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Author: [Streak Survivor] Topic: week 3 survivor pick?
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Posted: 9/20/2011 3:29:12 PM

So I took TB week 1 knowing I can buy back in if I lose, bought back in, and took the Jets last week. The obvious choices this week are Pitt and SD so I'd very much prefer not to take them. I also don't want to use the Pats on a September road game, and yeah the Titans are 7 point favorites but two weeks ago this line would probably have been 3 or 3.5. That leaves the Lions, whom I am 100% not picking yet in a road game, the Bengals, who are already a popular forum bet so no dice.

I REALLY don't want to take a very good team that I'll want to have later in the year, so this leaves me very very tempted to take Carolina home vs the Jags. What do you guys think, who will you be taking and why? Again, let me emphasize, I'm very intent on not picking the Chargers or Steelers this week.

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Posted: 9/20/2011 3:37:36 PM
I think that sometimes you have to pitch the Ace in Game 6 to get to a Game 7.

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Posted: 9/20/2011 3:49:16 PM
I think the Pack are gonna destroy the Bears this week, but you probably don't want to use them early, either

After that, I think Panthers are the next best pick, based on QB play alone

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Posted: 9/20/2011 10:11:09 PM
San Diego hosting Kansas City is a pretty obvious pick. You'll also have some west coast teams playing on the east coast too. Like @btl above said you gotta survive to worry about who to pick. Soon teams will emerge and injuries will happen. KC looks awful right now I am going with San Diego for my pool.
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Posted: 9/20/2011 10:44:58 PM
raems...I had the very same thought as you. I'm thinking this might be a great spot to take the Panthers and hope for some upsets. GL..
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Posted: 9/21/2011 11:26:21 AM
I understand your guys logic in not taking the "obvious" choices or "good" teams early in the year but you have to win to move on.  There are 15 teams you asbsolutely don't have to take at any point in the season but there are also i'd say 12-13 good teams in the league.  So why risk losing in week 3 by taking one of those shaky teams?  I already locked in pitt and san diego cause you got to survive to move on and the best way to survive is going with the strongest teams each week. 
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