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Author: [Boxing] Topic: mayyweather says he's better than ALI AND SUGAR RAY ROBINSON!
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Posted: 5/27/2012 9:04:23 PM
QUOTE Originally Posted by hawks4:

ali and money are cool but darn sugar ray hes a girl

are you referring to sugar ray robinson as a girl?  or ray leonard,   I will assume ray leonard, leonard got the best of benitez, duran, hearns, hagler,    how is he a girl, he is great,   it is true that all of his fights were on his terms and at his time,   but that is the way it is when you are the money/main attraction, you can't fault him for being smart, if you had a choice to dictate the fight on your terms or let your opponent do, you obviousley would be the one dictation things if you could,   he should not be faulted for this,  he fought the best of his era  (other than mike mccallum) and is clearly one of the best ever
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