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overall they have a disrespect for the South .. is all $$ though involved .. I would really like to _ _ _ _ them all .

see how slick and tricky and how easy it is to be so , esp with technology .



      the ball had a mind of its own , his mother named him radio . lol


2018 Ncaab T

Custer ? Tenn looked bad all game though .

Look how high the ball went up in the air on the replay , REMOTE CONTROL BASKETBALL

Rambler shot it with backspin on the ball , not forward spin .

Loy Chic 63 vs 62 Tenn     11 seed over the 3 seed in round of 32 . I would think they would have let the Ky vs Tenn matchup happen .        google remote control basketball .     WILSON      THINK ABOUT ACTUAL PHYSICS , FORWARD AND BACKWARD MOMENTUM .   >>> WHOLE WORLD IS ASLEEP <<<      NICE SHOT THOUGH CUSTER ? OOH AND BAD D . 

WATCH THE REPLAY HOW THE BALL GOES   AGAINST THE LAWS OF PHYSICS , the ole it had a mind of its own . radio controlled airplanes ,  racecars , b-balls and tanks is the name of my >>> LMAO            WHAT IS THIS LIKE ? like a hockey puck taking a sharp turn before it goes in the net , no  ,  to stop it from going in the net . and ? the explanation  is the puck  was re-directed by a piece of SHARD !!!   lmao                            can i  get a witness ?     seriously          

QUOTE Originally Posted by veronica27:

Three 3's running wild ended with a 2 like in the video I suggested you watch and study and meditate on .. lets do the 3 +3 + 3 + 2 = 11 <<<<<<< 1 + 1 = 2   can you see it from there ? you have to watch the video I suggested earlier ..   to - get - a - feel .. like better than a 1st date .   again , 3 + 3 + 3 + 2 = 11 ...  1 + 1 = 2    same or like the #s you see in the Makalesi video I suggested you watch long before these results came in tonight .. with the 3332 .

#16 Sacrifice ... #8 New Man Eyes See open and closed , Feel ,Embody , be and become or become and be , and let it be if ? lol    ____ _______ ___ _____ .

answer  they handed out notes ..  lmao .. I mean handing out notes .. sentences . doesn't make any sense how they sweep so many under the rug ..  .. time passes never knowing the diff .   ooh it knows .. (guides if connected) even if you do pass it is not that it was not of a higher nature and meant .. it is just too easy to try and deny and put it all on man .. that is the easy way out and descript .. when it all is actually much deeper for so many in time that are dearly departed from this plane with or of their earthly shell .. and it does not just fit into they had to be well known to qualify for this .. let a ancient show you .. let an Ancient come to you and show you himself or herself as proof . An Ancient Indian Tribal Chief always does the trick . I laughed but in a why do I keep on telling peeps this .. < mystifying reality >

.. everything revolves around time , in when something pops up .. in same windows .. so you witness it .. and many have to always just stay in denial .. because if they don't ? if we all actually believed ? then what .

.. what I'm saying is peeps not getting the true messages all over the world like they should be , everyone has been bitten one too many times for us to be able to suck out the poison even if they have lived close to flawless and perfect lives on this surface .. I don't even believe it all really .. yes I am speaking on behalf of those less fortunate , which the # is in the billions of people range .. I am speaking for the broken hearted , the ones suffering .. the ones that don't  really know and believe the actual real truth's of this 3d reality .   it is because there are so many versions .. and all along only 1 TRUTH .      believe that .  some would argue that .. or call it just another opinion . and what fun is it if we all knew , or how could we keep on oppressing  the people and keeping them down if they really all finally come together for transformation ..  I had to erase a lot of it , maybe I am off course on this flow , is neither here nor there , though it is all same ole , connected like dots on any board .. though all of this could just be a signal of what they call A New Age .. is just too early right now .. so that is all it is .. is nothing crazy or even radical about this flow but I erased so much because it just didn't feel right to be expressing ..

#3332 Strong's Hebrew means Cast , To Pour , Flow .. verb ... trans : yatsaq          Genesis 28:18 .. 35:14 ... Exo 25:12 ... 26:37 ... 29:7 .. 36:36 .. 37:3 .. 37:13 .. 38:5 .. 38:27 ... Levi 2:1 .. 2:6 .. 8:12 .. 8:15 .. 9:9 .. 14:15 .. 14:26 .. 21:10 .. Numbers 5:15 .. Josh 7:23 .. 1 Sam 10:1 ... 2 Sam 13:9 .. 15:24 ... 1 Kings 7:16 .. and 7:24

#3332 Strong's Greek means I Change My Position , To  Remove , Depart ...   verb   trans : metairo    Matthew 13:53 .. 19:1

.. I really was lookin for that smooth song and I cant find it right now , let me keep lookin .. is same style music as the theme goin , I think they from overseas .. I will have to wait for another day to make it the song selection on here .. the video is a guy and a girl and it starts where they are in a weird lookin schoolhouse walkin up some stairs .. which when I saw it , it put me in the mind automatically right off the top how so many are exposed to different settings and around different people , which forms ways of thinkin and it just all put me in a weird state of mind .. because then I started thinkin of all the different settings I have been in and the people .. so all of life can be kinda weird if you really think about it .. like weird ole school buildings with stairs , stars if ya like .. and I , calling all angels .. and I iiiiiiiiiiii calling all angels , calling all you angels .. I wont give up if you don't give up .  U need a sign      


    Love Me Again ... J. Newman     Now I'm rising from the ground , Rising up to U and You , Filled with all the strength I've found , There's nothing I cant do .      <>   <  > t-I-m-e


         Congrats to the Colt 45's of Houston Winning the 2017 WS Title ...                

Congrats to the Lad for making it to the WS and taking it 7 games .. lots of questionable moves by them through the series ...also bad umpiring putting the up against it , esp in game 5 ... when you suffer you know it .

