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DiamondJack PM DiamondJack
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Posted: 2/29/2012 9:07:02 AM

Happy Leap Day, I'm jet lagged but could not be happier as I got the account I was after . I see I had a bad day yesterday, time to thow some money on;

1. Arbroath ML/-0.5 v Airdrie @ 1.80/-125 (SCO) 13 Units

2. Germany ML/-0.5 v France @ 1.75/-133 (INT) 7 Units

3. Italy ML/-0.5 v USA @ 1.60/-167 (INT) 4 Units

4. Sheffield ML/-0.5 v Scunthorpe @ 1.53/-189 (ENG) 10 Units

5. Wales ML/-0.5 v Costa Rica @ 1.80/-125 (INT) 5 Units

6. Serbia ML/-0.5 v Cyprus @ 1.91/-110 (INT) 7 Units

7. Hungary ML/-0.5 v Bulgaria @ 1.85/-117 (INT) 7 Units

8. Greece ML/-0.5 v Belgium @ 2.29/+129 (INT) 4 Units

9. Macedonia ML/-0.5 v Luxembourg @ 1.67/-149 (INT) 6 Units

10. Malta ML/-0.5 v Liechtenstein @ 2.00/+100 (INT) 5 Units

11. Croatia ML/-0.5 v Sweden @ 2.10/+110 (INT) 4 Units



Ganda PM Ganda
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Posted: 2/29/2012 9:14:37 AM
Luck Jack!  On a bunch of these, but staying away from all friendlies except Kraut-Frog match.
lion_kinggg PM lion_kinggg
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Posted: 2/29/2012 9:15:43 AM
surfarosa_666 PM surfarosa_666
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Posted: 2/29/2012 9:18:54 AM
BOL today DJ
Mr_Blonde PM Mr_Blonde
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Posted: 2/29/2012 10:19:03 AM
Good luck DJ, congrats on a successful trip!
Cowboys00021 PM Cowboys00021
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Posted: 2/29/2012 10:44:28 AM
DJ  make that money.
sergioscar PM sergioscar
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Posted: 2/29/2012 6:00:12 PM

Wow !!!!! I would never though that a guy like you would drop close to 60 Units in two days. I fell sorry for you and just one advise , Please do not chase losses.

You have been money for a long time to get desperate and do dumb things.Just forget about this and get back on track, no African Nations cup, no friendlies, no small leagues and you will come out a winner.

Best of luck in March


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