Covers User Wins $26,000 Playing Streak Survivor Contest

Covers contest player "thinline" is $26,000 richer after nailing 22 consecutive picks in our popular Streak Survivor competition. Find out how she beat the odds!

Last Updated: Sep 26, 2023 11:19 AM ET Read Time: 4 min
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There are few things that excite sports fans more than a spectacular streak. Who can forget Cal Ripken Jr.'s run of 2,632 consecutive games played? Or how about Joe DiMaggio's improbable 56-game hitting streak? Hockey fans still fondly recall Wayne Gretzky's streak of 51 straight games with a point, and that happened nearly 40 years ago.

You can now add one more streak to the list. Covers contest player "thinline" joined the aforementioned group of sports immortals this summer when she won $26,000 playing our Covers Streak Survivor contest.

Streak Survivor is our longest running - and most popular - contest on Covers. We offer a $100,000 grand prize to anyone who can build a 25-game win streak. It’s absolutely free to start your streak at anytime.

A native of Nevada, thinline started her streak on August 8 and kept on picking winners day after day. She earned $1,000 on August 24 after nailing her 17th straight pick and pocketed a cool $25,000 four days later when her streak grew to 21 games. Her luck finally ended on August 30, but she still finished tied for the third-longest streak in contest history, just behind Tuppy (22), jcoby (23), and brackson13 (24), all of whom have their names etched on our Streak Survivor All-Star Leaderboard

We chatted with thinline to pick her brain about her betting strategy and to learn more about her big win.

Do you consider yourself a sports bettor or a sports fan? Or a little bit of both?

I used to consider myself both a sports bettor and a sports fan. I was very active in sports wagering up until the last 10 years. I don’t wager much on sports anymore due to how time-consuming it was for the strategy I used. I also took a step back when many sports began changing the rules. Those rule changes had a big impact on my strategy. I have always been a sports fan.

How long have you been a Covers contest player?

I have been a Covers contest player since probably the late 1990s.  

What was the best Streak Survivor streak you had before this?

I believe the best Streak Survivor streak I had prior to this was 16. I remember thinking I wish I was in Nevada so I could hedge my pick for 17. I wasn’t, I didn’t, I lost and my streak ended. No cash.

What strategy did you use to get as far as you did with your 22-pick streak?

My strategy for my picks was pretty simple. I seem to have the best luck with MLB and NHL. Since NHL was over, I stuck with MLB. I looked at the games and the Over/Under each day. If I took the game, I tried to only take home favorites where the money was going. If I took the Over/Under, I tried to take where the money was going, taking into account whether the home team was favored or not. That’s it. Nothing too complicated. I never spent more than five minutes on a pick.

What games stand out from your 22-pick streak? Which ones did you sweat the most?

The games that stood out the most to me during my streak were the landmarks. I was thrilled to get to a hat again. Can’t wait to see if it has changed. Then I was so excited and surprised I made it to the hoodie. I love the hoodies. Then came 17 for $1,000 and I was  shocked again. Then came the game for $25,000. This one was very interesting. I picked the Chicago Cubs at home to win. My partner is a lifelong St. Louis Cardinals fan who despises the Cubs and will not watch them unless they are playing the Cards. It was unbelievable that I would pick them, but that was the game that made sense to me since they were -128 home favorites. I don’t bet with my heart. My favorite team is whoever my money is on. For the first time, we sat through the whole game and rooted for the Cubs. The last stand-out game was the game that ended my streak.

Tell us about the game that ended your streak between the San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants. Where did you watch it and how did you react?

This game was a home team favorite -125 with money coming in on it. I had it picked as my game but I was also aware that I was in the money for the monthly winner. This is the first game in the streak where I used any strategy on the timing of placing my pick. I was holding out to see if (fellow Covers contest player) Keeyaba was going to make a pick. If Keeyaba didn’t pick or lost the pick I won the monthly for $1,000. I checked back and Keeyaba had made an early game pick. I waited until I think the sixth or seventh inning and it became apparent Keeyaba was going to win the pick. So for me to have a chance at the monthly I made my pick. I lost. Keeyaba won the monthly and my streak ended. Had the monthly not been at play, I still would have picked the same game. After placing the pick, I went and hedged my bet at the casino. I was shocked I had made it this far and with every pick I didn’t see how it could continue. I didn’t watch the game; I went to bed early. We had a pickleball match early the next morning. My reaction to the loss was that I was grateful I had hedged the monthly, grateful I had won $26,000. That is crazy!

How do you plan to spend your $26,000 in winnings?

Long ago, we began giving half of our gambling winnings away. We live incredibly blessed lives, so we will continue that practice. We will put some in our gambling fund for future gambling (always good to play with house money) and we will put the rest to everyday living. 

What’s your best advice for Streak Survivor players?

Find a strategy that works and makes sense to you. Don’t listen to people like me who don’t know what they are talking about.

Visit Streak Survivor today to start a streak of your own and to play other free Covers sports betting contests!

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