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Author: [College Basketball] Topic: Since 1964, Michigan Has Not Beaten a Top 5 Team
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Posted: 2/2/2013 7:27:52 PM
on the road.  Indiana has beaten Michigan 14 of the last 15 times the two played in Indiana.  Though Michigan is no. 1,
the spread has gone from Indiana -4 to -5.5.  So all signs
point to a Wolverines W, right?

I don't know; seems all-too-obvious to me--and that's a bad sign.  If I were the Hoosiers coach, I'd get Bobby Knight to deliver a fiery Knute Rockne speech before the game; if he doesn't, I'd resist the urge to take the IU ML--never mind lay the points.
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Posted: 2/2/2013 7:58:27 PM
ehh..trends are going down today. kansas owned ok st, air force had pathetic #s vs ranked teams (2-79) or something like that...and mich hasnt been #1 for a long time...good luck with indy, dont think i would play because of history tho. my feeling is the home team wins these types of games but line has lost value. 5.5 is too much imo
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Posted: 2/2/2013 8:04:27 PM
what are they ats
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