   Game 7 WS ...  Colt 45's 5 at 1 Lad  ...  Houston in 7  .. season ends with the dog and under combo .

Final Mlb Playoffs Contest #s I went 18 - 7 - 1 for +4905             72% clip .. ducked some serious losses ...    when they say no you cant go + or over 70% then you just show them the proof , uncut , soley becaue I was SELECT , SELECTIVE .

.. so it was a connect with what I thought was the time scripting 1:03 est at the end of post #268 .. after I clicked submit I looked and saw it said 1:02:55 pm ... so I looked at Bible Numbers For and said ooh no ..  lol       I know it is either team a or b so it is not that big of a deal in predicting ..   I will show it though below .. the key is that I showed what the # would be if I went with the Astros to win game 7 (+5630) in post 267 .. I left out what was not possible , the scenario of the Colt 45's losing bringing the 4405 # back .. again I know it was just 50 50 like I stated , like it was 5 - 0 the majority of the game ..  if it had ended on 5 - 0 that would have been crazier .

.. show the +5630 in a line with the 1:03 time stamp connect , because I can ..

#563 Salvation Is Near >  [103] Image of God : Word of God > [27} [ HOLY TRUTH ]   >>>   (3 BINDING:YOKE )  9  (3) > 3 >  2 , 1 Unity : Lord ... 1 I Am Lord I Am Life     Isa 29:24

Deut 19 ...  Psa 85 ...  Gen 22:15 ... Job 22:13 ... Matt 17:7

.. showing it because it was in a line meant to be recorded ..

.. 5630 means Armor in Hebrew .. Book of Jer 46:4 and 51:3 ... in Greek it means you have to figure it out ... lol 

.. Wifey prediction re-lived for Game 7 she told me that Darvish would not make it out of the 2nd inn and she was 100%  correct and I told her that she is just as good as the people they pay give predictions and analysis on tv with that solid prediction and that if she had the managers phone # she could have called him and saved the Lad a WS loss .. she would have started Kershaw from jump ...  no I didn't know that but she did .. how I don't know .. told you she was gifted as well .. super-nat              

 Me , Myself and I started the thread out with who I thought would win it all .. the Colt 45's .. and they did . Good for them and the state of Texas , breaking the long drought of a title . Victoria and I feel at ease ... umm  ..  lol    waiting on final placement results to record it .. I saw many players ahead of me went with the Lad the fav to drop below me .. It Shows I finished in 127th place ... Spiritual Sons .. which can make life more complicated and even intense in many windows , but after you really find it , it really isn't intense anymore .   ooh I tied with Best1Shotsss in 128th place at +4905 and 30 - 18 .. so really we tied for 127th place .. so that's cool ...  Congrats to the Mlb Playoffs Contest Winner Palgeann at +11375 units with a 42 - 20 - 1 clip ..  edged out jetfan4340 with +11135 units at 49-22 - 1 .. if it is finished updating ..

.. if I had picked 60 or 70 selections is no telling but usually is in the negative picking so many .. I should have did it on paper though just so I would know .. what song was planned all along ?

Fortunate .. Maxwell .. is how we end this groove .. and Untitled D'Angelo ... How Does It Feel ?  lol   my favorite 4 words to ask .. haha          ANOTHER 1 ? Ready For The World Baaby .. Baaby Let Me Love U ... but I don't know , if I should love U , baby .. don't laugh .        ~1~     ~1~    Angel's Luv1


.. sorry .. is 4 possible outcomes final # would be +4405 if I went with the Colt 45's and they lost ..  good news is always that it is a 50 50 chance either way , is all I can say to try and clean it up , up top .. though if Hous wins then it would look like ? that I don't even now , it was just human error .. 

.. I will be so happy either way to be able to come back tonight to Congrat the winner and the runner up ... and end this flow right here in its complete form ... to start another thread when the Spirit's beckon .. though it  can be trying to get into it in public fashion because it creates other  avenues .. so you have to be very tough to stick with it .. not wanting feedback and just let someone rocknroll and rap away is the same as any tv or radio or book communication .. in church if on Tv they would no doubt throw you out if you are disruptive to the true messages .. like 1 of the churches I grew up in I told you guys the story of how they threw the people out for making lots of noise speaking in tongues and voicing the Holy Spirit's ...because that behavior was not in line with their program .. so those gifted families high in the HS picketed the church for yrs , Grove Avenue Baptist Church , up the street from Regency Square . tight mall ..  and the movie theatre ... so for some on here to take the approach like in feedback I have received telling me I don't own this thread and all , it is the same as Grove Ave ..   choosing sides , when all along ? the real deal is really that the Holy Spirit's and God , the Creative Forces is a part of this mankind .. it will always come down to what are the most important priorities of self and business ...  so this sports forum section is about winning $$ or losing $$ ...   nothing wrong with allowing someone to flow and being mature and grown enough not to disrespect them , doesn't seem like too much to ask or to expect .

.. I do understand many believe mixing spirituality and personal faith belief systems is not a mix with sports wagering .. so I can respect that .. but at they same time if any1 is comin with higher messages and is positive I think you should show them some respect and let them do their thing .. which for the most part you guys have .. so ?Thank You and may good fortune and blessing become your reality even more ... yes Thank you .. Led Zepp .. had to get them in there ..

.. so 4 different scenarios , possible results when picking a side in any contest where only the money line is available to choose ... MAY THE BEST TEAM BE VICTORIOU , VICTORIOUS TONIGHT , FOR VICTORIA .. haha    if I was the pastor of that church would I have thrown them out > ? would I have changed the programming to letting everyone praise no matter what and let their light shine ? see that is where we are , it is always easy to look back once more evolved and grown in the Spirit of the Lord .. of course now I know the pastor was wrong .. then I wasn't mature enough to process it all .. because I didn't have the 49 yr old walk of experience finding IT .. Warner was the pastors name .. so it is just a climb or all of us in finding out what really is best .. and what is fair and what is not ... 

