Baltimore at Detroit (12/16/2013)

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Author: [Pro Football] Topic: Baltimore at Detroit (12/16/2013)
Covers PM Covers
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Posted: 12/10/2013 12:33:13 AM

Away:  Baltimore [6-7 ATS]
Home:  Detroit [6-7 ATS]

Game Time: 8:40 PM
Stadium: Ford Field

Recent Meetings:

Team Leaders:

Passing: Joe Flacco (3238)
Rushing: Ray Rice (549)
Receiving: Torrey Smith (963)

Passing: Matthew Stafford (3976)
Rushing: Reggie Bush (854)
Receiving: Calvin Johnson (1351)

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shochuman PM shochuman
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Posted: 12/10/2013 1:37:53 AM

Baltimore (1/2) +3.5

Baltimore +6


Pittsburgh (1/2) +2

Pittsburgh +3


binger1 PM binger1
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Posted: 12/11/2013 12:46:01 AM

I've been on fire the last 2 weeks goin 11-3 in the nfl  and this game here is my biggest play of the week. Balitimore will not be able to keep up with Detroit at home.Ravens no running game will be exposed in this one.Lions win big here. Prediction:34-16 BOL

ewillie169 PM ewillie169
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Posted: 12/11/2013 2:04:35 AM

DET -6 [Atlantis]

Rule of thumb, bet the favs early and dogs near game time, so I better slap some units on Det while its below the key number. The lions lost in driving rain to the Steelers and to the Eagles in the snow bowl, they're a bad-weather team but looked like the better team in each case, now they're home. The Ravens on the other hand are a bad road team (2-4 ATS/1-5 SU). SCORE: Ravens 18-Lions 28.
shachor PM shachor
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Posted: 12/11/2013 10:52:56 AM
Detroit covers
rock40237 PM rock40237
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Posted: 12/11/2013 2:32:08 PM
KFD = Profit
KFD = Keep fading Detroit

Ravens outright, and it wont take the Lions choking away a 14-0 3rd Q lead this time. 
beshcooper PM beshcooper
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Posted: 12/12/2013 8:12:10 PM
Lions are loaded with talent on the field and have zero talent on the sideline. Stafford to Calvin is a winning combo. Schwartz to Linehan is a big failure.
bouncer07 PM bouncer07
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Posted: 12/13/2013 1:26:58 PM
Going to be a close game as Ravens want that playoff spot. Lions win but won't cover the 6. Good luck, the over seems to be the better pick.
citysnow PM citysnow
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Posted: 12/13/2013 7:13:43 PM
Ravens +6 an the overs 
Macallanlover PM Macallanlover
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Posted: 12/14/2013 10:38:16 AM

Like Detroit with a strong front group on defense to win at home.  Lion offense is much better balanced this season and have too many weapons to bet against. 

Lions by 10+    High Confidence Play 

rock40237 PM rock40237
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Posted: 12/14/2013 2:14:41 PM
QUOTE Originally Posted by beshcooper:

Lions are loaded with talent on the field and have zero talent on the sideline. Stafford to Calvin is a winning combo. Schwartz to Linehan is a big failure.

Actually Stafford is 24-35 as a starter (.407 win percentage) 
RichieRich97 PM RichieRich97
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Posted: 12/14/2013 9:44:39 PM
Baltimore plus 6
JDaggz PM JDaggz
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Posted: 12/15/2013 11:06:32 PM
I like the Ravens and the Over. Detroit wins but doesn't cover. Flacco is playing pretty good right now (never thought he was a Dec QB but maybe). Both teams can come from behind in the fourth quarter to win and I think the late game pt race will be the key to pushing the total Over 
mak104 PM mak104
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Posted: 12/15/2013 11:09:22 PM
Baltimore is +7 to Detroit and  -1 to New England next week?
abadboicali714 PM abadboicali714
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Posted: 12/16/2013 1:10:18 AM
BAL +7: 4U
OVER 50: 5U
TTO 21.5 : 3U


SportsGambool PM SportsGambool
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Posted: 12/16/2013 8:23:34 AM

Balt +7 is a gift 

70% chance to hit

I took also Balt Over21  another gift 

Detroit allow more than 20   75% of time,  specially in a dome

larzofktown PM larzofktown
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Posted: 12/16/2013 9:04:10 AM
Two different division rule 80% thisyear go hi ...well depending on the o/u number look at the three games yesterday proof and its been working in my streak survivor
TheQuadYeah PM TheQuadYeah
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Posted: 12/16/2013 9:33:07 AM

Ravens +7.5 and over 45.5 - - pays +140

Just enough to get me to watch the game, and maybe add a little more $$$$ to my pockets. Should be a close game, so I got that base covered, and the primetime "spotlight" in the climate controlled dome should keep the scoreboard lit up..... 

Good Luck All.........

DrDogs PM DrDogs
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Posted: 12/16/2013 10:46:33 AM
Three things certain in life....1.) tom brady wins even when he loses-his wife is hotter than whoever we go home to-we go home to aunt big dummy 2.)romo and cowdicks will ALWAYS lose in dec, and 3.) stafford, the Swartz, and Detroit form the trinity of suck!!! At some point tonite they will team up and do the dummest shitt you'll ever see. Coaching wins in NFL not wade Phillips, Levi garret, marvin lewuss, schottennidiot, norv neck flap, etc.. Balt and over for large. Cincinnati showed true colors yesterday. Ravens will come Alive. Vue you better pick det. Picks out that cheesy on yo nachos. Eyyyyyyyyyy. Go ahead and hate. I dare you fookers!!! Doc out!!
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DrDogs PM DrDogs
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Posted: 12/16/2013 10:48:22 AM
Is that enough English you non believers in the Doc pyunk botches you! . How does lana idiot keep coming back?????
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Posted: 12/16/2013 11:21:05 AM

love the ravens and over in a teaser

ravens  + points

and ravens ML

Shaner2003 PM Shaner2003
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Posted: 12/16/2013 11:24:13 AM
Lions and Under.
AutoPilot PM AutoPilot
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Posted: 12/16/2013 11:44:04 AM
After this weekend I'll take the points in this one   
ZooLoo PM ZooLoo
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Posted: 12/16/2013 11:54:48 AM
Doc, good call on the bears last monday! I was obviously wrong last week, and it cost me mucho !!  I think Detroit rolls tonight, ya heard me.Ravens don't look the same on the road, and Detroit is bound 2 put it together at some point - right? Too much talent on both sides of the ball, give me the home team for da large!!

Quote da raven never more, dig it!
mellowman7883 PM mellowman7883
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Posted: 12/16/2013 1:03:29 PM
RAvens suck on the road.  Truly suck.  IF Minny can rack up points and almost win Ravens, Detroit can rack up some serious points at home against the ravens.  Ravens offense is sputtering all season. Runing on 3 cylinders.  Paying the points.  
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