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Everey week Eldrick ????

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Author: [Pro Golf] Topic: Everey week Eldrick ????
jw11 PM jw11
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Posted: 5/15/2013 4:14:42 AM
QUOTE Originally Posted by laliberte:

All you Tiger haters are just upset because your favorite golfer is not winning anymore... let me guess your favorite golfer is Mcilroy or Phil, maybe someone else. So what if he stands in view of a kid putting he is in a way helping the kid in the long run, have you ever thought maybe the kid learned that intimidation is not just the name always sometimes its physically seeing someone staring at you while you have a couple putts.

Now on the Sergio Garcia, he is a little kid out there. Tiger cant tell if the crowd will roar if he pulls out a club and if he did why should he care. Sergio is a grown up so he should be able to take what happens out there. If you are a true professional you should be able to regroup and gather yourself and continue playing your game. Sergio needs to mature as a individual and maybe he could win a major or a worthy tournament.

I don't have a favorite golfer.

I just like to play the game -tournaments or friendly matches- and watch golf on TV.

....and when someone cheats, it makes me mad...and then  I start a thread on Covers.

Unfortunately , the last 3 or 4 times that a cheating controversy has come up on the PGA Tour, your boy Tiger has been the culprit.

Can you tell me ONE other player that has been accused of cheating lately ???

I'll bet if you DO come up with a name, that person got penalized or PROBABLY DQ'ed !!!



KobezKing PM KobezKing
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Posted: 5/24/2013 2:21:46 AM
Jw. Just a question. How many other golfers have every single shot and decision on national tv and watched by millions? I will wait for they answer. I find it funny that u say he is cheating like they would allow him to cheat. He is back and once again dominating the sport. He is head and shoulders better than everyone and its not even close. Every tourney he plays hea in contention
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