Paul Ryan Wins the Election For Romney

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Author: [Politics] Topic: Paul Ryan Wins the Election For Romney
Ktrain PM Ktrain
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Posted: 8/16/2012 6:40:43 PM
QUOTE Originally Posted by drJ:

Ktrain, i was responding to the eddie munster comment.  i dont care what the dude looks like.  
i do care about jobs. many of my buddies are work challenged now ,mostly because of our fucked economy.  obama wont fix it, i know that.  he wants us to be greece.
romney does give us a chance with all the usual problems the gop may also give us.
ahh mr or mrs selkooth, always a pleasure.   

Wasn't trying to pick on you in particular drj. Just stating a broad fact that our country relies way to much on a person's (especially a political figure) looks when determining if he is qualified. 

I actually agree with what you are saying. He does look "Presidential." The sad fact is that has more of an influence on many people than what his actual policies/beliefs are. 
drJ PM drJ
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Posted: 8/17/2012 12:54:56 AM
OK Ktrain, I'll buy that opinion.  looks count too much for sure these days.  heck, that fool nixon won the kennedy debates but JFK looked so much better on TV
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