Thank You .. Zepp        through all the miles .. I Thank U


.. its just can be that every real cowboy loves a sad sad song .. not that it is the dominant energy or reality of any true warriors in the pre-sent ...            

.. its learning to balance all sides of being in purpose's , emotion and desires .. becoming more disciplined eventually .  we really do have a long way to go as an entire species .. when we have messengers that have many followers (tv radio books mags , newspapers , net) that push the wrong messages .. there are many that do this .  on the flip side we have many that are right in a line with the Divine of this experience .   <1>    <1>   <1> 

.. when it seems we get to cynical and worn out it is that we can find new activities to incorporate into our lives .. work out .. visit the sick in the hospitals .. anything new then we become new again , road trips .  #1 on the list though is unlocking self .

#4905 Strong's Hebrew means Maschil .. Noun Masculine ... trans : maskiyl .......  Psalms 32:1 ... 42:1 ... 44:1 ... 45:1 ... 52:1 ... 53:1 ... 54:1 ... 55:1 ... 74:1 ... 88:1 ... 89:1 ... 142:1

#4905 Strong's Greek means To Come Together ... I Come or Go With .. Accompany : I Come Together .. ASSEMBLE ...   verb ... trans : sunerchomai           Matt 1:18 ... Mark 3:20 ... Mark 14:53 ... Luke 5:15 ... 23:55 ... John 11:33 ... 18:20 ... Acts 1:6 ... 1:21 .. 2:6 .. 5:16 .. 9:39 ... 10:23 .. 10:27 ... 10:45 .. 11:12 ... 15:38 ... 16:13 ... 19:32 ... 21:16 ... 22:30 ... 25:17 ... 28:17 ... and 1 Corin 11:17-18

#140 Strong's Hebrew means Adonikam ... My Lord Has Risen ... Head of an Israelite Family ...  Masculine ... trans : adoniqam ... Ezra 2:13 ... 8:13 ... Neh 7:18     Lord of Rising ...  in our world any nationality can answer their true calling .. which is how we have made it this far as societies thriving and always getting better . ie. Trump Adm .. rising and will continue upwards on the graph of success , which ? is good news for the entire world . no matter what .. no every1 cannot have their cake and eat it too .. lol  nothing is perfect in dealing with #'s .

#140 Strong's Greek means I Choose , To Choose ...  verb ... trans : hairetizo ...    Matt 12:18 ...  Whom I have chosen , MY BELOVED ...   (we riding together)   ~!~   ~1~    ~1~     

  never have 1 single doubt that all is goin according to God's Great Plan . (if connected to higher self linked with the Creative Force's)   < show no doubt > Man in the Mirror .. MJ

.. why so sentimental .. lmao    read it like a script .. mine is jamming .. always has been no matter what .

Dream On ... Aerosmith ...  My Love Is Alive ... Gary Wright ... Dreamweaver ...  Silent Lucidity ... Queensryche ... Eye of the Tiger ... Survivor .. 1 more ? Ray of Light ... M    this list will get you through any workout .. 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 the Tree discovered   <>   right and left brain exorcised  to the top in self .

.. if I had to pick Game 7 ? funny .. lol         looks like 1:03 est


.. brining this window to a close slowly but surely 1 mega game left tonight in the City of Angels for all the marbles for the Mlb 17 World Series Title

Mlb Playoff Contest went 1 - 0 for +500 .. overall 18 - 7 - 1 for +4905 .. 140th place ... 72% clip .

Colt 45's 1 at 3 Big Blue $$ ...    series tied at 3 .. game 7 brewing

.. props to Steven T and Aerosmith bringing it home with 1 of the greatest vibrations and messages in video of all time . 's

.. So I would like to pass on it in the Contest and just enjoy it for all the holiness and sacredness it represents for the game of baseball ...      sharing more reasons is because I like both squads .. so may the best team win .

.. the Nlf Favs 10 - 3 came home to roost with the KC Chiefs winning on Mnf 29 - 19 over the Broncos ..   the fav loss su was the Bucs .. fav win no cover was Bengals and S-Hawks .. as you can see I had the Falcons -4.5 as 1 of my winners so they covered in my world , (they went up to -6.5) and Saints went to -7.5 winning by 8 .. so it played itself out to the tee , with the PROPHESY spun and weaved in week 6 on post #209 on page 10 ...   not so difficult to make it to where a plan come together perfectly dealing with a multi - multi # of games .. as is shown in METHOD , same as it has been shown many times by many of us that love sports advising and wagering . 

Baseball and all sports are reps of cornerstones for humanity . they can save your life no doubts no matter what position you may be in with the games . On a side-note , the Sam I am , ISami talk is in post # 234 with Falco and Rock Me Amadeus ..

Tell Me What It Takes .. Aerosmith ... no way we burn in paradise .. we ... we ...  wee ..  lol      _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .

answer : have evolved

Will do the # and meanings for the #4905 in next post .. for the heck or helz of it if I went or it picking the game tonight for 500 units then the # would either end on +5405 with Dodgers win (-167 odds) , +4070 if I went Blue and they lost .. or +5630 if Colt 45's win at +145 odds ...    so 3 possible scenarios on here in the Contest ...   +5405 , +4070 and +5630 .      so we are almost at a wrap .. rap .. ooh I should have come with Dream On ? funny .  lookin for the time


171st place in the Mlb Playoffs Contest after sun - night ... looks like Isa 8:18 ... might as well read the whole chapter .

