Where To Bet: Grading Las Vegas' Best Sportsbooks

We grade Las Vegas' best sportsbooks on their screens, odds, food and more. Find out which sportsbook is right for you.

Marc Meltzer
Last Updated: Aug 17, 2021 11:03 AM ET Read Time: 10 min
The Wynn sportsbook received a full renovation recently and has become a shining star on the Vegas Strip and a must-see for any sports bettor visiting Sin City.
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Sports betting has never been so popular around the country. While much of the focus on sports betting is online, sportsbooks inside of Las Vegas casinos are more popular than ever. Since people can bet on sports elsewhere, casino operators ensure the in-person experience is better than ever in Las Vegas. Some casino operators have paid more attention (and money) to enhance sportsbooks over the past few years.

Circa opened the "largest sportsbook in the world" in 2020. There's been sort of a sportsbook renaissance in Las Vegas in recent years that's more about the overall experience than just a desk to place your bets and watch the games on TV. While that's good for sports bettors, variety is the spice of life, and there are many types of sportsbooks on and off the Vegas Strip.

Covers.com has focused on the best Las Vegas sportsbooks, in our opinion, grading them on "View/Screens," "Odds/Lines," "Experience/Seating," "Food/Drink," and their "Mobile" sportsbook software.

Here are the sportsbooks we have reviewed and graded:

What is the best sportsbook in Las Vegas?

That depends on what you're looking for, as every sportsbook has different qualities that make it unique. We'll summarize our findings here but read on below for more details.

Quality Best Sportsbook
View/Screens Circa, Westgate 
Odds/Lines Circa, WestgateRampart
Experience/Seating The Mirage
Food/Drink The Linq
Mobile app The Mirage, BetMGM, Rampart, Westgate


View/Screens: A+

The "Worlds Largest Sportsbook" name comes from the massive three-story video wall. This 78 million pixel screen is bright, crisp, and viewable beyond the actual sportsbook. Circa configures the screen to show just about any game on TV at the time. There's a reason this is the flagship property for Circa Sports in Las Vegas.

Odds/Lines: A+

Circa Sports offers some of the best lines in Las Vegas. In addition to fair lines, the sportsbook often has a low theoretical hold for futures bets. This sportsbook is one of the few that offers yes/no options for most futures bets.

Circa Sports posts limits and will take large bets in person or via mobile. Much like the video wall, there aren't many comparable odds, lines, and point spreads anywhere else.

Experience/Seating: A

Circa has a total of 350 sportsbook seats. There are some general admission arena-style chairs for anyone to the right and left of VIP seating options that come with a fee. The leather lounge chairs and booth seats are worth the price to reserve. There are cocktail waitresses that will bring drinks and food from specific venues.

There are more than 70 video poker machines on two levels that look into the sportsbook. There's no charge for these seats that should also bring complimentary drinks while playing. The Overhang Bar and Victory Burger on the third level also have seats with a sportsbook view.

Related: The Stadium Swim pool complex is a fantastic alternative for anyone that wants to watch the games outdoors.

Food/Drink: B+

Just about every restaurant inside and outside at Circa offers food to go. Victory Burger, 8 East, and Saginaw's Deli offer various food, including breakfast, wings, sandwiches, burgers, and Asian options. Project BBQ has all the pit classics, including a whole hog delivered as if it's bottle service at a nightclub.

Mobile: B+

Stadium Technology powers Circa's app. The software isn't the best but usually gets the job done. The lines, odds, and point spreads are the same as the casino. Circa has the only app that posts betting limits for all events. The app is a perfect no-frills vehicle for some of the best betting options in Las Vegas.

The Mirage Race & Sports Book

View/Screens: B+

The video screens at The Mirage are big, clear, and flexible. Like many of the newest sportsbook displays, the HD images sizes can vary based on the number of games airing. The screens are HD but not as bright and crisp as some of the newer Las Vegas sportsbooks.

Odds/Lines: B

MGM Resorts Las Vegas casinos all share the same lines, odds, and point spreads. The odds may be different from BetMGM odds in other states. MGM Las Vegas casinos share similar customers with recreational gamblers visiting for a vacation.

