Reasons why Arizona wins the Super Bowl

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Posted: 2/4/2009 8:01:55 AM
QUOTE Originally Posted by WinningUnits:

Your post should say "Reasons why Arizona will lose this game"
1.. The Cards will have  7 points on the board with 8 minutes left in the game SAME amount of points the Steeler DEFENSE  scored  ......2 .... James Harrison had as many catches as Fitz in the 1st half... 3.. Wayne Gandy could not block Harrison with a baseball bat.. 4... Zona offense puts up 21 points for the game (below their average)minus the gift wrapped defensive TD for a total points of 14 for the game.. 5... Zona allows Pitt to go 88 yds with 2:00 left after starting 1st and 20... 6..Till 8:00 is left in the game Zona dumps it off the whole game for cheap yards Pitt happily gives up because they will score SEVEN points for 3.5 quarters at that rate.. 7... Harrison will have more yac yds then the whole Zona recieving core combined for the  first half.... 8.. The Edge will pound Pitt for 12 carries for 33 yds.. 9.. Zona thinks they will win the game playing the last 8 minutes of it well...10... Zona did not get a chance to throw a 50 yd hail mary or they would have won the game (just ask them) ...   11... Zona would start TWO drives on Pitt's side of the field and score ZERO points.. 12.. Blame refs because their lame behind swiss cheese secondary could not stop the 29th ranked offense from going 88 yards in crunch time..But hey it was that hail Mary..     13.. Last but not least you do not win in the NFL if you have less points at the end of the game but more yards.. In the end they were what they were a good offensive club with a horrid secondary.. Pay the Piper..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
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