NFL Power Rankings: Week 17

By Matt Fargo - Covers Expert

The Seahawks head into the final week of the regular season as the No. 1 team. The rest of the league's elite teams also held serve as there wasn't much movement in the Top 10. Find out where your favorite team sits in our latest NFL Power Rankings.

NFL Power Rankings

Current Rank Last Week Change Team W-L-T
Power Rating Team Comments
1 1 same 12-3-0
-7.25 Seattle
The Seahawks, Broncos and 49ers were my top three teams in my preseason ranking. All three have lived up to expectations, and no one from the 'pack' has improved enough to pass 'em.
2 2 same 12-3-0
-7 Denver
The questions about Denver's leaky defense aren't going away any time soon now that Von Miller has torn his ACL; something that can only weaken their pass defense.
3 3 same 11-4-0
-6 San Francisco
The fact that the 49ers needed a game saving 89 yard NaVorro Bowman interception return touchdown just to beat lowly Atlanta doesn't inspire tremendous confidence in this squad.
4 4 same 11-4-0
-5 New England
The Pats were a -6 in these ratings, ranked #5 in my first preseason numbers. For all the trials and tribulations of the campaign, this team has lived up to expectations.
5 5 same 11-4-0
-4.5 Carolina
Cam Newton's career defining TD drive to beat the Saints last Sunday overshadowed the fact that the Panthers offense was completely stymied for the first 59 minutes.
6 6 same 10-5-0
-4.25 New Orleans
All of a sudden, the Saints have lost three of their last four, scoring 16 or less each time; in danger of missing the playoffs if they can't beat the Bucs on Sunday.
7 7 same 10-5-0
-4 Cincinnati
The Seahawks and Saints are widely considered to have the top two homefield edges in the NFL. For 2013, the Bengals must be included in that group; hanging 40+ for the 4th straight time.
8 8 same 10-5-0
-3.5 Arizona
I had Arizona ranked #8 last week as well, far above 'mainstream' power rankings. That rank proved justified after the Cards won in Seattle despite four Carson Palmer INT's.
9 10 up 1 9-6-0
-3 Philadelphia
Chip Kelly certainly didn't consider the Eagles game vs. Chicago last week a 'meaningless' contest, even though it didn't help their playoff positioning in any way.
10 9 down 1 11-4-0
-2.25 Kansas City
Looking for a 'signature' win from KC this season? You'll have to look hard! Their only wins against opponents with winning records came in Weeks 2 and 3 against Philly and Dallas.
11 15 up 4 10-5-0
-2 Indianapolis
There's no questioning Indy's resume, the only team in the NFL with SU wins against four of my top ten teams this year (Seattle, SF, Denver and KC).
12 13 up 1 8-7-0
-1.5 San Diego
All of a sudden, San Diego is the hottest team in the AFC West, reeling off four wins in their last five games, the lone loss coming in a competitive affair vs. Cincinnati.
13 11 down 2 8-7-0
-1.25 Chicago
The Bears complete no-show at Philly with a chance to clinch their division tells us clearly that it wasn't all Lovie Smith's fault.
14 18 up 4 7-8-0
-1 Pittsburgh
Incredibly, despite their 0-4 start, an offensive line that was truly bottom tier and an aging, suspect defense, Mike Tomlin has kept this squad in playoff contention right into Week 17.
15 17 up 2 8-7-0
-0.5 Dallas
The Cowboys have been in eight games decided by less than a TD this year. In true 'Cowboys mediocrity' fashion, they've gone 4-4 SU, 5-3 ATS in those contests.
16 14 down 2 8-7-0
0 Miami
If Miami doesn't make the playoffs, they can look at one single statistic to explain why: the 58 sacks Ryan Tannehill has taken, eleven more than any QB in the league this year.
17 16 down 1 8-7-0
0.5 Baltimore
The Ravens haven't beaten many good teams in 2013. Their three 'signature' wins came against Cinci, Pittsburgh and Miami, all by a field goal or less in 'coin-flip' type games.
18 12 down 6 7-8-0
1 Detroit
Of the 31 coaches that still have their jobs (Houston's Gary Kubiak has already been fired), Detroit's Jim Schwartz is probably the least likely to return next year.
19 19 same 7-8-0
1.5 St. Louis
Since their 3-6 start, Jeff Fisher's squad has gone 4-2, beating Chicago, Indy and New Orleans in the process. Both losses came against elites: SF and Arizona.
20 20 same 6-9-0
2 Tennessee
I don't blame the Titans losing season on Mike Munchak, but reports have him 'very interested' in the Penn State job that isn't open yet.
21 24 up 3 6-9-0
3.25 N.Y. Giants
The Giants finally ran into a team scuffling more than them. Former Arena Football League star Will Hill's pick six turned around what had been an ugly second half at Detroit.
22 25 up 3 6-9-0
3.5 Buffalo
There has been significant 'wiseguy' support for the Bills here in Las Vegas in each of the last two weeks. Sharp bettors cashed in riding Buffalo's first two game winning streak of the year.
23 26 up 3 7-8-0
3.75 N.Y. Jets
Money poured in on the Jets Under 6.5 wins all summer long; a great result for the sportsbooks when New York won their seventh game against the downtrodden Browns last Sunday.
24 21 down 3 7-7-1
4 Green Bay
No team took a bigger tumble in my power rankings due to a single injury than the Packers. They were a top five team before Aaron Rodgers got hurt; just 1-7 ATS since!
25 22 down 3 4-11-0
4.25 Tampa Bay
Bobby Rainey has been the Bucs leading rusher in each of their last six games. The bad news is that Rainey has failed to gain 40 yards on the ground three times in the last five weeks.
26 23 down 3 4-10-1
4.5 Minnesota
After throwing for 382 yards and a pair of TD's against Philly two weeks ago, QB Matt Cassel was just 13-27 for 114 yard with three picks in the Vikings ugly loss at Cinci.
27 27 same 4-11-0
5 Atlanta
I'll give Atlanta some credit. Not many underachieving teams turn out to be pointspread juggernauts in December, but the Falcons are 4-1 ATS in their last five games.
28 28 same 4-11-0
5.5 Jacksonville
Through the first eight weeks, the Jaguars rivaled the winless 2008 Lions as the 'worst team in modern NFL history'. Since that time, they're 4-3 SU, with only one loss by more than a TD.
29 29 same 4-11-0
6 Cleveland
The vaunted Cleveland defense that made stat-heads swoon over the first half of the season allowed the lowly Jets offense to convert a whopping 12 third down tries in another ugly loss.
30 30 same 4-11-0
6.5 Oakland
It's another late season debacle in Oakland, after Terrelle Pryor's agent went ballistic on Dennis Allen and the coaching staff. Al Davis might be gone, but the dysfunctionality remains.
31 31 same 3-12-0
7 Washington
All Washington needed was a 4th and goal stop from the 10 yard line and they could finally feel good about themselves for a week. In typical Redskins fashion, they couldn't get that stop.
32 32 same 2-13-0
7.5 Houston
How bad has this season been for the Texans? I had them ranked #6 in the NFL in my preseason rankings and #5 after Week 2. They haven't won since.

Power Ratings compute offensive and defensive statistics into one number for each team, while accounting for factors like recent performances and strength of schedule. Power Ratings can be used as a baseline for relative spread index to compare current or future match-ups between two teams. The relative spread does not account for non-statistical factors like home-field advantage, recent injuries, game time decisions, rivalries, publicity, and weather.