can bitcoins be the future of sports gamlbing?

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superwerewolf PM superwerewolf
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Posted: 2/18/2013 2:27:07 AM
been playin at some btc gambling sites for bout a year , very skeptical in the beginning ,but so far so good,but things can change in a hurry with this industry who knows, any how the sites are pretty average at best, the main draw is funding , if u know ur way around btc it will be as easy as netteller.i can deposit and withdraw on the same day.(average tranaction time 1 hour 30min)both ways.  if ur new to btc, its gonna take some feels like this is where online gambling is heading towards ,until the laws change  i guess.   cheers.
Super_Dave PM Super_Dave
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Posted: 2/22/2013 1:32:03 AM
I don't understand what this is. Is it like Neteller where you deposit from your bank account and then withdraw back to your bank account?

Also, can't find any sportsbooks that are accepting this deposit method. Do you know of any?

Thanks in advance.
joeywelsh PM joeywelsh
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Posted: 2/22/2013 10:19:27 PM

agree with dave

can someone explain this a little pleasE?

superwerewolf PM superwerewolf
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Posted: 2/23/2013 3:01:50 AM
bitcoins  is a internet currency transfer thr a network p2p (i been in the bitcoin game for a little over a  year ,i can only give u the basic run around, im still learning the adv stuff,) the coins go up and down like a stock market, right now the coins are worth $30 each. u can buy the coins from exchage companys  or people, u can trade ur bitcoin for any currency in the world if available(when u want to cash out) keep in mind bitcoins has nothing to do with gambling ,  what u do with it is up to you,just like any other money. you gotta buy the coins or u can sell something that someone wants for their coin, now ur coins are store in a online wallet with its own address (can be offline but thats adv stuff),to transfer the coins u need the other persons online wallet address and vice versa. im not tech savy at all took me 1 month to figure out how to fund up the act.  onto the sports books,  when u open a act at the book ,ur act already has  a  online wallet address u send the coins there, cash out  u send it back to ur own online wallet, u can make as many personal wallets as u want. i suggest  u not be lazy and withdraw the coins regularly , u never know in this crazy industry, longest transaction was 6 hrs for me, avg time is 1 hour half. usally doing a crappy job explaning this sorry guys,ill just give u some sites to help.

bitcoin   is a forum where u can get all the info u need, go to the newbie thread  and explore or ask.

bitcoin trading sites-

mt gox
coin base
theres  alot more   ,explore the bitcoin talk forum


btcsportsmatch  - similiar to matchbook,but the odds are fix,they will move according to line movement, no juice ,they take 1% off of ur winnings. u post ur wager up and if no one takes it its a no go. (i use this site as my first out)   only sides ,total ,ml

btcsportsbet- regular juice betting  only sides ,totals , ml never used it b4, but they look like that got alot goin on  each bet  has a  wallet address for u to send to. max bet  10 bitcoins,   sides, totals, ml


a popular site to create a online wallet is

research everything carefully before u decide to use bitcoins. its worth it, i havent touch my 5dimes act ever since i met bitcoins.

and their are also sites where u can  spend the btc coins to buy stuff. im probaly leaving out some info on the whole bitcoin thing,theres alot  too learn. once again go to the forum for more help.  cheers my brethrens

oh yeah  since coins go up and down in value  it can be volatile , its like double gambling, ahah.

BrandyIxie PM BrandyIxie
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Posted: 4/8/2013 7:33:06 PM
What's really cool about BTC is that for sports and poker, you can put some money in 15 minutes before you need it. Then at the end of the day you can safely cash out and have all your funds 100% under your own control again in your own wallet. So unless the company blows up or goes under during the couple of hours your bet is active, then you are at no risk.
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