Oakland at Denver (09/23/2013)

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Coinsnake PM Coinsnake
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Posted: 9/23/2013 12:03:34 PM
Need some advice....

I have a pending parlay with Denver -10 first half. I'm a huge Denver fan, but I know how they explode after halftime.  Also, I haven't seen Oakland play at all this year.  I'm not so sure I shouldn't make a counter bet so I win half the amount eithetr way.....

Any input is appreciated.

Tnx, GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!
skeets83 PM skeets83
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Posted: 9/23/2013 1:31:13 PM
Under 50.  OAK defense improved from last year and was able to hold DEN offense to 31 point avg last year.  OAK offense should effectively run the ball and keep clock moving.  I see a lot of field goals in this contest. 
ImGamblinAgain PM ImGamblinAgain
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Posted: 9/23/2013 2:21:31 PM
Back after a 3+ year hiatus gambling going agains all my old thoughts and strategies result +750 since NFL week 2 
Raiders +14.5
Under 48.5 
edwineazyed PM edwineazyed
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Posted: 9/23/2013 3:13:50 PM
I actually believe that the Raiders will cover the two touchdown plus spread. Manning surely can't remain as hot as he's been for the first two weeks!! 
mjm1012 PM mjm1012
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Posted: 9/23/2013 3:45:56 PM
over baby
easypics PM easypics
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Posted: 9/23/2013 4:46:00 PM

Hope some ca$hed  in on  posted Bengal$ - Bear$ D-Gen ML parlay,
Nice 7- 0 run till  Indy crashed Frisco party.

Raiders will run n' pray for bunch of turn overs  
 n' be heavily penalized trying to knock Peyton out for win.
Would not be unexpected in this intense n ' heated rivalry.
Julius C would be proud of such a game in Rome's Coliseum . . .

Rook Raider QB showed admirable Grace under pressure on road vs Confused Colts .
( Much to my ca$h chagrin. . .)
Many miles from Lucas Oil Leak , Mile high spotlight could pressure  Raider Rook QB into costly mistakes.
 Janikowski will kick his  4 n' likely Soft Bronc secondary will let one Bomb slip by via busted play .

  Black Rat , Back Door BS , I smell a  mile away
or is it Vue picking his Prime , action toes ?

Best Of Luck to All
kevin1462003 PM kevin1462003
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Posted: 9/23/2013 4:53:34 PM
Denver & over play of the year
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Posted: 9/23/2013 5:24:02 PM
QUOTE Originally Posted by Coinsnake:

Need some advice....

I have a pending parlay with Denver -10 first half. I'm a huge Denver fan, but I know how they explode after halftime.  Also, I haven't seen Oakland play at all this year.  I'm not so sure I shouldn't make a counter bet so I win half the amount eithetr way.....

Any input is appreciated.

Tnx, GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!

Hedging is not a bad thing to do. Say for example you have a (2) two team parlay
pending ... $200 to get $520, or a (3) three team parlay $200 to get $1200, or
whatever else ..., you just want to make sure you DO NOT LOSE. How many picks in
your parlay, and how much it is for, is not important to me! I am just using
arbitrary numbers to establish a mathematical basis.

My first question is ... what happens if you PUSH ? Will this result in a loss ?
For arguments sake, I will presume a push will result in a loss. That being said:

If you are in a situation as ( $200 to get $520 ) then risking $377.oo to get $342.73
is close enough to the midway point of winning equally either way, $143.oo as I
figure it.

However, if you want my advice, I would risk $275.oo to get $250.oo ( on OAK +10.5 first
half ) resulting in more of a $245 / $50 deal.

Let me know if you want more information.

tony2times83 PM tony2times83
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Posted: 9/23/2013 6:02:50 PM

1st post here on the site go easy on me:

Oak can't keep up with Den Offense. Manning makes Pryor his lady.

Denver + Over    

   Get rich or die tryin...

TheQuadYeah PM TheQuadYeah
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Posted: 9/23/2013 6:05:57 PM
QUOTE Originally Posted by Sammy_Ace:

I never thought I'd be saying this, but I really like Oakland in this Monday Night divisional game. First, let's just take a look at the incentives for each team. The Broncos have just played in the season kickoff game vs Baltimore, the Manning Bowl last week, and now this snoozer of a Monday night game before their showdown with the Eagles next week. Oakland, however, will be playing in only one of two of their nationally televised games this entire season (the other one being the Thanksgiving Day game against Dallas). So from a motivational standpoint, I give the edge to Oakland as this is as close to a Super Bowl as they're going to get.

