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Author: [Investments] Topic: Marijuana- Elicit or Profitable
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Posted: 11/16/2012 6:59:23 AM
I bought some CBIS stock several months ago and since the recent election it has doubled. I've thrown some more cash into it and done good on that. It's still a penny stock. No big money to speak of. Not yet, but...

My thought when first investing was that states and voters  were getting smart and finding out that Cannabis really does have medical properties and it's not a evil drug. The legislators my age know from first hand experience this isn't a terror drug or a entry drug to anything. !  Maybe not a great thing  for lungs or babies,  or especially politics for them. I'll  give you that, but there are now ways to take all the THC out of cannabis and leave the basic benefits of the Hemp Plant which have other benefits.  They can take the "get high" out.  It's called science, you incestuous dryholes.

I think America is coming around to the idea that taxing  Marijuana might work.  It's "the" great way to make money and better yet, "the" best way to fight crime. Flat out, put criminals in bankruptcy. darn "um!

It won't take long until med. CBIS  is good, "it's here but can't get approved" and you know it is good, then it will be a money maker. Lot's of foreign co.'s are testing and doing feasibility studies now while America is lagging behind as usual. I think it's a shame. Shame on the ridiculous people that won't  let modern medicine help suffering people. If you have cancer or your mother does? What ?  Just go ahead and let her suffer her behind away.  When you get it will you beg for relief??

Goddamn it,  a stupid argument shouldn't sway intelligent people and I think well meaning people will start to think about real life and not  politics. We can agree on some issues and then maybe agree on some others.      

Medical Marijuana is a good thing and it's good for your mother. You know it is.  Another good thing for your mother is investing in things that help her.  You know it's right and the chance to profit is now.    GL.    Doc

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Posted: 11/16/2012 11:27:50 PM
It's up 719% for the year and still cheap. Think I'll jump on board with you. I just started individual stock investing a couple of weeks ago. So I know just enough to get into some serious trouble, or fall into some dumb luck lol.
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Posted: 11/22/2012 2:40:18 AM

Pardon my igorance, but is there a differntiator between CBIS and MJNA?

Can someone explain how legalization of Marijuana would cause Marijuana stocks to go up? To me, it opens the door for a lot more competition in a hot industry.


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