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BREAKING BAD is just on another level

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Author: [Movies & Television] Topic: BREAKING BAD is just on another level
Stiln PM Stiln
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Posted: 2/6/2012 1:57:11 AM
Jesus christ I was just watching this show for the 1st time today on netflix.

Best show I've seen in quite some time..
Iw1nBets PM Iw1nBets
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Posted: 2/6/2012 2:55:03 AM
Stiln PM Stiln
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Posted: 2/7/2012 12:59:28 PM

I dont want to read through this thread yet but I hear theyre only making 5 seasons which is good. You dont want to darn this show up and keep it going just to make cash if its already done..

There on season 3 or 4 right now?

I'm only on episode 9 of season 1.

666LES PM 666LES
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Posted: 2/7/2012 4:25:20 PM
They finished #4 and have yet to start on-air #5. Season #4 might be dvd in march. I'm not going to play spoiler but notice everytime tico's grandfather shows ,wheelchair/bell.
Renton PM Renton
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Posted: 2/20/2012 7:02:05 PM
QUOTE Originally Posted by BostonKen:


Few thoughts:

 Mike is still unaccounted for since he is presumably still in Mexico recuperating. He will be back in the picture at some point. Not sure how that will play out, but he is a force.

Although, he certainly looked the part with half of his face burnt off and the one missing eyeball; Are we 100% sure Gus is dead?

So, after all that , Walt only has his life, a car wash and maybe 300-400 grand to show for this whole ordeal?  

I will probably not have a choice: If I am ever in front of one of those little bells at a store, I will have to push down on it if the person behind the counter asks me a question. " Can I get you anything else?"" Ding, Ding! " 

Hector, with his bell and the wheel chair is one of the greatest characters ever invented on TV.

If you are looking for a Halloween costume for a party, rent a wheel chair and and tape a bell to the arm. Affix  an oxygen tank, add a grey wig to your head and you will have a costume for the ages.

Can't believe the season is over.

I like the discussion on possible Season 5 scenarios. I have a few thoughts of my own.

I doubt that Mike will be an issue for Walt & Jesse. Mike's character is more of the cerebral enforcer, with his allegiance being to the highest bidder. I doubt the writers will use the revenge angle, as it would go against the traits of the character. 

It would be plausible that Mike has grown fond of Jesse, and may look to repay the favour of having his life saved. That could play out if Walt wanted to harm Jesse, or if Jesse became endangered in another way. Lets not forget, Mike has ties to the law enforcement community.

As for Gus, he's definitely dead. I mean he has to be, part of the reason for the shows success is that it doesn't make a point to insult its viewers.

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