From an x's and o's standpoint, can Oakland slow down the well-oiled machine of Peyton and his offense?....Probably not. But do they have a ground game that can keep Peyton on the sidelines for a little longer than he'd like to be?...I think so. The Raiders outrushed the Colts 170 yards to 120 yards in week 1, and almost pulled off an incredible upset. They outrushed Jacksonville, 225 yards to 30 yards last week in a game that shouldn't have been close at all. Oakland was 1-5 in the redzone in that game.  If they had won in week 1 at Indy and beat the Jags 38-6, would they be getting 14.5 this week as a 2-0 team?...Probably not. 

I am not delusional, and I'm not picking for an upset here. But just maybe the Raiders are motivated enough to pound the ball with McFadden, and Terrel Pryor shows us that Denver could use Von Miller back on the outside. 

Small play on the Raiders. Somebody has to help keep Vegas hedged. Lol

Oak 17
Den 28

O.K. all that analysis, but why not da Raidahhz? Why not now 16.5 points? I'm seeing a bait, and I ain't falling for it. Division game, Primetime, Prince Peyton, blah, blah, blah.....

Denver wins, but by 17?

Forty6and2 PM Forty6and2
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Posted: 9/23/2013 6:23:53 PM
mmmk k.  Thanks Joe.

I like the line you give to me right before primetime.

Oakland +17.5, under 49.

I'll take it!  Can't say no.
whosthemanjc03 PM whosthemanjc03
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Posted: 9/23/2013 6:31:01 PM

jaeblock 18 what is rl theres no run line in football you dallas fans are not very bright denver is going to kick there behind in there house just watch @ see broncos tonight 41-10


Nateluv PM Nateluv
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Posted: 9/23/2013 7:10:23 PM
Takin the under on this contest. McFadden will b a threat on the ground, also w/ broncos backside lineman out. It shud slow Peyton down sum, he'll still get his I'm sure. Still like the under
Good Luck. Peace Out
shochuman PM shochuman
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Posted: 9/23/2013 7:12:58 PM

Pre-Season: Good

Week #1: Great

Week #2: Awful

Week #3: Rested

Monday Night: OVER 49 and Oakland +16.5



Buddhabud PM Buddhabud
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Posted: 9/23/2013 7:23:21 PM
I like the Raiders plus 16Denver wins but no cover Look for the Raider defense to keep it close
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Posted: 9/23/2013 7:25:05 PM
Is it me or does denver and under look good?

Joined: Apr 2011
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Posted: 9/23/2013 7:26:56 PM
Something Like Denver 35-13
NLoc215 PM NLoc215
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Posted: 9/23/2013 7:33:21 PM
Denver wins game... OAK wins spread.... game OVER.
gamer63 PM gamer63
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Posted: 9/23/2013 7:33:26 PM
I like the under 49 here
Yankee777 PM Yankee777
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Posted: 9/23/2013 7:37:11 PM
Peyton Manning destroyed his brother and the Giants so bad last week that the Giants is suffering from post-traumatic asswoop syndrome that they couldn't even get a single point against the Panthers. What makes you think the Raiders have more weapons and is a better team that the Giants to take them against the Broncos? And that Denver and Giants game went way over. This is the play of the year: Denver, Over Denver. Final score: Broncos 45, Raiders 16 Final.  
yes_ima_noob PM yes_ima_noob
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Posted: 9/23/2013 7:50:04 PM
The number one offense to date in the league has yet to score a single point in the 1st Quarter!!! 

I'm taking OAK +3.5 +100 and waiting for Denver to explode in the second half whatever the number is!!!

GL to all! 
Iceman88 PM Iceman88
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Posted: 9/23/2013 7:57:19 PM
Division matchup...Raiders play tough...UNDER  
Paddy-Baboon PM Paddy-Baboon
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Posted: 9/23/2013 8:02:10 PM
raiders to the  under    vegas  cap
dukeycat PM dukeycat
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Posted: 9/23/2013 8:02:20 PM
OAK @ DEN -16 ou 48

Line is going higher and higher.
DEN has more points in only 2 gms than everyone in the NFL in 3 gms!
After last Sun, I haven't got a clue anymore what's happening, so I went to the oracle.

I flipped a coin and took DEN to cover pts.
croyal1964 PM croyal1964
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Posted: 9/23/2013 8:03:15 PM
this being Pryors only 4th NFL start and doing it in denver, wow, i dont see him doing much in this game, Denver game and over for me, Gl to u all
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