LAD for Game 6           Forces , Force Game 7 .   

 funny side notes and as awesome as those ole What IF Marvel Comics .. Lad were probably good for 3 or 4 more runs if not squeezed with runners on base .. it is hard to even imagine .. though in those situations if they had scored in those frames then the whole game is different ..  past questionable was to bring Morrow in since he pitched the 2 days before .. Cin G would have been the better move .. I question the balls though .. lol like the blue and gold dot in softball .. these mfers are out there , need a new Eight Movie .. things is they are all too comfortable ..  Lad 3rd base coach ? you don't have a personal relationship with each player and FLAXATED ON THE KEY WORD IN TELLING THEM TO GO OR NOT ?  LMAO     mfers still in the buffet line ..  flaxate ?   ed ?         fixation ? loves the game and is 1 of the masters ?  flaxate is not a English discovered word yet .. lol  it is that I and we can be so into it .. I wonder why they not ?   the players are yes ..  GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!   lol    STAY !!!!!!     the G word and the S word , cant be confused ........  wtf !

Nfl Week 8 was ...  Falcons $$ 25 at 20 Jets ... Texans $$ 38 at 41 S-Hawks ..   

Amazing .. Aerosmith ..      lets check all them pockets of the ump in if all the balls are the same .. lol    who would laugh ?   so I see what Douglas says he thinks the white light is .. he better re-evaluate <<<   run away sucka !!!


Mlb Game 5 WS Contest went 0 - 1 for - 735 ... overall 17 - 7 - 1 for +4405

  Big  Blue 12 at 13 Colt 45's ...   Hous takes 3 - 2 series lead , Game 6 Tues in the Land of Angel's

Nfl Week 8 Contest went 2 - 0 for +1000 ... overall 22 - 21 - 4 for -550 

overall Sun Contest went 2 - 1 for +265   run away from the pain , yeah yeah yeah ... run away from the pain , yeah yeah yeah .. yeah !  lol      Salvation <>

.. any1 can look up the meanings of the #s but is best to look up your own .. for G's and g's sake

.. The Nfl 10 fav ats week storm really is only so valuable if playing it for $$ yesterday goin into the 4 pm est games .. was take Dallas , Tex +5.5 or +6 .. Steel Town -2.5 ..  so that's 3 - 0 .. 3 winning $$ tickets and parlays cash using those 3 selections .. so then it is 1 more left on Mnf ... Den at Kc -7 or 6.5 or a wtf ever ... so this storm could have set up already cashing lots of tickets and having the Chiefs left -6 or wt ever , again , lol .. so the do I cover it scenario which we all have had so many times if you do parlays ..   I don't know how I feel about tonight's game at Arrow Head .. in the post about this sun afternoon , what happened to the Horse's was in there .. didn't say nothing about the Chiefs though they are highlighted in the quote from week 6 ..

Jamie Got A Gun ... Aerosmith .. Jamie Is Crying .. Halen ....  I know it is Janie in 1 of them .. is Jamie though ...   < E. James >

Jesus , Jamie and Janie ... whole world can come undone .. what did her Daddy do ? What did he put you through ? Clean it up .

QUOTE Originally Posted by veronica27:

.. NFL week 6

.                                              winked ...

..  so what does that mean ?

 IT MEANS THE FAVS WILL HAVE THAT 10 WIN WEEK ATS so then they can say see , all you had to do was stick with it .. or ? it , any sport league can be taken over by parity  , talent evening out so ..      

//really dough ?  see how the undefeated 5 - 0 KC Chiefs were all a go if using honest storyline against Pitt that they were sayin was horrible team , qb and all in their talk all week on tv .. so only if a real .. umm umm umm  lol

                 .. but we all already know that already / .   /    /      /

.. it is just that the voices ,  .. whether I can see them or not .. they playin the game on a chess board thinkin they a horse ;; all along ?                    and me ? what am I in this context ? A KING

..  the 2 favs that were $$ for Week 6 so far is the Saints and Texans ..   dogs 10 - 2 ats ...   we are moving to Canada ..


.. #209 page 2 weeks ago in week 6 in the 7 oclock frame est ...

what is highlighted the 10 win ats favs week in Nfl .. so it would be that the Chiefs have to be good tonight for this to come to fruition .

.. going into the 4 pm games yesterday I did a post trying to highlight this but I couldn't find the post to quote .. I was saying how it was literally like counting cards .. if you believe .. (the storm 2 weeks ago in script)    so it was favs 7 - 2 goin into the Dall at Wash and Tex at Sea .. so I said no way it will be the  Boys that lose for that fav loss so it could  be the 1 I selected , the Texans +5.5 ...  so then it would be that Steel Town have to be good sun night .. then it is just 1 left on Mnf for the  FAV 10 win week to magically come in ..    so here we are now on Mnf , will the storm play itself out all the way and come home to roost ?

.. in yesterdays Mlb Game 5 flow the sent song selection was Return To Sender by Elvis but I erased and tried to clean it up .. and brought Flash Gordon to the party as well as I tried to bring myself and all Spirits with power to will the win ..  the game ended up being insane and bad home plate umpiring is an under-statement .. Lad were getting squeezed worse than the best lemons in the bowl .. the plan in a grift is to try and make it look off on both sides with the calls , all along it is a grift job .  Lad know it , you know it and all the G's know it .. but to really lay it all out there , like with cursing and all is just an erase it because they holding the power in the positions they have been placed in , so it is that they think they are the God's .. meanwhile it is defiling the sport  and what it was created to represent .   all of them with blindfolds on in reality .. and1 day they will be held accountable .  period <<<          lol       who is crying ? Van says Jamie and the bitc# got guns ..     what kind ? 1's that start with S and K      

.. SO I WONDER WILL THE 10 - 3 BE THE WEEK 8 PROPHESY COME TRUE <>     funny it is a division game and a td spread

Return To Sender ..  The EL  ...  address is KNOWN


Answer Key : ALL IN GOOD FUN AND _______ = ETERNAL .  (7 letters) next , In The Mood .  duh  

Nfl Sun contest starts 1 - 0 for +500 ... Falcons $$ 25 at 20 Jets .. 1 left with Texans +5.5 .. if no good I will maybe do something with the Steel town at Lions SNF extravaganza .. spell it 1 try . while Elvie is bugging me to go outside , make that a song , somehow , however you want IT .

ringing 125th place in the contest after last night .. surrounded by .. its snowing here right now and 31 degrees .. another day another dolla .   re-write .. another day make her holler .. lol      he could not resist .  haha

.. 4 hrs and counting til illustrious Game 5

LAD for Sunday to go up 3 games to 2 then on to La ..

