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Author: [College Football] Topic: NCAAF Regular Season Contest Top 20
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Posted: 12/10/2012 8:58:00 AM
Hey Guys,

As you know teh NCAAF Regular Season Contest has come to an end. Here's the cream of the crop, the Top 20 overall:

1.  htrain34              $2,000
2.  Biscuit09            $1,000
3.  kcontz                 $500
4.  kmackie              Covers Hoodie
5.  yullog                 Covers Hoodie
6.  kss62                  Covers Hoodie
7.  paydaymoney     Covers Hoodie
8.  jsnod                  Covers Hoodie
9.  craven768          Covers Hoodie
10.MajorCheeze     Covers Hoodie
11.phanzeng           Covers Hoodie
12.Strelets              Covers Hoodie
13.BigRomes916   Covers Hoodie
14.nguyenthe         Covers Hoodie
15.catman650        Covers Hoodie
16.catlover             Covers Hoodie
17.davisdal            Covers Hoodie
18.mikem9            Covers Hoodie
19.mo008              Covers Hoodie
20.BigAl023         Covers Hoodie

Thanks to everyone who took part, and a big congrats to our to prize winners. A special mention must go to htrain34, who as came in 1st place and takes home the $2000 cash prize

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Posted: 12/11/2012 2:26:50 AM

For a free contest you have great prizes. Looking forward to playing again next year.

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