Listing Las Vegas: An overview of the best steakhouses in Sin City

Dec 2, 2017 |
Listing Las Vegas: An overview of the best steakhouses in Sin City
At Tom Colicchio's Heritage Steak the service, quality, and variety of the menu are as good as you’ll find in Las Vegas.
At Tom Colicchio's Heritage Steak the service, quality, and variety of the menu are as good as you’ll find in Las Vegas.

I’m asked about great steakhouses in Las Vegas almost as often as the best sportsbooks. Writing for Covers is a great platform since I can offer a lot of answers for you at once. It's much easier than squeezing the information into a tweet.

It’s no secret that I love a great steak - I was part of a monthly steak club before moving to Las Vegas. What’s better than a winning day at a Las Vegas sportsbook, followed by a big steak dinner that's covered by everyone's winnings?

Before moving to Las Vegas I never imagined another city could rival New York for the sheer number of great steakhouses. There have always been great steakhouses in Las Vegas, however, the boom of the early 2010’s turned Las Vegas into a mecca for great hi-end steakhouses.

It’s a tough job trying all the steakhouses but I’ve made that a goal. I’ll never visit 100% of them but I’ve been to almost every restaurant that I’ve wanted to try. I will continue exploring and see if anyone can bump one of my favorites. Again, someone's gotta do it!

Here are some of my favorite steakhouses in Las Vegas:

Best of the best

These four steakhouses are always at the top of the list when I’m asked for a recommendation. I’ve been to most of the steakhouses listed here multiple times, but I’ve been to Heritage more than any other since it opened in 2013.

Everything is cooked over a wood-fired grill which gives the food a unique flavor. The service, quality, and variety of the menu are as good as you’ll find in Las Vegas.

Tom Colicchio's Heritage Steak (The Mirage) - I'm a NY Strip guy but the filet mignon is their specialty and that’s what I order. Don't be afraid to explore the menu. Someone recommended the quail appetizer and it was fantastic. It was also memorable.

SW (Wynn) - This is now a classic steakhouse in Las Vegas. The bread is good enough to fill up on. The steak and service are always top notch, as you'd expect at a Wynn property. If there's a downside, it's that the restaurant is so busy that even reservations may have to wait.

Stripsteak (Mandalay Bay) - This is another steakhouse with a wood-fired grill that I love. Every type of steak I’ve had here is great. They swap bread service for French fries. This is a strange but awesome replacement.

Prime (Bellagio) - Bellagio feels like old money and so does its steakhouse. Like everyone else in the Best of the Best section, the steak and service are great. What makes this restaurant special is the view of the Bellagio fountains. You can’t reserve patio seating outside on the lake but you should definitely wait for the view. It's as romantic as a steak dinner gets.

Best Downtown: Andiamo (The D)
The steakhouse has an old-school vibe but feels modern at the same time. You’ll pay a little less than strip prices for equivalent service and an excellent steak.

Best Chain: Del Frisco's (Paradise in between Westgate and Hard Rock)
Chain restaurants can be hit and miss. I tend to avoid these places but have visited a few over the years. This might be Del Frisco's best location in the country. It's one of the better steakhouses in Las Vegas too.

Old School Steakhouse: Golden Steer (Next to Lucky Dragon on Sahara)
When you walk into this steakhouse and you expect to see Frank or Dean hanging out at the bar. It’s an old Vegas atmosphere that you won’t find at many restaurants in Las Vegas today. You might find a better steak in town but you won’t find this kind of vibe.

Best Off-Strip Casino: Anthony’s (M Resort)
M Resort is a beautiful casino but I only visit a couple times a year because it’s beyond anywhere I visit regularly. Use this steakhouse as an excuse to visit the casino itself. Anthony’s is a modern steakhouse with great food. The menu should explain how massive and amazing the tater tots are. These can be a meal in their own right.

Non-Steakhouse on the Strip: Blue Ribbon (Cosmopolitan)
This modern American restaurant has a dish for just about every kind of meat. They do have a small focus on oysters and steak. I recently had the NY Strip and am still blown away. The small 12-ounce strip is small for the price (they're usually 16 ounces) but was so good that it was worth every penny.

Non-Steakhouse off the Strip: Triple George (across from Downtown Grand)
The restaurant is fashioned as an all-American grill with a wide array of classic dishes. This is a low key restaurant where you won’t feel out of place in casual wear. As with most grills, steak is a featured menu item. Prices are often lower than you'll pay in a casino, which is a nice treat for such good food

Value Steakhouse On The Vegas Strip: The Steakhouse (Circus Circus)
This is one of the most famous steakhouses in Las Vegas. The steak is good but not the best in town. However, I get why so many people love this place. The experience is totally vintage Vegas. You won’t find a better value steak on the Vegas Strip. Take some snaps of the open grill right in the middle of the restaurant.

Best Steak Value In Las Vegas: Herbs & Rye Happy Hour (Sahara and Valley View)
I’ve written about Herbs & Rye before but I have to mention it again. The half-priced steak (and side) at Happy Hour is the best deal you’ll find in Las Vegas. If you’re in the mood to explore some new booze, you can dip into the savings for a fancy cocktail. The Sazerac might change your (drinking) life.

Old Reliable Steakhouse: Delmonico (The Venetian)
I’ve probably been to Delmonico more than any other steakhouse in Las Vegas. The steak is always on point. The service is fantastic and really what makes this a great place to visit. Delmonico is a great option if you’re with a large party. The staff makes a table of 12 dudes feel like a chill dinner for four.

Unique Meat Meal: Bazaar (SLS)
This is billed as a steakhouse but it really isn’t. Jose Andres provides a massive menu with more options (meat and otherwise) than you can handle. There are so many things to choose from that making a single selection can be intimidating. I recommend asking the waiter or waitress to make a tasting menu. It's a great restaurant but pricey and I only recommend this if you’re looking for a non-traditional dinner that involves steak.

On the radar: Cut (Palazzo), Craftsteak (MGM Grand), Jean-Georges (Aria)
The search for the best steak in Las Vegas never ends. I’ve been to Cut but never the other two. I will visit Jean-Georges sooner than later and really want to give Cut another chance. My experience there a couple years ago was less than stellar. I’ve been told that Craftsteak is one of the best in Las Vegas but rarely find myself with plans in the area. Soon enough!

There are way more steakhouse options that are suitable for a mood or visit. For example, I just found out that I may be visiting Strip House at Planet Hollywood once again. It’s a fine steakhouse but not as good as the New York City location. However, it will be convenient after I’m done Dancing on the Ceiling with Lionel Richie.

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