What a fukin joke

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BigTymer22 PM BigTymer22
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Posted: 11/16/2012 11:49:14 PM
Sac only 14 points in a qtr? For the mutherfukin life of me don't mutherfukin understand how a fukin professional fukin team can only score 7 baskets in 12 minutes. Mutherfukin joke
bbkdta PM bbkdta
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Posted: 11/16/2012 11:51:04 PM
keep shooting bricks. waste a great run on late 2Q
Kamis PM Kamis
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Posted: 11/16/2012 11:51:16 PM
Raptors score 5 points a quarter sometimes 
wildhooks88 PM wildhooks88
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Posted: 11/17/2012 12:00:03 AM

Well its the kings. Please say you didn't bet the kings here against ATL


milligrams12 PM milligrams12
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Posted: 11/17/2012 12:03:51 AM
and sometimes they score 7
FelixFermin21 PM FelixFermin21
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Posted: 11/17/2012 12:07:24 AM
Sac Sucks bro
Ferguson_Funk PM Ferguson_Funk
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Posted: 11/17/2012 12:36:20 AM
How would you have liked to of had 2nd half OVER 94 1/2 haahhaah. darn couldnt score with 40 secons left, not to mention half a dozen FTs missed in the final 4 minutes or so and to lose by half point
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