Tourists often aren't the sharpest sports bettors, and the odds generally show that. Look for games with popular, major market, and United States-based teams to offer lesser odds than other sportsbooks.

Experience/Seating: A+

The experience is where The Mirage stands out. The massive sportsbook is on the Vegas Strip, and there's almost always a buzz there. The sportsbook opens to the casino, so onlookers often surround the chairs when the sportsbook gets loudest.

The Mirage has ample free seating for most days. This sportsbook has VIP stadium-style seating and couches to reserve for a fee if you want to ensure you have a seat on a busy day.

Food/Drink: B

There are several restaurants under 30 seconds away that have takeout food. California Pizza Kitchen has seating that looks out to the sportsbook, a great option so you can watch the games while enjoying a meal inside of a full-service restaurant. That's no something you find in most sportsbooks.

Mobile: A-

The BetMGM sportsbook app is one of the better options in Nevada. It's easy to use and looks great. It's important to note that this BetMGM app doesn't connect with the same app from other states. Even if you're a BetMGM customer elsewhere, you'll have to sign up and fund an account in person at The Mirage. It only takes 10-15 minutes to open an account.

The Mirage sportsbook is always busy, and this is a must-have if you don't want to wait in lines for 20-30 minutes on Sundays or during major events.

The SuperBook at Westgate

View/Screens: A+

These are among the newest sportsbook screens in Las Vegas. The display is beyond good-looking. It's one of the world's largest indoor LED video walls at 240 feet wide and 20 feet tall. Ample seating and a large bar make this a great place to watch your wagers.

Odds/Lines: A+

The oddsmakers at the Westgate are among the best in Las Vegas. The sportsbook takes large wagers that many others won't touch. This combination allows the SuperBook to offer some of the sharpest and most fair lines, odds, and point spreads in Las Vegas.

Experience/Seating: A-

The SuperBook was renovated a few years ago and now offers comfortable seating for 400 people. The space is massive and smoke-free, with a nearby poker room. Westgate is one of the few destination sportsbooks in Las Vegas.

Although the Westgate is close to the Vegas Strip, it's not on the Vegas Strip. The majority of guests that visit the SuperBook are planning on being there, which is excellent. Still, the location means there aren't too many spontaneous visitors like other sportsbooks in touristy areas.

Food/Drink: B

There's a bar at the back of the SuperBook with video poker and a great view of the games. Behind the bar is a food court that offers pizza, burgers, sandwiches, tacos, and more. There are plenty of seats that look out to the sportsbook. Thanks to the big screens you shouldn't have a problem seeing the games.

Mobile: A-

This app uses Stadium Technology software which you'll find used for many sportsbook apps. The feature that stands out most with this app is betting on games with the SuperBook lines or making SuperContest selections from anywhere in Nevada.

Wynn Las Vegas Race & Sports Book

View/Screens: A

The sportsbook received a full renovation in 2017 and has become a shining star on the Vegas Strip. The huge video wall is 137 feet wide by 11 feet high and offers nearly 180 degrees of viewing. The screens have 21 million pixels and are as bright and clear as you'll find in Las Vegas. Additionally, more than 40 carrels have small standard-definition TVs.

Odds/Lines: C

Wynn is one of the few independently operated sportsbooks on the Vegas Strip. The lines, odds, and point spreads offered are exclusive to this casino and the Wynn Sports app. The betting menu is relatively limited compared to other Las Vegas sportsbooks. Maximum betting limits may vary by customer.

Experience/Seating: A-

There are about 40 general admission carrel seats available in the sportsbook. These seats fill up quickly, and many people end up paying for VIP couches that should be reserved in advance. The screens point to a corner, so you might have to move around when games are on all screens.

Charlie's Bar & Grill looks into the sportsbook and another option to watch the games. This bar has video poker, but Wynn doesn't offer complimentary drinks at the bar for playing.

Food/Drink: B

Charlie's Bar & Grill is right behind the sportsbook. There are 100 different types of beer available, along with craft cocktails. This bar and restaurant is the closest location to the sportsbook to grab a bite. Quick serve dining at Wynn is minimal.