 Clay-Ton for a repeat performance for the ages taking his time in a continuance of the postseason break on through to the other side in line with his truest fate .

.. Mlb Playoffs # will either be +5640 or +4405       Undivided Heart For God . How can we ever go wrong once we really discover our true Divine link . no question marks and no return to senders with this letter .. Hey Elvis !     Daniel 8:26 ... 12:4 and 12:9 respectfully .. sure signs of wonder .

to testify and lay down your life for truth ,   signs and symbols of sure factual evidence of a Creative Force that loves us and watches over the flock... the Greater Half .


Flash ... Queen ...   He saved every1 of  us ..  Flash a-ah He'll save every1 of us .. Flash Kershaw , Flash , Flash , Flash .. a-ah .. World Series in the 17 it was a calling .. Flash , a-ah .. King of the impossible .. He's a miracle !       my movie back then CK tonight


overall playoffs 17 - 6 - 1 for +5140   ...  left the key 1 out in script .

i sure do wonder what place i landed in now in the contest .. funny

Game 4 Ws ... Lad $$ 6 at 2 Colt 45's  .. push on total over 8 , was mistype up top ..

#514 Evildoers Lie Fallen > (2)  257 Worship is an abomination > [55] [ Resist Truth ] > (5)  11 , 5 , 3 , 2 , 1 Unity , Lord Connected to  never in doubt , or never lasting doubt , reassured ...  Isa 28:4

Deut 12 ... Psa 36 ... Gen 20:18 ... Job 21:28 ... Matt 15:25

#5140 Strong's Hebrew means Flow ... trickle , drop , distill ... verb ... trans : nazal     Exo 15:8 ... Num 24:7 ... Deut 32:2 ... Judges 5:5 ... Job 36:28 ... Psa 78:16 ... 78:44 ... 147:18 ... Prov 5:15 ... Songs 4:15-16 ... Isa 44:3 ... 45:8 ... 48:21 ... Jer 9:18 ... 18:14

#5140 Strong's Greek means Three ...   adj ... trans : treis and tria ...  Matt 12:40 ... 13:33 ... 15:32 ... 17:4 .. 18:16 ... 18:20 .. 26:61 .. 27:40 .. 27:63 .. Mark 8:2 ... 8:31 .. 9:5 .. 9:31 ... 10:34 ... 14:58 ... 15:29 ... Luke 1:56 ... 2:46 .. 4:25 ..  9:33 .. 10:36 ... 11:5

Alone ... Heart ... on the playlist .. hot     lol       ~~     for-get the time on this 1 ...

.. so now we see Kiss with all that makeup in a different light now right , more in the sent Angels cat .. though so many of us knew that back in the 70's .. all we had to do was open up our true selves and all the q's answered themselves by simply being themselves .  However ? funny      its pure pureness now if you play it , if open to what is real .   ooh if U _ _   _ _ _  _ _ _ d . lol

... mood mood , mood , nothing dirty . Beth what can i do ..


Mlb Game 4 WS Contest went 1 - 0 1 for +500 ... overall 17 - 6 - for +5140

WS Game 4      Lad $$ 6 at 1 Colt 45's .. series tied at 2 .. big 9th inn for Big Blue .      retitle : Big Blue vs Colt 45's

overall Sat Contest went 2 - 0 1 for +1000 Tribe : The Bride of the Bridegroom > 500 Anointed One > (2)  250 Devouring Fire > 2 division separated) 125 Surrounding Protection , 125 Multitude of Holy Angels > 25 , 5 , 3 , 2 , 1   Unity : Lord , I Am Lord I Am Life ... Isa 49:18

#1000 ... Ruth 2 ... Job 3 ... Gen 34:19 ... Job 40:5 ... Matt 27:15

.. they had it on the 7 asterisk but a 2 out hr from Hous in the 9th .. gate ? no .. if it was 7 I was led to script why not tae the under 8 or under 8.5 ? i was in freeflow .. was not in my control .. was close enough , Lad won . when i looked at it after it scripted it was that i was under the impression the Lad would score 7 runs .. thing is cant q freeflow .. just let it go .. hit some and miss some .. never would think a true 1 was a miss though if you surrender and let go .. it is that you actually have to release yourself over to the Greater .. not just copying or letting programmed info be the greater part of you .. talkin a pure freeflow .. many ways work , am not knocking using others info and stats .. it is that you cant be discouraged and you work at it .. never let doubt creep in . which is what the feedback i get sometimes seems to signal , why that part exists in here is ? like the selling your soul to the Devil topic .. bought and payed for though i totally dig that there is nothing fair in love and war .. where $$ is parted from thy see.sea .. lmao i could not resist , should i go again ? i am likin the lil i's they not cappin themselves lately .. I I I think i love U .. lol

.. the Mlb playoffs # was lookin at +4590 if the total had feel short instead of the push at 8 runs .. Shem Son of Noah .. Luke 3:36 .. Hebrew def  is Priest's . 1 Chron 24:18 and Neh 10:8 .. show #5140 in Hebrew and Greek in another post , separate .  approaching the midnight hr on the East Coast .. 2 more min ... i will go into a trance .. now can I     i will vibe in the 12 and see what the sec hand says ... i don't cheat .. i know 60 is not that big a # .. lets add Love Song .. Tesla  

.. I wasn't sayin i sold my soul to the Devil  , i was makin the right eye ref-e-re-e-n-c-e    lmao   L for Lord M Make A dem Apples O soo Good n Juicy ... haha    all in good fun and _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .

answer :

More Than Words ... Extreme ...   they must have gotten to me at the right time ...


