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Author: [Las Vegas] Topic: Best clubs in Vegas???
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Posted: 3/30/2013 2:44:32 PM
Me and a bunch of friends will be heading to Vegas for the first time at the end of April for a bachelor party. We're looking to spend anywhere between $1000-$2000 for a booth and some bottles on either Thursday or Friday night. What are some of the best clubs in Vegas?? Also looking for ones that play EDM and house music as opposed to hip hop/top40. Any help would be appreciated
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Posted: 3/30/2013 4:32:31 PM
They all play EDM, so you won't have to worry about that.  As far as what is the best one, all the top ones are pretty much the same and attract the same clientele.  I would call around and see where you can get the best deal on a both.  What most people don't realize that for groups larger then 3 or 4 people, getting bottle service is actually cheaper then each person paying their own cover and buying their own drinks. 
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Posted: 3/31/2013 12:22:44 PM
If you're into EDM hit either Marquee or XS Friday night.  Most of the popular Thursday clubs (Tryst, Haze, Tao) are more hip hop/top 40 heavy and you probably won't be happy. $2000 should get you a decent table at either of the clubs I mentioned.
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