Mobile: C-

Wynn Sports Nevada is not the same app as Wynn Bet in other states. The Wynn Sports app is geared towards recreational gamblers and has a small menu and lower limits than the betting window inside the casino, which can be disappointing for high rollers.

The Wynn Sports app hasn't been updated since 2018 and is somewhat clunky.

The Cosmopolitan Race & Sports Book

View/Screens: B+

The screens are relatively new and sufficient for this small sportsbook on most days, but there might not be enough TV screens for the busiest days when there are baseball, basketball, and hockey games on at the same time. If you place a wager at this William Hill sportsbook, the game(s) you care about will probably be on.

Odds/Lines: B

William Hill currently operates the sportsbook, and the lines, odds, and point spreads are the same as all William Hill sportsbooks like The Venetian, Sahara, etc. The extensive wagering menu on the mobile app is a selling point for those permitted to make bets the size they'd like.

Experience/Seating: B-

The Cosmopolitan is one of the most popular casinos on the Vegas Strip with younger visitors. The sportsbook has a bar with video poker and a small gaming pit next to the sportsbook with blackjack and roulette. Additionally, there are complimentary bar games like billiards and shuffleboard.

The Cosmopolitan isn't a traditional sportsbook, but it's a great sports bar, casino, and book combination. Unfortunately, there's only seating for about 100 people between the bar and the seating areas.

Food/Drink: B

There is a cocktail waitress service for the bar area and sportsbook. The cocktail servers will deliver food ordered from The Henry, located on the other side of the casino.

The Block 16 food hall with Hattie B's, Lardo, and Bang Bar on the second floor has many quick-serve and to-go dining options. These restaurants offer fair prices for this luxury casino. There's also a Starbucks behind the video wall if you need a pick me up.

Mobile: B

The Cosmopolitan is one of the most accessible locations in Las Vegas to fund a Willliam Hill mobile sports betting account. The sportsbook is only about 100 steps away from the Vegas Strip. The William Hill app comes in handy with major events like the Super Bowl and March Madness. The app also features a sizeable in-play menu.

Red Rock Race & Sports Book

View/Screens: A

Red Rock Casino (and Green Valley Ranch) have the best sportsbook screens in a Las Vegas locals casino. There are three 17-foot by 31.5-foot screens that each have 4K Ultra HD technology. The picture is as clear and bright as you'll find in Las Vegas. Red Rock configures its screens in more than 50 ways to display the games and lines, odds, and spreads. There are also individual TV screens with more than 200 seats.

Each VIP table at Red Rock has a 12-inch flat-screen, and the bar behind the sportsbook also has an array of screens. The large screens are also visible from the bar behind the sportsbook and VIP section.

Odds/Lines: B

You'll find the same lines, odds, and point spreads at all Station Casinos properties. The majority of customers at these casinos are Nevada residents. As you'd imagine, this mass pool of bettors doesn't make for the sharpest group, and you see that in the lines. Red Rock is an excellent sportsbook if you like to bet against the public.

Experience/Seating: B+

The Red Rock Casino sportsbook has seating for more than 200 people, making it one of the larger and louder sportsbooks off the Vegas Strip. The seating consists of regular chairs, bar stools, and VIP booths. There are also about 50 chairs and tables in the sportsbook bar that offers a great view.

Food/Drink: B

The Red Rock Casino sportsbook is about 50 steps away from a large food court. There's a nice variety of grab-and-go options, including Fatburger, Capriotti's, Side Piece Pizza, Panda Express, Starbucks, and the GridIron Grill, which is open to the sportsbook. Since many of the seats have tables, you can grab food to go and eat in the sportsbook.

Mobile: B+

The newest version of the STN Sports app has a much more extensive betting menu than the previous version.  In addition to the improved menu, the app works faster than some others. STN is one of the few sportsbook apps that also offer horse wagering.

Caesars Palace Race & Sports Book

View/Screens: A

The massive 143-foot LED HD screen in the Caesars Palace sportsbook is large, bright, and beautiful. The large screen is easily large enough to see every game. Caesars can configure the screen to show the same game in multiple places, especially since the sportsbook is very wide.

Odds/Lines: B

Caesars Entertainment, and line creators William Hill, might cater to the most mainstream customer of any casino operator in Las Vegas. The lines are generally fair. Unless you're a known high roller, you may not be able to place large wagers.