Survivor Play was stone cold hard $$ with Va Tech in Ncaaf

Mlb Game 4 went            overall         is tied 1 - 1 in the 7th , these guys forgot how to swing it .. twilight zone for me total wise . forgive the ramble its the moon's fault .. going to the 8th

Ncaaf Contest went 1 - 0 for +500 .. overall 1 - 0 for +500

 Duke 3 at 24 Va Tech $$       Wifey V predicted they would win by 21 ..  so she was locked in ? in her words just now , I predicted they would win by 21 , how awesome .  but it was my lone selection , she kept talkin about the Tenn at Ky game .. umm ? lol i am being the Snickers its the Moon .  (that is not in jest , is fact)

.. in the 2nd para - g in post #257 .. I didn't mean for it to read and study everything left by others and OUT it .. lol   however (which ? is refreshing to use that word) that is 1 form of discovery that is actually many forms .. same as everything in dealing with this dualistic nature we landed in .. so what word did I or Is or It mean for me to use right there instead of the out word ? hold on .. i am so longing to use the how-ever word again .. lol    so what song from that then Luv ? Back to Life ! lol         ooh , PUT IT ALL TOGETHER .. it was an o instead of a p right there .. pretty simple huh .. and better than that however in this storm ? the o is right beside the p .. always ..  lol        and then what does he say like he was born for it ?  I Love It When A Plan Comes Together .. Hannibal .. The A Team .. Amen Brotha Amen .. wow its only 9:57 , i am bopycotting watching the pitch track for Game 4 .. why Jun Bug ? cause i cant take it .. if they did it last night and have done it more than #s realize .. then why take the bait ? i see they not scoring though , which ? however is it typical in however do you want it ?  lol   see that's some Chinese right there .. i love the flame on the Wok .. i walk on fire too ?  not ! i would though , i think I could block out the pain with lots of practice .. talkin hot coals .. like a bar-b-que blue eyed baby boy while he is singing baby baby blue rock me baby baby blue .. Rock Me Amadeus , make me forget there ever was such a thing as pain ...  

.. see now what is that ? that is 49 yrs 5 mon of music , folded pages in dusty covered books with as much tv and movie programming that I could win a tv and movie trivial pursuit match with the baddest of them ..  now you pause .. and then comes , in a tent , pause , in the woods .. pause .. in 100 degree weather when we been holdin it .. talkin about salvation ? Good Lord ..   lol  how does that read ?  ooh it sucks .. ? right .. only in actual reality  if you doing it does it not suck .. with a hot 1 .. that is the sig for this post ..   < With A Hot 1 >

.. i just watched a video titled The Esoteric Meaning Of The Ninth Gate .. and I just more than know so i have to wonder how and why so many piggyback off concepts that are .. umm  lol    actual imagination of mankind milked over and over .. though some things are authentic links and connections .. like why I quote the Bible .. and remain open at the same time .  my doors are open , make that a sig in your best love letter to the 1 you love . lol    my doors are open so come on in and dine awhile . see no way that's nit already taken , probably by some1 like the guy who sang Spill that Wine ..   Eric Burdon and War      ~1~     why ? so i can clean it off of you showing that true chivalry , i get you a towel , what color is the towel ? anyting you want .. lol    playin

                                                                   With A Hot 1 .. no hashtag , 4 separate words , no a number is in there ? right .. i just like With A Hot 1 as much as you really do as well . long pauses .. i should have just signed it and that was it .. ahh ,what ? yousold your soul playa ?> right .. lol     when they play coy , they utter what does that even mean , no what do you mean Gene ? Lick it up , Lick it up , ahhh ahhh oooohhh !!!  Lick it up , Lick it up , ahhhh ahhhhh  ooohhhh  !  .. haha   bows to Kiss

Lick It Up .. Kiss  ... Det Rock City .. Beth .. I'll be right there for eternity with U .. never again will we have to worry about our own flesh and blood .. free she hollered from her single bed beside mine in  our eternal abode in the Luv Zone ..  U better be ready Lover .   <<>> marks our spot      metaphorical_1   ooh my bad , Heaven's On Fire as the 4th selection , go for 5 , FOREVER .. wow guys , how much better did society used to feel ? lol           its forever , this time I know it ..  gotta be , with me Baaby ?


LOL     that was actually meant to be a compliment about candy in machines .. when i re-read it i see hwo it can be taken as cheap .. when all along for some of us purer 1's a fresh in shape stroll to the vending machines can feel and be like Heaven on Earth , if hungry and loves sweets and goodies .. lol    I know I sure do .. like think of it as the special lil things you do when you first get together with that in love mate .. it is that everything feels and looks brighter all around you .. I can remember how special it was goin to the snack machines in hotels in early stages of our relationship .. it was the greatest experience ever trying to agree on what to buy out of the machines .. so when you read that line that seems to strip the true sent G-ness ? it is that life really is and should be all about the personal , not biz like they f'd it up doing ... (for so many) so it is not in a business way of lookin at it , if some1 thinks of me as sweet as candy and delicious ? then i would have to take that as a serious blessing .. cause it could be the opp so easily .. so candy is a symbol and a ref of truly Divine Nature .. not in trying to reduce as nothing special .. you never know how good candy and soda can taste and feel to your being until you no longer can taste .. or if in a position in life where you cant get it or that you jus take everythingthiugn for granted .. i leave the crazy word ..  lol     everything >      so we should realize than in a world with a minimal # of letters created for us to be able to communicate that even the best of adoration in feeling in what is meant to compliment can be looked at as insults .. so if I was a candy what would they call it ?  you already know .. lol    I love candy I cant deny ...     so when it is a world of don't we all ? then we become more in line with The All .

