Week 35 - BetJamaica's Caption this Photo Contest

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Author: [General Discussion] Topic: Week 35 - BetJamaica's Caption this Photo Contest
Dude_Abides PM Dude_Abides
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Posted: 5/18/2010 3:33:45 PM

Originally Posted by twelve_balll:

Despite his wife's multiple warnings, Larry still refuses to use a coaster

Quality first post in four and a half years right there 

runstopper52 PM runstopper52
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Posted: 5/18/2010 4:16:31 PM
Honey I like what you did with the bathroom it has a nice outdoor feel to it.
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Posted: 5/18/2010 6:45:13 PM
This is your brain on alcohol.
Irisheyez PM Irisheyez
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Posted: 5/18/2010 8:40:12 PM

"Take one a day Cealis to increase your sexual drive in later years!  Don't mix with alcohol or ecstasy with Cealis.  Stay away from ALL orifices not of flesh and bloo. Don't take Cealis if experiencing any symptoms of dimmensia.  Consult your doctor if you think your having sex with your wife of 50 years while working on your car.  Ask your doctor if if really matters......as long as it feels good and your wife doesn't have to be involved."

Sharkysden PM Sharkysden
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Posted: 5/18/2010 10:17:58 PM
Grandpa got creative when he had just enough money for more beer but needed gas to get to the store. 
john21157 PM john21157
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Posted: 5/19/2010 12:34:36 AM
When you gotta go, you gotta go!
kbguster PM kbguster
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Posted: 5/19/2010 1:21:41 AM
Mom - "Have you seen Grandpa?"

Son - "Yeah. I think he's sending another picture message to Tiger Woods."
Rickey-B-Rickey PM Rickey-B-Rickey
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Posted: 5/19/2010 9:27:24 AM
With the mounting energy crisis, Charlie is excited to get his new beer-to-fuel plant operational.
SurgeonGeneral PM SurgeonGeneral
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Posted: 5/19/2010 7:14:26 PM
"This may work because the sign says, "Unleaded Only" and I just had a couple of beers!!!"
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