Experience/Seating: C

There are over 140 seats in the sportsbook. The racebook has a few more private booths. Additionally, there are VIP tables and couches connected to the bar. Unfortunately, the seats come with a price for major events. Expect to pay around $100 to reserve a seat for any football games, March Madness, etc.

Food/Drink: B

The sportsbook bar is average at best. Drink tickets won't score you premium spirits, and their basic offerings aren't as nice as other casinos. The Forum Food Hall is about a 20-second walk and offers an excellent variety from Earl of Sandwich, Bobby's Burgers, Difara Pizza, Starbucks, and more. It's one of the best food courts in Las Vegas but is always busy, so make sure you time your visits perfectly so you don't miss too much of the action.

Mobile: B

The Caesars Sportsbook by William Hill app is not connected to Caesars Sports betting apps anywhere else. The app is very similar to William Hill, except it can link with a Caesars Rewards account to generate players club points. Caesars Sportsbook app is technologically one of the better apps in Las Vegas. Since the sportsbook is so busy, the app might come in handy to avoid waiting in line.

Rampart Race & Sports Book

View/Screens: A-

The small casino in Summerlin (about 20 minutes from the Vegas Strip) has a relatively new video wall and an underappreciated 6,000-square foot sportsbook. The sportsbook is a non-smoking space located just off the main casino. The sportsbook features a 50-foot customizable LED screen and 80 HD televisions that include nine 60-inch monitors.

Odds/Lines: A+

Odds, lines, and point spreads at the Rampart are generated by the South Point sportsbook. These are among the fairest sports betting odds you'll find anywhere in Las Vegas. You'll often find a few proposition bets here (and South Point) that aren't available anywhere else.

Experience/Seating: B

Rampart is a locals casino that has an older clientele. You won't find a very raucous crowd at this casino. There are more than 120 seats in the main sportsbook, including 55 private carrels for race bettors.

The sportsbook bar has a capacity of 50 with 10 video poker machines. Even when it's busy, this is a nice relaxing sportsbook to watch the games.

Food/Drink: C-

Dining at Rampart is limited. However, one of the quick-serve restaurants is next to the sportsbook. The Clubhouse Deli has burgers, sandwiches, and sweets for watching the games. There's also a Starbucks about 20 seconds away if you need a boost.

Mobile: A-

The Rampart sportsbook app is almost the same as South Point. The app has the great lines, odds, and point spreads you expect from South Point. The only downside to this app is that you'll have to travel away from the action to fund or withdraw funds from the Rampart or South Point.

Golden Nugget Race & Sportsbook

View/Screens: B+

Golden Nugget is one of the largest sportsbooks in downtown Las Vegas with a darker closed-in environment that makes the TV screens pop. There's a video wall, multiple HDTVs, and 45 single-screen carrels. The main seating area is set up so that you might have to search for the right seat to have the best sightline for the game(s) you want to watch.

Odds/Lines: A

Lines, odds, and point spreads are exclusive to the Golden Nugget. The bookmaking team at this independent sportsbook is considered some of the best in Las Vegas.

Downtown Las Vegas sees many visitors from particular areas in the country, such as Hawaii and Wisconsin. You may notice that some of the lines are different from other Las Vegas sportsbooks based on their specific team preferences.

Lastly, since the casino owner is the same as the Houston Rockets, NBA odds are different from most casinos. Also, you can't bet on Rockets games or futures here.

Experience/Seating: B+

The sportsbook is closed off from the casino. It's dark and features dark wood to make it almost feel even darker. It's great if you're hungover and need to sit in a darker space.

The seating is not traditional, with different types of chairs and booths available for large parties. The closed-in space keeps the energy inside the room, which makes for a fun experience. There are so few sportsbook options in downtown Las Vegas, and this is one of the better places to watch and wager on the games.

Food/Drink: B

There's a snack bar next to the sportsbook, but you'll have to walk away from the games. The addition of Chick-Fil-A near the hotel tower is a significant upgrade for a casino that features mostly full-service restaurants. Like most Las Vegas casinos, you'll find a Starbucks a few seconds away.

