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Posted: 1/20/2013 2:58:57 PM
I know most canadians play on pinnacle. But do canadians even bother with american sites like heritage or 5dimes?

For Americans, the consensus is 5dimes, heritage and bookmaker.

What about canadians?

Also for americans, books like 5dimes/heritage offer a free cashout once per month. I remember in the neteller days where any sportsbook you use, there was no cashout fee to neteller. Is that the same for canadian users? I know canadians have it very good in that they can use whatever book they like but what about cashing out. I read online of the cashout methods and it seems like almost every method for cashing out including neteller charges a fee. Is this true? If so, does that mean you don't free a free check option?
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Posted: 1/22/2013 6:44:04 PM
Anyone who lives in Canada and does not have an account with Betfair is a total moron. Hands down Betfair is the best online book( betting exchange) in the world. I live in the USA and would kill to have an account with them but they don't take Americans. Check out their website and see how great they are for live betting on sports and betting horses and you will never bet with anyone else again. If you think that they aren't good for American sports check how much money is bet on NBA games every night.
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Posted: 1/24/2013 1:42:48 PM
Pinnacle Sports.
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