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Author: [NBA Betting] Topic: ATL only -4 tomorrow? No Rondo, no Allen, no chance
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Posted: 5/1/2012 11:27:46 PM

Even if you don't believe my prop bets on Pierce, I'm still in the positive as my 1st half bet was > my full game bet ... 
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Posted: 5/2/2012 1:14:28 AM
Lakers LOSER!!!!!
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Posted: 5/2/2012 1:33:51 AM
QUOTE Originally Posted by MrBogey:

Bradley obviously makes up for Allen but Dooling isnt even close to Rondo. What kind of defenders and shooters are Avery and Dooling?

With pierce prolly facing double teams from all angles can these guys step up?

It may go over due to fouls or hot 3 point shooting but a smart gambler would not be looking at the over with Rondo and Allen being out.

Why make a post why you are completely clueless?  Avery Bradley is a freakin beast at defense and how he is not better on offense then Rondo he is a way better shooter....Thanks for your HORRIBLE analysis
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Posted: 5/2/2012 1:51:12 AM
Never trust a lakersfan telling u Bos won't win. Garnett v Smith, Pierce v Johnson. There was clearly no advantage here if u did your homework. Great matchup. Great game. Celtics going home to get another one in blowout fashion.
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