Mobile: B

The app from Stadium Technology offers the great lines, odds, and point spreads that you expect from the Golden Nugget. It's a reasonably bare-bones app with few features. On the downside, you'll probably have to visit this casino to make a withdrawal.

BetMGM Race & Sports Book at Mandalay Bay

View/Screens: A

The BetMGM Sports Book at Mandalay Bay has some of the newest video screens in a Las Vegas sportsbook. There are 17 TVs and three large and configurable video screens. The new screen configuration and ample seating make this one of the best sportsbooks to watch the games on the Vegas Strip.

Odds/Lines: B

BetMGM sportsbooks in Las Vegas all share the same lines, odds, and point spreads. MGM Resorts casinos also share a similar customer. Tourists generally aren't the sharpest sports bettors, and the odds generally show that. Look for odds for popular, major markets, and United States-based teams to offer lesser odds than other sportsbooks.

Experience/Seating: B

BetMGM has seating for 300 people in the sportsbook and bar area, mostly made up of banquet-style chairs. The sportsbook is flanked by a bar on one side and a poker room on the other.

There's also limited VIP seating available. The VIP Luxury Box has seating for groups of 1 to 8 people. The space acts as an echo chamber, and the environment is welcoming to the large international customer base at the casino.

This is the closest sportsbook to Allegiant Stadium, which is the home to the Las Vegas Raiders. The already loud sportsbook should be fantastic during Raiders home games.

Food/Drink: B-

The bar behind the sportsbook is lively and has video poker machines, tables, and bottle service.  For better or worse, Mandalay Bay was one of the first sportsbooks in Las Vegas to offer bottle service and table reservations.

The Turf Club Deli snack bar is located inside of the sportsbook and serves burgers and sandwiches. This deli isn't great, but it's not bad. House of Blues has takeout and is nearby for more food option options.

A low-key tip for coffee drinkers: the crepe store next to Starbucks serves delicious Illy coffee and usually has less wait time.

Mobile: A-

Mandalay Bay and The Mirage are both BetMGM properties. The BetMGM sportsbook app is one of the better options in Nevada. It's easy to use and looks great. MGM's Las Vegas properties have the same lines, odds, and point spreads.

It's important to note that this BetMGM app doesn't connect with the same app from other states. Las Vegas odds may be different from BetMGM odds in other states. Even if you're a BetMGM customer elsewhere, you'll have to sign up and fund an account in person at Mandalay Bay. It only takes 10-15 minutes to open an account.

The Book at the Linq

View/Screens: B

The Book is one of the unique sportsbook concepts in Las Vegas. It has two sections - general admission and "Fan Caves." 

General admission seats can watch the games at the bar or on a wall of screens.

The "Fan Cave" has multiple 100" HDTV screens. While the screens are clear, there are only a few TVs per pod. Guests control the screens, but no individual Fan Cave can watch all games at once.

Odds/Lines: B

Like Caesars Palace, The Linq is a Caesars casino, and line creator William Hill caters to mainstream customers. The lines are generally fair, but you might find better opportunities to wager on future, moneyline, and proposition bets elsewhere.

Unless you're a known high roller, you may not be able to place large wagers.

Experience/Seating: D/A+

The Linq gets two grades because there's a general admission area and a group's Fan Cave section. 

General admission seats are basic tables and chairs next to a bar which can best be described as "meh."

The Fan Cave experience is similar to a setup you would have at a man cave or living room at home. Big comfortable couches with a bit of customization make the Fan Caves genuinely ideal for a group setting. Also, each Fan Cave is equipped with X-Box gaming systems.

Food/Drink: A

The closest food is a sandwich truck next to The Book. However, The Linq has many quick-serve and takeout options between the casino and shopping promenade.

In-N-Out Burger is probably the most popular and affordable takeout option in the promenade. Guy Fieri's Kitchen & Bar serves all the gluttonous food you could want.

Mobile: B

The Caesars Sportsbook by William Hill app is not connected to Caesars Sports betting apps anywhere else. The app is very similar to William Hill, except it can link with a Caesars Rewards account to earn players club points. Since the sportsbook is so busy, the app might come in handy to avoid waiting in line.

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