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Author: [NFL Betting] Topic: Why are Dolphins 12 to 1 to win AFC
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Posted: 3/14/2012 11:04:09 PM
So today I logged in to an account to shop lines for March Madness. I have outstanding action on Peyton Manning's next team. That prop has been lifted an no longer available. I was told by my consigliere to glance over AFC conference odds and notice the strange odds on the Miami Dolphins. The AFC picture was interesting, Ravens 5 to 2, Patriots 3 to 1, Jets 9 to 1, Broncos 30 to 1, Titans 30 to 1, and interestingly the fish at 12 to 1. Right there with the Chargers at 10 to 1. 

Does this not seem rather high odds for Miami? Do these guys have some sort of inside information on all the circus of free agency?  Or are they trying to entice action on Miami, and if so, why the high odds for a team that does not look that good and without a QB. Obviously, if they hit on Manning and do well in the draft, things could be interesting. They have a cornerstone LT in #77. They have a decent pass rush. Cameron Wake has been a tremendous find and about the only positive scouting job by GM Jeff Ireland. Pass Coverage was an issue but they have capable guys and should atleast make a few moves in free agency to upgrade. We have seem plenty of turnarounds in the NFL.

But again, 12 to 1? They should be closer to Jacksonville than San Diego in terms of odds. 
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Posted: 3/15/2012 12:37:08 AM
 Lotta people betting on the come.....
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Posted: 3/15/2012 11:13:29 AM

By the time they get around to thinking about any FA's other than Manning... there will NOT be any decent one's remaining. They are getting scooped up fast... people are NOT waiting for his royal horseass to make up his mind about where he wants to make millions playing a kids game... He has enough money to make sure his G-G-G-Great Grandkids can live on easy street... and now gets to decide where he wants to "PLAY" for the rest of his "career"...

... Must be nice.,, but I'm really getting sick of hearing about it when there are so many people hurting in the "real world".

Sorry... just a little venting there.

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Posted: 3/15/2012 12:15:16 PM
The 12-1 odds might have something to do with the possibility of Peyton Manning signing with 'Fins. AFC East should be a tough division, with Pats and Jets in there. Surely, Jets looked pathetic last year but they have played two consecutive AFC Conference Finals in 2009-2010 with Mark Sanchez at QB. P. There is no question that Manning is a great QB but his playoff record as a starter is only 9-10.    
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Posted: 3/15/2012 10:25:50 PM
phins worst team in the nfl how do you trade your best player for only 2 3rd round picks lols
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