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zelo123 PM zelo123
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Posted: 5/1/2017 10:22:42 AM
Special offer: order your copy today and get 30 days of Marc's daily Coffee Club service at no-charge.

Get your copy of the best selling football publication in Las Vegas - the 2017 PLAYBOOK FOOTBALL PREVIEW GUIDE magazine. It's 256 pages jam packed with winning information on every College and NFL football team. A must have if you're serious about winning this football season. Shipped via priority mail in mid-June. Special offer: order your copy today and get 30 days of Marc's daily Coffee Club service. Note this offer is LIMITED and will expire Thursday, May 4, 2017. Sorry, no exceptions.

Click on the ADD button below to order or call 1.800.752.9266 to reserve your copy - last year's sold out - and have it shipped to you via Priority Mail (Cost is $11.99 for the magazine and $7 shipping. $18.99 total).

firesox PM firesox
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Posted: 5/1/2017 2:09:32 PM
Marc Lawrence is an awful scamdicapper.

His playbook magazines offer nothing of value that can't be found elsewhere

Useless stats from the past.

Not wroth it
sundance PM sundance
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Posted: 5/1/2017 7:56:59 PM
Great magazine. It is a must have.Stats can never be from the future.
omb1 PM omb1
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Posted: 5/2/2017 8:33:22 AM

I've been using it for over ten years with varying degrees of success.  It all depends on how you weigh the importance of the data compiled.  I do find it useful. 

usarmy69-71 PM usarmy69-71
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Posted: 5/2/2017 10:06:11 AM
I argue every year about the value of stats and trends.they must be used.players change teams every year.take the pats they have wholesale changes every year but still win.WHY --because bb coaches the same way every yr.blount will be gone but they picked up rb from buff do you think they will change there running attack--no.teams that have the same coaching staff coach the same every yr.for these stats and trends to be useful the coach has to be there for 2+ yrs.think about it instead of dissing it.
zebrakiller PM zebrakiller
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Posted: 5/8/2017 11:14:02 PM
greatest info eveer for only $11  shesssshhhhhh

10 years of results every team ATS you can just think up dozens of systems.

Just say how does each team perform after a s/u dog win then favored.

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