Is anyone a professional sports bettor?

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Author: [Las Vegas] Topic: Is anyone a professional sports bettor?
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Posted: 11/20/2010 11:33:22 PM
QUOTE Originally Posted by VegasGourmet:


Remember, he is a business major, English Comm is not his forte.

Son, you really need to get your emotions in check. I'm not quite certain what you think you know; borrowing from Shakespeare...."the (lady) doth protest too much, methinks"....I am happily semi-retired and involved in a few restaurants outside of Las Vegas. I do not intend to be the "king" of any forum, just someone who enjoys this city and what it has to offer. I do not venture into other forums; but feel that this one is (usually) a nice tribute to a mis-understood town and can use all the optimism and truth that it can muster.

Typically, in the arena of public discourse, the harsher and more obtuse the response, the greater the foundation of the lie. I doubt you got that far in any philosophy course to have that discussion.

You need to revisit my initial someone who I thought real and rational....stay close to your "womb of education" and grow in age and confidence. Las Vegas and all its enticements will still be here for you when you are capable of sublimating your emotions and dealing intellectually with your minor-league passion of gambling.

You have started 3 threads on this website:

1. Trying to find out what "bol" means

2. Asking to have someone send you a personal message if they are a "professional sports bettor"

3. Looking for advice as to whether you should take your "Harvard education" and come to Las Vegas for a job that would allow you to gamble legally since you have a track record of over 55% wins in all feel that this is where you should be for maximum happiness and success.

You can answer my posting again....another diatribe of venom would be expected' or you can "man up" to whatever it is you are using this website for and, perhaps, we can move on with this episode.

It's up to you.



VG all I have is two words to say:     GET EM              

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Posted: 11/20/2010 11:35:04 PM

Diatribe,  Wow, I like your style son.  

VegasGourmet PM VegasGourmet
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Posted: 11/21/2010 12:07:57 AM

Thx Banker....

I actually used to be intelligent.....then I moved to Vegas 

Don't need much of a brain to work/live here....

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Posted: 11/22/2010 3:39:30 AM
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