.. so to try and find the mark .. it is that we as a people , want to be able to re-create that (showless) shoeless barefoot in a swimsuit walk with the 1's we love most to the hotel vending machines change in hand .. lol   and feel like it is such a blessing and as sacred as our last day on Earth ..  easier said than done ? you have to be poor to actually feel like this ?  probably ..  hmm n umm .. no way baseball is in sync with .. what happened last yr ? Cubs over the Indians in 7 games  .. Royals over Mets yr before .. G-Men was in there a lot .. now Lad and Colt's broke through .. now they got me out there .. not sweating it though .. in how i came across they could say don't watch , no one is forcing you to watch the game , the pitch track .. and to that i would reply , True .. maybe I watch with 3d glasses on .. but they say we are in 3d already .. umm ..  how bout that walk to the vending machines ? i hear they have some real mutha f'n fresh new ice in the machines ... ?  retake .. how about that walk through the lobby to the machines , i got lots of change goin on .. maybe we can try the New Milky Way ?   buzzer !   clock read ?  4:25 est    hope that means something good .  now it hit 4:26 on me    60 sec is a bitc## should be more like , drew a blank .. in Scrabble that is a blessing .. now time is flying on me .. using that blessing word was just stupid right there .. not if you wanna win the game .. now it is 4:27 .. its flying on me .. i do practice walking without using my bug eyes .. lmao   and ? i do very well .   more like the mind of you know who last name starts with a C   .. now its 4:28 est .. so maybe we should not be so serious .. though it is meant for the people's of this Earth to find and know the truth ..  so we have a serious prob and incomplete goin on constantly .. they not getting the real truth ..  so it is hard for me to just submit .

U R My Everything .. Surface and Regina Bell .. rings it .. it never stops , once you realized it .      I think I am the Snickers Bar .. yes i remember  just like yesterday the Reggie Jackson bar came out in 7/11 .. lol



World Series Game 4

Lad and over 8

.. lets be clear so it doesn't look like I am just crying .. man senses and brain faculties and tech is 2 different CATEGORIES .. so while we have argued with drink machines , vending machines not getting our payed for grub .. lol  it is literally a big diff trying to argue with an actual high caliber pitch track vs random dudes placed in judge roles , (hired for $$ as a key to the system) lol  in a sport ..   though i have always desired to boast the officiating if they were consistent .. deam-in-g those chosen as gods behind the plate ..   T

.. when you can look at video slowed down to make the right calls ? this is evolution of a sport .. same as they do the vending machines when they add the different flava M'M's ..    so I  commend the League's for adding a correction system in being able to review the replay to make  the proper and correct call in many situations ..  in the meantime the sport of baseball , esp in postseason play where each pitch is like a casting call for the best picture of the century .. picture , not pitcher .. lol   each and every pitch is actually more than gold and silver for Vintage History

  in what it will shape and mold the results of the game to be .. final score ..   so WHY SHOW THE PITCH TRACK IF IT IS CONSTANLY GONAN SHOW THE UMP IS CALLING STIKES WHEN THE BALL IS OUTSIDE OF THE BOX ?     is it because no one  really cares because you are all already paid and well off already so you are under an illusion - o- us spell .. it really is U O US .. why you bsing ..         a sold out time .. how many periods in history are like this ?    one day you will be retired living in Hawaii laughing at all those that weren't in the inner circles .. meanwhile we doing just fine no matter where we may be ..     I will type slower ,

W - H - Y    S - H - O - W >>> A PITCHTRACK ? to rile up the fans ? is this like a straight shot of shitt# tastin liquid that darn## your head up so you say wow that's good ? shakes head wishin we was in another time period ..       today they just lock you up and create a crazy story about you if not a licensed executioner .. you have to have a license .. how I made it this long I don't know .


okay .. when I passed on game 2 it showed I stayed in 127th place .. after last nights grifted loss it shows I am in 170th place ..

.. so what do the elites think the ALL SEEING EYE TRULY IS ? and do they feel so secure about their inescapable checkout date ? lmao .. them tvs done warped your brains ..  TIME TO WAKE UP TO YOUR TRUE CALLING <><>      a reprogram

... Dear , Love is Blind means that your heart is open and affectionate to where it is on auto pilot with all embodied powerful spirits and the very nature of the Creative Forces is you , is alove , alive in you , almost like engraved in stone .. to where you don't have to use your eyes so much .. so love is blind .. on the opp of the spectrum it can be for so many that they become blinded by the lights , the artificial ones .. not sayin nothing good is accomplished by those lights .. it is just that love is blind is not so judgemental as it is open to transform all in its path ..  though as always there is exceptions to the rule on what is meant to be transformed and what is actually not .. it is all a stage and seasons thing  for this species same as nature ..  they may come back 10 yrs later and say I am so sorry I didn't believe you .. so many times it is that we have to wait .. love is blind in that imagine we did not have the use of the faculty of 2 eyes on our face .. really think about this and play this reality out .. as a species we would have to judge others using our other senses .. but literally there would be an evolution of mankind in social conditions , in racism , just judging based on the physical would be reduced greatly .. self esteem and self - worth would have to be reevaluated and re-written for what this hr glass life really could or should be about .. yes there are plenty of actual blind people .. and their lives are nothing close to what ours is .. so think about it .. for what we are really worth in a cosmos reflection .. constellation reflections .. yes life as we know it would be nothing like it is now ..  so are we using our GodGiven Eyes as a blessing or to demean , lessen and devalue others , turn away from the Creative Forces and try and play God , just because you were given the gift of the senses and have the eyes , you are the God now ?   I'll wait .. umm   God of what ?

