?

He's not having sex, I think? 

Packers didn't cover last week, they cover this week?  I don't know?  

Packers -10 Under the total  
abadboycali PM abadboycali
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Posted: 11/4/2012 10:21:51 AM
i like the GB -10 here.

Predict : GB 31-17

taking the OVER also.


stumpmaker PM stumpmaker
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Posted: 11/4/2012 11:37:27 AM
I would WATCH OUT on this one...Maybe GB only plays hard enough to win the game..Hard to stay motivated to play harder when you're already up by 10 points...(-10.5 ? HMMM)..
imaxfli PM imaxfli
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Posted: 11/4/2012 11:45:20 AM
Will the Cardinals coach "Play to win the game"?. Does he even know how? Will he run the ball at least twice in a row on many occasions to get first downs and keep the Packers O off the field? Can he get his guys NOT to turn the ball over in 40 degree temperatures? Will he take a couple shots(like 5 or 6) down the field against the Packers press defense to open it up a little? I am probably giving him more credit than he deserves, but just maybe he will "play to win the game", if so I'd take the under on the total and watch the Pack win 31-10!!!!
shochuman PM shochuman
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Posted: 11/4/2012 12:39:17 PM
WiseGuy702 PM WiseGuy702
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Posted: 11/4/2012 12:47:59 PM
Cardinals +10.5

 Good luck  
Xyberz PM Xyberz
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Posted: 11/4/2012 4:48:28 PM
Damn, went over by 1 score.  Stupid Skelton threw a pick on Arizona's red zone that got the extra GB score that would've kept it under and GB from covering the -10.  Oh well, can't complain about being 3-1 for the day!  
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