Sports Betting 101 - Learn to Bet

Sports Betting 101 Tips

  • True Grading System ensures fairness
    Covers Experts' True Grading System ensures customers the most accurate grading for plays no matter when you buy them.
  • Covers Experts Guarantee
    The Covers Experts guarantee is simple and hassle-free: If you don't win your bets, you don't pay for your plays.
  • Why pros parlay for profit
    A myth surrounding pro gamblers is that we don't parlay, but a more accurate assessment would be that we don't parlay often.

Football Betting 101

Basketball Betting 101

  • How to bet pro basketball
    It doesn’t matter that the NBA is the hardest sport to beat next to the NFL. We’re still going to bet pro hoops, so lets do it right.
  • How to bet college basketball
    Keep these rules in mind when betting the green and you’ll see a return on your investment in college basketball.
  • Handicapping NBA injuries
    Many bettors really don’t care about earning a long term profit. They like to have some action on games as a form of excitement.

Baseball Betting 101

  • How to bet baseball
    Baseball doesn’t get the attention of the faster-paced sports such as football or basketball, but it shouldn't be overlooked.
  • Early season baseball betting
    With 2,430 games being played during the span of a season, there is no reason to let it all out early in the year.
  • Baseball 101: Five golden rules
    Moneyline sports can do a number on your bankroll and baseball is no exception. Here's help to keep your head above water.

More Sports Betting 101

  • NHL betting overlooked
    Hockey may not be that attractive to you as a sport but don’t ever forget that Sports Gaming is all about winning money.
  • How to bet soccer
    We are often asked whether the point spread is a smarter play than the money line in soccer. We examine both.
  • How to bet NASCAR
    Like it or not, NASCAR’s popularity has continued to grow ever since FOX and NBC took over the television broadcasting rights.

Betting 101 Tools

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