.. the concept of is their the Supreme Godhead above us in being as our Creator or are we tiny versions and replicas of simply Nature . or of God .. there are many ways to play semantics with this topic ..   it is that we have to have personal experiences and study everything left by others and out it all together and come to the greatest most likely truth's , conclusions .. when the greatest factor many use is they were influenced by others ? then most of the time it is that you are basic sheep and a flower , a follower instead of really being 1 of those that has actually been shown .. though shown to you maybe I disagree on your basis for how you have formed your belief system ..  most are born into a belief system all dependent on what family they are born into .. so we must really analyze that .. and it is not that Christianity is not connected to the All and actually all meant to be for this species ..other religions as well .. all creating a path to live more righteously and creating more of the chance for success of this creation .. but you would say you could do that all by yourself , and time will just go by never knowing the diff .. and eventually you die ..  pass on ... but what can be key is how powered up you are with the actual truth as opposed to lies to allow the creation to function better ..   so a bottom line can be , if trying to be open and humble , soo what do we really know ? by our own personal experiences ???  not by listening to someone else ..  is a bio diff .. lol  is a big diff ..    Is lookin for a 300 Song ..

.. never forget these words , for each generation is chosen to climb higher than the last ..  don't ever believe we are meant to be torn down as a people .

Wolf Scene ... 300 Movie ... he would return to his people a Spartan ..  


 .. note to self , lol   if the pitch track shows the ball is not inside the strike box square then it is therefore rendered mf , rendered  A BALL .. not a strike to f the hitters head all up and doom the at bat .. lol from Hades Bitc## playin     break the spell of illusions > right eye             I know they wont overall , is in season to orchestrate ..  though why not just get rid of the pitch track altogether ..   how could anyone say pitch trick , is a track right ? now this mf fly is flying  around me right now which is what I will turn all you dishonest f'ks into the net go round ..  what else could the fly be a symbol of at this exact time ? its not me that is the fly .. its you mfers <<<

  balls we call strikes , in bowling helz did that 10 pin really fall down ?   ahh wait , let me check , its subjective Jeb and Jeth .. didn't you know that , its not like being out of bounds in other sports , its subjective .. all on the 1 man behind the plate to call it good or to f the hitters ..  I have a serious prob with it , why show the pitch track to begin with ???  notice I refrained from sayin Houston We Have A Problem .. tonight they should though if the Lad wake up ..

#464 does read Lost Soul using 1 ref and I did state in post #253 that IT MAY NOT BE THAT I CAN SHOW YOU WITH YOUR 2 EYES WHAT THE CREATVE FORCES WOULD LIKE TO SHARE WITH THIS BREED IN SPECIES .. those 2 words lost soul though says IT ALL <<<  period !!! from what I know and have been shown .. so really it doesn't matter what anyone would or could say in response to this live connected to it all stream .. though they try or would try and deny , why I don't know .

#4640 Strong's Hebrew means Maasai .. Maasay : "Work of Yah, " an Israelite ...   Noun Masculine .. trans : Maasay    1 Chron 9:12

.. Massai People of Africa .. google them and examine their ways of life and compare .. examine the true struggle  <<<>>>       a peek at the tribes listed and where people land today , descending from back then .. our people are truly blind to the true struggles of the people's of this world that are actually their blood relatives .. doesn't matter if blood though, all children of God , the same Creative Forces  .  is too easy to push rhetoric and blind yourself as well as the world .  they do it on a regular almost as an actual art form in itself .. why ? they biding time ..

#4640 Strong's Greek means I Leap for joy , Skip , Bound ..  To Leap ..  Verb ... trans : skirtao    Luke 1:41 ... 1:44 ... 6:23     sympathetically move(as the quickening of a fetus)

.. so what do the people inherit in each country all around the world ? from God and the Creative Forces as well as from man .. where are the real sent teachers to set them on a path of blessings ..

I know I didn't include a song fro vibration in the post above .. it is that they have to create their own vibrations of confidence .. why and how game 3 went like it did was .. will go down in my bloopers files .. just f'n sorry all the way around when lookin for the 9th gate .. lol  I mean run ..   


Fri Mlb Playoffs Contest went 0 - 1 for -550 ... overall 16 - 6 for +4640

Game 3 ...Lad 3 at 5 Colt 45's over 8.5 x ...  Hous up 2 - 1 in the series

^^^^^^^ Game 4 I went with the Lad and over 8 .. those were meant to be asterisk .. lol  why change it . *******  looking for 2 -  0 for +1000 ... overall 18 - 6 for +5640 .  


.. the o/u line was 8 in game 3 at many places , if I would have been able to get 8 on Covers then it would have been a push .. to turn the rec into 16 - 5 - 1 ..   (13) 127 Spiritual Sons .. but it was meant to show Maasai Tribes in Africa .

.. so if I would have followed the flow then the # would be at +6190 , or just going with the fav Colt 45's the last 2 games .. instead I did overthink it like I stated in the post above .. but it was that I felt the Lad had a very good chance to win .. so I also liked the over but it was like a bad pinball machine in how they choked only producing 8 runs .. also the pitch track was showing ball after ball the ump was calling for strikes .. like they were squeezing them and the announcers never even mentioned it , like the wtf ever is grooving this series to go to Hous , because of the storyline ..  and it can be they are under a spell because they feel good intentions is involved , though is crooked as helz gate in that they helping the pitcher look like Cy Young instead of calling it a fuckin## ball which it is instead the assholzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz is calling the pitches strikes .. so any pitcher when that is going on can pitch scoreless innings ... f'n azzholes in the flesh are these crooke# f'ks ..    umm , that was a ball , no he calledit a strike , ooh , well lets not pay attention to it because we are all having so much fun under this spell cast over us .. League needs electronic home plate umpires ..   but this is not good to put into the heads of a team that is pressing or down .. because you cant fight the powers that be in flesh when they crooked , they already have their assignment on how to call it ..  I think they should literally burn in HELZ <<<     

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