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Posted: 1/10/2012 2:30:24 PM
I have a small stake in a company Z3 enterprises : symbol BIBB. If you look at financials this stock looks like a dog, but that was then this is now the company is in a development stage and has done a complete 180. Its has new management that has succeeded everywhere they've went and spearheaded technology that N.A.S.A.uses today. The company has patents involving motor|generators.that can convert any vehicle on the road to a plug in hybrid, and also make a full load truck get 30 mpg not to mention make large generators about 20% more efficient.(In the engineering world that's groundbreaking stuff!)The initial prototype is being built and should be finished by the end of q1. I believe with the combination of technology, and management this could be a $5-10 stock by the summer. go to to check out the management team ,and technology, and check recent sec filings. Remember always do your homework before you invest in anything! I am taking on risk, this is anything but a vanilla investment, but personally think i have a big time play here, but id love some feedback and opinions.. 
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